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3-Pratisarg Parv (4)

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27-Kuber and Raamaayan

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27-Kuber, Raamaayan, and Trilochan
9-Bhavishya Puraan, 3-Pratisarg (4), p 352-

The fourth Part of Pratisarg Parv of Bhavishya Puraan is very important with the viewpoint of history. In this part history of all the four legs of Sat Yug, Tretaa Yug, Dwaapar Yug and Kali Yug is given. Besides, the history of the previous births of many Aachaarya, saints, Bhakt poets, is also given. They are said to be the Avataar of 12 Aaditya, 11 Rudra, 8 Vasu, or 2 Ashwinee Kumaar. Special treatment is given to Chaitanya Mahaaprabhu and that he got absorbed in Jagannaath Jee. But there are some incoherencies also which create doubts in their originality.


(Chap 15) Soot Jee said - "Hey Shaunak Jee, Whatever greatness of Vasu Devtaa Brihaspati Jee told Indra, I tell you the same. In Sat Yug of the beginning of Vaivaswat Manvantar, Vishravaa Muni had a wife named Ilvalaa. She used to do physical worship of Shiv. At the same time a Dwij (Braahman) named Yagya Sharmaa, born in Deekshit Kul (Vansh or family) was busy in Yakshinee (Yaksh woman) Poojaa. That evil man (Yagya Sharmaa) had caught leprosy because of having illicit relationship with his friend's daughter-in-law. So abandoning that Dwij that Yakshinee went to Kailaash Parvat, Shiv Lok. On the day of Shiv Raatri, Shankar Jee gave him his Darshan and he got satisfied with his preaching. Next morning he did Paaran of the Vrat and died in the same Shiv temple.

Because of that Punya, he was born as the king of Karnaatak Desh and became known as Raajraaj. He made Braahman to do Shiv Archan and other auspicious Karm daily and ruled on Prithvi for 100 years. Later he handed over his kingdom to his best son and pleased Shiv Jee in Kaashee. After three years Shiv Jee appeared from Jyotirling. He became known as Raajaraajeshwar. When he died he set in Ilvalaa's womb and was born at an inauspicious time in a stark dark night, that is why he was known as Kuber. He was very auspicious. He pleased Brahmaa with his Tap. Brahmaa got built a beautiful city named Lankaa Puree and gave it to him. He became the king of 30 million (3 Crore) Yaksh and got famous as Yakshraat (king of Yaksh).

When Raavan came to know that Lankaa has been the city of Raakshas for long time and now Kuber had forcefully occupied it with his public Yaksh, he took it and became the king of that city. Kuber asked refuge from Shankar, Shankar made him his friend and Vishwakarmaa built Alakaa Puree for him. Hearing this Raavan started doing Tapasyaa on Kailaash Parvat. So Shankar Jee became friend of Raavan also as he was of Kuber and gave him Var of having millions of heads from each of his head. 

Now his body also got like Vajra (vey strong). Yagya were stopped so Devtaa went hungry. Devtaa went to Vishnu and prayed Him, He said - "You go to Naaraayanee Maayaa and pray her." So Devtaa went and prayed Shivaa Devi. Pleased Shivaa Devee divided herself in two forms and came to Prithvi in the forms of Seetaa and Raam. Seetaa was born from earth and was the mother of all. Taking Seetaa's name once is equal to Raam's name thousand times. Raam killed Raavan etc Raakshas, gave Pushpak Vimaan back to Kuber and went to His Lok after ruling for 11,000 years."


Soot Jee said - "Hey Shaunak Jee, After hearing this Vasu Devtaa Kuber was born as Trilochan as Dhardatt's son in Mathuraa. He spent all his wealth in Teerth and came to Kaashee and became the disciple of Raamaanand Jee. He again came to his house and started serving saints. Bhagavaan Raam stayed in his house for 13 months in the form of a slave who would fulfill his all wishes. He used to give him everything, which Trilochan used to give to needy people. One day Raam said to Trilochan - "I am Raam, not your slave, so I will live in your heart." Hearing this Trilochan left everything and started living on the banks of Sarayoo River." *

* Note - Among the disciples of Raamaanand were - Trilochan Vaishya, Naam Dev, Rankan-Yankanaa (Raankaa-Baankaa), Kabeer, Narasee Mehtaa and Sadhan Kasaaee. Their stories are given in Gita Press "Bhakt Charitaank" in detail.

Varun Dev and Naam Dev

Brihaspati Jee said - "Who takes water from one place to another, he is called Aapav. His another name is Varun. He is the Lord of water and seas. Brahmaa gave him a Paash to tie Daitya, so after getting that Paash he was called Paashee. Previously Varun was a devotee of Shakti (Power) - Bhadrakaalee. He first did Paath (reading) of Madhyam Charitra of Durgaa Sapt Shatee and then did Jaap of Navaarn Mantra, thus he did for three years. Pleased with his worship Devee appeared before him and asked him to ask for a Var. Aapav saluted her and prayed in several ways. Devee said - "When Pralaya will come and everything will be destroyed you will be happy in that water." and disappeared."

Soot Jee said - "Hearing this from Brihaspati Jee, the second Vasu Bhagavaan Varun produced a Tej from his mouth on Prithvi. That Tej was born in the house of Dharmbhakt in Dehlee. His widow daughter took that Tej and gave birth to a son. Dharmbhakt got very happy to hear this. He was named as Naam Dev. He saw Vishnu in the whole Universe so he came to Raamaanand in Kaashee and became his disciple. At that time Sikandar was ruling in Delhi in India. He called Naam Dev, tested him and pleased with him he gave him 50 Lakh coins. Naam Dev spent this money to build a Ghaat (place on the bank of Gangaa River) and gave life to 10 Braahman, 5 kings, 5 Vaishya and 100 cows through his Yog Power."



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