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25-Kaarttikeya, Taarakaasur Vadh
2-Padm Puraan, 1-Srishti Khand, p 146-149

Birth of Ganesh and Kaarttikeya

Pulastya Jee continued - "After the marriage, Shiv roamed around in gardens, forests, and beautiful places with Paarvatee. He loved her very much. Once Paarvatee rubbed Ubatan on her body and whatever Ubatan fell on the ground after rubbing it, she made a figure of a man whose face was like an elephant's. In a playing mood she threw it in Gangaa's water. Gangaa regarded Paarvatee as her friend, so as she threw it in Gangaa water, that man grew big. Paarvatee called him as her son, so Gangaa also called him as her son. Devtaa called him "Gaangeya". Brahmaa Jee appointed him the lord of Gan.

After that Paarvatee created a tree in her playful mood, and an Ashok tree came out of it. Paarvatee performed his Sanskaar. Brihaspati, Devtaa, Muni etc asked - "Devee, What will happen one grows plants of trees?" Paarvatee said - "Who digs a well where water is scarce, lives in Swarg for the years equal to the number of drops in that water. Equal to digging ten such wells is to dig one small pond, equal to dig ten small ponds is to dig one large pond, equal to dig ten large ponds is one maiden and equal to ten maidens is the fruit of planting a tree. This takes the world to progress."

Then Shiv took Paarvatee to his palace and there they spent 1,000 years enjoying each other. Devtaa got worried so they sent Agni Dev to find about Shiv's intentions. Agni Dev entered Shiv's palace in the form of a parrot. He saw Shiv sleeping with Girijaa on the same bed. After that Paarvatee Jee got up and went to a bank of a pond. There she played in water with her friends. She had a desire to drink the water from the pond, that she saw six Krittikaa carrying some water in a lotus leaf. Paarvatee said to them - "O Beautiful, I also want to see that water." They said - "We can give you this water on the condition that whoever son will be born to you, he will be regarded our son also. He should regard us as his mother and protect us also. He will be famous in Tri-Lok." "So be it". So Krittikaa gave some water to Paarvatee also. She also drank water along with them.

As she drank the water, a beautiful child came out of the right side of womb of Paarvatee. He had an extra-ordinary Power, a lance and an Ankush in his hands. Since he was born to kill Daitya he was named as Kumaar. He appeared along with branches from the water given by Krittikaa. Those branches were in the form of six mouths. Because of these he was known as Vishaakh, Shanmukh, Skand, Shadaanan, Kaarttikeya etc names. Brahmaa, Vishnu, Indra and Soorya coronated him methodically as the Commander-in-Chief of Devtaa army.  Vishnu gave him all kinds of weapons; Kuber gave him an army of 100,000 (10 Lakh) Yaksh; Agni gave him grace: and Vaayu gave him conveyance. Thus he was well equipped by all to fight with Taarakaasur. Then all Devtaa prayed him.

Taarak Vadh

Shadaanan asked them as what he could do for them. Devtaa said - "Kumaar, There is a Daitya, named Taarak, he is destroying all Devtaa families. He is very mighty, invincible, and angry. Kill that Daitya for us." "All right" and Kumaar followed Devtaa. Since Indra had the backup of Kumaar, he sent a messenger to Taarak - "Devtaa are coming to fight with you, you may save yourself now." When the messenger went away, Taarak sensed that Indra has got some protector that is why he is daring to fight with me. He tried to think who might that be whom he has not defeated but couldn't make out of any.

The then he heard the praise of somebody, "Victory to Daitya killer Skand, victory to the 7-day old child". Hearing this Taarak remembered his boon to be killed by a 7-day old child. He sadly came out of his palace. Seeing Kumaar coming towards them, Kaalnemi like Raakshas also started trembling with fear. Taarak asked the child, "Why do you want to fight with me? Go and play with ball. You are only a child to fight with me." Kumaar said - "I have not come here for Shaastra discussions. I have come here to fight with you. As a baby snake is as poisonous as the adult one, so am I. I am invincible in spite of being a child."

Both army fought. Kaalnemi ran away from the field. Seeing Kumaar's grace, Taarak filled with wreath and pushed Kumaar's ride peacock back. Seeing this Kumaar took his Power and threw it at Taaarak. It tore Taarak's heart and killed him. Devtaa praised Kaarttikeya and went to their Lok happily. Devtaa said - "Who will read, tell or hear this story, his fame will spread all around. He will have long life, wealthy, graceful and fearless and free from all kinds of grievances.



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