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16-Vaaman Avataar

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16-Vaaman Avataar
2-Padm Puraan, 1-Srishti Khand, p 91-97
See also   5-Bhaagvat Puraan, 8/7

Vaaman Avataar

Bheeshm Jee said - "I wish to hear Bhagavaan Vishnu's character from you. Which Daanav was downgraded by omnipresent Prabhu by putting His foot on Yagya Parvat?"

Pulastya Jee said - "Listen, In ancient Sat Yug, once mighty Daanav took control of whole Swarg. Among them Baashkali named Daanav was very mighty. He gave rights of Yagya's share to all Daanav. Seeing this Indra lost hope of his life and went to Brahmaa Jee along with other Devtaa. He said - "This Baashkali has become invincible for us. Please help us." Brahmaa Jee said - "I know, but I am sure Vishnu will help you." Saying thus, he meditated on Vishnu and Vishnu  arrived there in a few moments. Brahmaa Jee said - "This Baashakali has become invincible for Devtaa, please help them."

Vishnu said - "Because of your Var he cannot be killed now, but still he can be defeated by wisdom. I will incarnate as Vaaman and let Indra come with me to Baashkali's house. There he should ask him a Var for me that "Give alms of three steps land to this dwarf Braahman". If he will say this to him he can give his life too. First I will take his kingdom in this alms and then I will tie him and send to Paataal." And Vishnu disappeared from there.

Then Vishnu entered the womb of Aditi. Aditi kept Him for 1,000 Divine years in her womb. Then Vaaman appeared and went to Baashkali's house along with Indra. His city was very beautiful, studded with jewels, broad roads, inapproachable for even Devtaa. Baashkali was very religious, devotee of Braahman, protector of people. He knew Ved and Vedaang (parts of Ved). He had the ability to destroy pride of even Devtaa and Daanav. His people were happily living in his kingdom.

When Daanav saw Indra coming with a Braahman, they reported Baashkali saying - "It is such a great surprise that Indra alone is coming with a Braahman. What should we do?" Baashkali said - "Bring them with all respects. He is our honored guest." Baashkali himself got up after saying this and proceeded towards outside the palace and arrived at his seventh door. He saw both coming there.

He thought, "I am so fortunate today that today I am rich with the treasure of Tri-Lok, and Indra is coming to me in the form of a beggar. Today if he asks me, my wife, son, palace, even my life, I will give it to him happily, what to say about the kingdom of Tri-Lok." He welcomed them, embraced Indra and worshipped them properly and said - "Today my life is blessed that you have come to my house. Tell me the purpose of your coming here. It is a surprise to me that you came here."

Indra said - "Hey Baashkali, You are the highest and greatest among all Daanav, so you should not take my visit as a surprise. No beggar has ever gone empty-handed from your house. You are like Kalp Vriksh for beggars. This Braahman Vaaman is the son of Kashyap Jee. He has asked me to give him three steps land, but as you know that I have lost my whole kingdom to you, so I cannot give him anything. Therefore I beg you, not for me but for him, that if you think proper, give him three steps land."

Baashkali said - "Devendra, Don't think like that. Brahmaa, Vishnu and Mahaadev all are sitting with great satisfaction depending on you only. You have already killed many Daanav. Vritra and Namuchi were killed by you only. Who am I in comparison to you. Undoubtedly I will obey you, I can give you my life too. What was the need to create such a big preamble. If anybody else had come to my house, he would also be dear to me. You have greatly obliged me by coming here. By this you have shown a great kindness to my ancestors and myself. In future people will say "Baashkali had given the whole kingdom to Indra".

I don't have to think even once in giving you anything. But I am feeling ashamed that this Braahman is asking only three steps land from me. I can give him good villages, and give you the kingdom of Swarg. I will give Vaaman both women and land. Please accept all this."

Shukraachaarya Jee, his Guru, said - "You don't know what is right and what is wrong. What to give to whom, you don't know, that is why you should always consult your ministers first before doing anything. This Vaaman is nobody else than Vishnu. You should not give anything to Him because He has defeated Daanav through illusion and has appeared here through illusion only. Do not give Him anything, not the land even equal to the foot space of a fly. If you will not hear me, you will soon be destroyed."

Baashkali said - "Hey Guru, I have vowed to give Him everything with the desire of Dharm. I should keep my vow. If He is Vishnu and wishes to make Devtaa rich then there will be nobody else fortunate than me because even Yogee cannot have His Darshan meditating on Him, the same Bhagavaan has given me Darshan in my house. When I was a child, then only you taught me that if even enemy comes at home, there shouldn't be anything which cannot be given to him. I still remember that. And thinking this I have decided to give Him even my life. Anybody can give such donation which is not painful."

Hearing this, Daitya Guru got ashamed. Baashkali said to Indra - "Hey Dev, I can give you the whole Prithvi at your demand but giving only three steps land will be a shameful matter to me." Indra said - "You are right, but He has asked me only this much land, so give Him only this much land." Baashkali said to Indra - "Give three steps land to Vaaman on my behalf and you also live there happily for ever." Saying thus Baashkali took water in his hand and gave three steps land to Vaaman saying "Let Hari be pleased with me."

As Daanav read this Sankalp, Vaaman left His Vaaman form and measured all Lok. He stood on Yagya Parvat facing North. At that time Daanav Lok was under His left foot. Then He put His first foot in Soorya Lok and the second one in Dhruv Lok (Polar Star) and in third step He hit Brahmaand (Universe). The cover of Brahmaand got broken by His big toe's front part and a lot of water burst out from there. The same water is called Vaishnavee Gangaa River.

Vaaman said to Baashkali - "Fulfill my alms of three steps." Baashkali said - "Bhagavan, Whatever size of Prithvi you created in earlier times, I have not hidden anything from it from you. Prithvi is smaller and You are great. I don't have the ability to create the world [so that I can create another Prithvi and give it you]. Your will-power can do anything you like." Vishnu got very pleased with Baashkali's reply, so He said to him - "Tell me what can I do for you. The water you took for Sankalp is in my hand so you are worthy to get a Var from me. You ask me anything, I will give it to you."

Baashkali said - "I desire only for your Bhakti (devotion). I should die by your hands only so that I can go to Shwet Dweep which is difficult even for Tapaswee." Vishnu said - "You live up to one Kalp. When I will enter Rasaatal in the form of Varaah. At that time I will kill you and you will get absorbed in me." Baashkali went to Paataal Lok and lived there happily." Bhagavaan also got disappeared. Indra started ruling Tri-Lok. This is the description of three steps, by hearing which a person gets free from all kinds of sins. I have told you the story of the origin of Gangaa River also. Bheeshm, Who climbs on Yagya Parvat silently, or go to all the three Pushkar Teerth, he gets the fruit of Ashwamedh Yagya and goes to Vishnu Dhaam after death.

Bheeshm said - "This is very surprising that Vaaman Bhagavaan tied Baashkali, but I have heard that Virochan's son Bali was tied by Vaaman Bhagavaan, and he is still living in Paataal Lok, so tell me that story." Pulastya Jee said - "In fact, this is one time story, now you listen to the other time story. Vaaman Bhagavaan measured this Prithvi in this Vaivaswat Manvantar also. At that time He went to Bali's Yagya alone and tied him and measured the Earth. Bhagavaan again took first Vaaman Avataar and then took a huge form."



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