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(1) Nature.

(2) Material part of a human being which consists of his body including his mind and all other sense faculties. It also includes the three Gun - Sat Gun, Raj Gun, and Tam Gun.

(3) According to Geetaa there are eight Prakriti, their names are - earth, water, fire, air, space, mind, Buddhi (intellect), and Ahankaar.

(3) Prakriti is said to have 16 Vikaar (Swaroop or forms) - 5 Gyaan Indriyaan, 5 Karm Indriyaan, 5 Mahaa-Bhoot, and one mind. All joined together make a body. This body is of two types - Sthaavar (immovable like trees, mountains etc) and Jangam (movable like human beings, animals etc).
(Bhaagvat Puraan, 7/3)

First he created Man (mind), and then Ahankaar. From Ahankaar appeared - sound, touch, Roop (seeing), taste, and smell named Panch Tanmaatraa and Panch Mahaa-Bhoot (the five basic elements). Among these 10, 8 are Prakriti (means which produce others) - Prakriti (nature), Buddhi (intelligence), Ahankaar, seeing, taste, smell, sound, and touch Tanmaatraa.

5 Mahaa-Bhoot, 5 Gyaan Indriyaan, 5 Karm Indriyaan and mind - these 16 are their Vikriti (Vikaar or Swaroop or forms). These are not of anything's Prakriti, because nothing appears from them. Sound, touch, seeing, taste, and smell are the subjects of 5 Gyaan Indriyaa - ear, skin, eyes, tongue, and nose respectively.
[Bhavishya Puraan, p 224]

Prakriti is made up of three Gun (attributes). It is called A-Vyakt and Pradhaan (elements of material satisfaction) too. It is the playground of Krishn. It is the mother of Creation and Pralaya. Prakriti has innumerable places which are full of darkness. The upper limit of Prakriti is Virajaa River, but Sanaatan Prakriti has no limit below the River. When Prakriti grows, it creates; when it shrinks, it creates dissolution (Pralaya).
[Padm Puraan, 5/35]

A-Paraa Prakriti -
It encompasses mind intellect, psyche, ego, and all areas of knowledge. Gaayatree, one of the two wives of Brahmaa (the other one is Saavitree), is known as A-Paraa Prakriti.

Paraa Prakriti -
Superior energy. Brahmaa's second wife Saavitree (the first one is Gaayatree), is called as Paraa Prakriti - material consciousness and inert nature. All movements of matter depend on her. The revolution of molecules, influence of chemicals, electricity, light, magnetism, ether etc. This A-Paraa Prakriti of Saavitree is responsible for the body functioning of all creatures and thus the world evolves. Siddhi and boons are attained via this power of Saavitree. Health, long life, might, enthusiasm, daring, beauty and other infinite qualities are dependent on it. On one hand it is widespread, yet its main focal point is Moolaadhaar Chakra (at the base of spine). All goals are attained by activating this power.

While awakening Kundalinee power, Bandh, Mudraa, Aasan etc are considered important, but in pure Saavitree worship, one is limited to the periphery of the head. Soul power is Gaayatree and material power is Saavitree.

Brahmaa Jee said - "In the beginning I said to Prakriti "Devee, You be the cause of all Creation. I will start my Creation from you only." Hearing this Paraa Prakriti expressed herself in seven forms - Gaayatree, Vaagdevee (Saraswatee), wealth giver Lakshmee, Gyaan treasure Umaa, Shaktibeejaa, Tapaswinee and Dharmdravaa. These seven are the forms of Paraa Prakriti.

Among them, from Gaayatree has manifested all Ved and Ved are the cause of existence of the whole Universe. Swasti, Swaahaa, Swadhaa and Deekshaa have also appeared from Gaayatree, therefore Gaayatree must always be pronounced in Yagya etc. Bhaaratee (Saraswatee) lives in everybody's mouth and heart and preaches Dharm in all Shaastra. Third Prakriti is Lakshmee from whom clothes and ornaments appeared. Comfort and kingdom of Tri-Lok is also because of her, that is why She is beloved of Vishnu. Fourth Prakriti is Umaa who is beloved of Shankar, should be considered the mother of Brahm knowledge. She lives in half body of Shankar. Fifth Prakriti is Shaktibeejaa, she is very angry and confuses the whole world. She maintains and destroys the world. Sixth Prakriti is Tapaswinee, she is the goddess of Tapasyaa. Seventh Prakriti is Dharmdravaa who lives in all Dharm.

I considered Dharmdravaa as the highest so I kept her in my Kamandal and manifested her at the time Bali did the Yagya. When Hari measured the whole world in two steps. His one of the two steps appeared before me piercing the sky and Brahmaand. At that time I washed that foot from that Kamandal water. Its water fell on Hemkoot mountain and from there it went to Shiv Jee and stayed in Shiv's matted locks for long time. Later Bhageerath brought that water onto Earth by worshipping Shiv Jee. That water can give Mukti even to bones. Sagar's sons got Mukti only with a touch of that water to their bones."


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