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17-Five Pret

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17-Five Pret
2-Padm Puraan, 1-Srishti Khand, p 97-102

Five Pret

Bheeshm Jee said - "Brahman, Which Karm take a man to Pret Yoni and how does he get freed from that Yoni?"

Pulastya Jee said - "Listen, People can be free from Pret Yoni even by conversing with good people or saints and singing about Teerth. In olden times there was a Braahman named Prithu who observed his discipline very religiously. He was very contented and he had the knowledge of Yog also. He spent lot of time living in forest, so one day he thought that he should go to Teerth. In the morning he took bath in Pushkar Teerth and started his journey after doing Gaayatree Jap.

On his way, in a barren land, he saw five men standing before him. They had terrible look so he got frightened. Still he gathered courage and asked them - "Who are you and what Karm have you done so you have got this kind of look?" Pret said - "We are always hungry and thirsty. We are getting unconscious, we do not know which direction is which side. We have only this much comfort that at least seeing the Sun rising we can know that this is morning . Our names are Paryushit, Soocheemukh, Sheeghrag, Rodhak and Lekhak."

Braahman asked - "How did you get these names? And what is the reason so that you got these names?" One Pret said - "I myself used to eat tasty food and gave the left over food (Paryushit food) to Braahman, that is how my name is Paryushit. My colleague has killed many Braahman who desired for food, that is why his name is Soocheemukh. This third Pret used to run away quickly in spite of a Braahman asked him for food, that is why his name is Sheeghrag. This fourth Pret did not want to give food to Braahman so he used to eat tasty food at home only, that is why his name is Rodhak. And this fifth Pret used to stand quietly or dug the earth even if somebody asked for something, that is why he is called Lekhak. Lekhak can walk with a great difficulty, Rodhak has to walk bending his head, Sheeghrag has become lame, Soochee (killer) has his mouth like a needle and my neck has become long and stomach has become large. This is our account of getting this Pret Yoni. You may ask anything you like, we will tell you everything."

Braahman said - "All creatures on Earth have to eat something so I wish to know what do you eat?" Pret said - "Our food is not good to hear. You will hate us if we tell you. Mucus, fasces, urine, dirt of a woman's body, this is what we eat. Whatever is unholy, the same food we eat. I feel ashamed to tell you about our food that is why I cannot tell you more than this. Please tell us what Karm one should do so that he doesn't become a Pret."

Braahman said - "Who observes fast for one night, or for three nights or Krichchhra Chaandraayan Vrat, he doesn't get this Yoni. Who takes one, or three or five Agni daily, he doesn't get this Yoni. Who always worships mother, father, Guru, Devtaa, guest and Pitar, he never gets this Yoni. Who does Shraaddh on a Chaturthee (4th day) of Shukla Paksh (bright fortnight) fallen on Tuesday, he never gets this Yoni." Pret asked - "And what are the Karm which takes a man to Pret Yoni?"

Braahman said - "If any Braahman dies with Shoodra's food in his stomach, he becomes Pret. Who does not follow Aashram's duties, drinks liquor, enjoys other women, eats meat everyday becomes Pret. A Braahman who asks an unworthy person to perform Yagya and serves Shoodra becomes a Pret. Who snatches his friend's securities, cooks for Shoodra, cheats somebody, becomes Pret. Killer of a Braahman or cow, a liar, a drunkard, a thief, or who kidnaps a maiden or snatches other's land surely becomes a Pret."

Pulastya Jee further said - "When that Braahman was telling thus, suddenly drums started beating and flowers started showering from sky. Vimaan (airplanes) appeared from all around to take those Pret. Divine voice said - "By conversing with this Braahman you have got good place, so come with us." Thus they got freed from that Yoni. Whoever reads this story 100,000 times, never gets Pret Yoni in his family."

Importance of Praachee Saraswatee

Bheeshm Jee asked - "Hey Brahman, Why Pushkar's location is said to be in space? How Dharm following Muni can get to it, and who have got it?" Pulastya Jee said - "Once 10 million (1 Crore) Rishi from southern India went to Pushkar Teerth to take bath, but Pushkar had gone to sky. Seeing this they stood there only in Praanaayam position for 12 years. Then Brahmaa and other Devtaa said to them - "Invocate it by Mantra. By doing Jap of three Richaa Pushkar will come to you." Rishi did the same and they got the full fruit of Pushkar Snaan.

Who takes bath in Pushkar on Kaartik Poornimaa, he becomes cleansed. He becomes like Braahman without the knowledge of Mantra. If there is Krittikaa Nakshatra on Kaartik Poornimaa, that is the best period. If there is Bharanee Nakshatra on that day, it gives lots of Punya; and if there is Rohinee Nakshatra, it is called Mahaa-Kaartikee Poornimaa. This bath is rare even for Devtaa. If there is any Nakshatra among Krittikaa, Bharanee or Rohinee on any Saturday, Sunday or Thursday, then one sure gets the fruit of Ashwamedh Yagya by taking bath in Pushkar Teerth. Daan and Pitar Tarpan are also eternal done on that day. If Sun is on Vishaakhaa Nakshatra and Moon is on Krittikaa Nakshatra, this Yog (combination) is called Padmak Yog and is very rare. Who takes bath in Pushkar in this Yog, he goes to good Lok.

There is no other greater Teerth than this. There flows Saraswatee River, Brahmaa's daughter, from Udumbar Van. Its all five sources - Kanakaa, Suprabhaa, Nandaa, Praachee, and Saraswateeare; are there in Pushkar, that is why it is called 5-sources river. Who do Vrat, fasts, Daan, in Pushkar, they go to Brahm Lok. There is Teerth named Gangodbhed in Pushkar, where Gangaa came to see Saraswatee. This place is in between Jyeshth and Madhyam Pushkar. There Saraswatee flows towards west and Gangaa flows towards north. 

There is a great importance of Daan and fasts in Pushkar. If somebody does Snaan, Jaap, and Hom there, he gets many kinds of Punya fruits. On the advice of Maarkandeya Rishi, Raam also did Pind-Daan here for his father Dasharath. There is square pond, whoever does Pind-Daan there, goes to Swarg riding in a Vimaan (airplane) with swans. Brahmaa has appointed Vasu, Rudra and Aaditya there to take Pind-Daan. Whatever Pitar related Karm is done there its fruit is eternal. Pitar bless them with good living means.

There is no specific time to take bath in Saraswatee river, it is open for everybody every time."



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