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9-Gangaa Teerth

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9-Gangaa Teerth
6-Naarad Puraan, 2-Uttar Bhaag, p 639-654

Uttar Bhaag of Naarad Puraan (p 577-750, about 175 pages) contains many stories - Rukmaangad, Indradyumn, Raam, Parashuraam, Krishn, glory of Gayaa and Gangaa, importance of Teerth

Vasu Describes Gangaa Teerth to Mohinee

Vashishth Jee said - "Vasu said to Mohinee - "I tell you now individual characteristics of all Teerth. The highest Teerth on Prithvi is Gangaa. Those places are blessed near which Gangaa flows. Whatever Gati can be attained by taking bath in Gangaa, one cannot get it even by Tapasyaa, Brahmcharya, Yagya and sacrifices etc. Gangaa stays on this Prithvi especially from 6th Tithi of Krishn to Amaavasyaa (10 days); while from 1st Shukla to 10th Shukla (10 days) she lives in Paataal Lok; then from 11th Shukla to 5th Krishn, (10 days) she lives in Swarg Lok, that is why she is called Tripathagaa.

In Sat Yug all Teerth are good; in Tretaa Yug, Pushkar Teerth is the best; In Dwaapar Yug, Kurukshetra is considered important; and in Kali Yug Gangaa is the best Teerth. In Kali Yug all Teerth drop their powers in Gangaa River, but Gangaa does not drop her powers anywhere. When Gangaa water, whether directly taken from river, or taken out from there, cold or hot, is drunk destroy all sins. Normally Baasee (kept overnight) water is not used; but Gangaa water and Tulasee leaves are always usable. Who cannot complete a Teerth methodically, he can get good fruits of Teerth by Gangaa water. Drinking Gangaa water only once can send a man to Swarg. Who lives on the banks of Gangaa River and drinks Gangaa water his all previous births' sins are washed away. Who bathes Shaal Graam with Gangaa water, his all sins are destroyed.

Kaashee's Gangaa gives immediate Moksh. Who drinks Gangaa water with his own wish, who does Darshan of Gangaa, who prays her, who takes bath in her, he gets Moksh, Gyaan, Yog, Swarg everything. Saraswatee's water is digested in three months, Yamunaa's water is digested in seven months, Narmadaa's water is digested in 10 months, and Gangaa's water is digested in one year.

Who does Darshan of Gangaa with Bhakti, he attains the fruit of Darshan of Paramaatmaa. Who always  remember Gangaa even from thousands of Yojan far from her they also get free from all sins. There is no other greater Snaan (bath) as Gangaa Snaan. It is higher than donating millions of good cows. Although Gangaa gives fruits of her Snaan done at any place but she gives them much faster if the Snaan is done in Haridwaar, Prayaag and Gangaa Saagar Angam. These three places have special importance to take bath. Afternoon Snaan gives ten times more Punya than morning Snaan;  evening Snaan gives hundred times more; and near Shiv gives numerous times more Punya. Soorya says to Gangaa - "Who take Snaan in your waters heated by my rays, they attain Moksh piercing my Mandal (solar system)." Varun also has said to her - "Whoever will take your name while taking bath in his own house, he will also go to Vaikuth Lok."

Glory of Gangaa Snaan at Specific Times and Places

Who takes bath in Kaartik or Maagh Maas, he lives in Indra Lok along with his family. Who takes bath on all Sankraanti days, Uttaraayan day, Dakshinaayan day and Vishuv day, he goes to Vaikunth Dhaam. There is a special fruit for taking bath on Vishuv day and Kaartik Poornimaa. If one takes bath on Kaartik or Vaishaakh Akshaya Triteeyaa, he gets the fruit of taking bath for one year. Kaartik Snaan gives similar fruit as Maagh Snaan. Bath on all festival days gives hundred times Punya than other ordinary days. Bath taken at the time solar and lunar eclipse gives the fruits equal to three months bath. Bath taken Krishn Janm Ashtamee gives thousand times more than taken bath on a normal day.

If somebody takes bath in Kushaavart Teerth in Haridwaar, he gets the fruit of seven Raajsooya and two Ashwamedh Yagya. If somebody lives there for 15 days, he gets the fruits of six Vishwajit Yagya. One should worship Govind in Kushaavart, and Shiv in Kanakhal; or take bath there, this gives immortal Punya. Taking bath in Kubj Teerth destroys all sins and makes one healthy. After that there are
--Pavitra Teerth,
--Veneeraajya Teerth (where Gangaa meets Sarayoo River),
--Gaandav Teerth (here Gangaa meets Gandakee River),
--Raam Teerth,
--Som Teerth,
--Champak (where Gangaa flows towards north),
--Kalash Teerth (here Agastya Muni appeared from Kalash),
--Som Dweep Teerth (which is like Kaashee, here Shiv kept Moon on his head, and Gangaa meets Vishwaamitra's sister Satyavatee),
--Jahnu Kund,
--Aditi Teerth (here Aditri got Vishnu in the form of Vaaman from Kashyap Jee),
--Shilochchaya Teerth,
--Indraanee Teerth (here Indraanee got Indra after doing Tapasyaa),
--Snaatak Teerth (here Vishwaamitra got Brahmarshi status),
--Pradyumn Teerth (famous for Tapasyaa - Kaam Dev did Tapasyaa hereto be born as Krishn's son Pradyumn),
--Daksh Prayaag (here Gangaa meets Yamunaa).

Glory of Donations, Worship etc at Gangaa Banks

If a Dwij does Sandhyaa on Gangaa bank, then Gaayatree is able to give thousands times more fruit. While doing Tarpan, a man takes whatever number of sesame seeds in his hands, his Pitar live in Swarg for the same number multiplied by thousand years. Who worships Shiv Ling after taking bath in Gangaa, he certainly attains Moksh in one life only. Bath taken by copper pot is much better than clay pot. In the same way copper pots should be used in Arghya, Naivedya, and worship.

Touching is better than Darshan, Worshipping is better than touching, and in worship, giving Him bath with Ghee is the best. Gangaa water is like Ghee. One should offer Arghya to Soorya Dev with these eight things - water, milk, Kushaa grass, Ghee, yogurt, honey, red Kaner flowers, and red sandal. Who makes a Shiv Ling from Gangaa bank's sand, establishes it, worships it with Mantra and flower etc, and then concludes it in Gangaa water, he gets lots of Punya. Who does Jap of "Aum Namo Naaraanaaya" after taking bath in Gangaa, Mukti is in his control. Who regularly does Jap of the same Mantra in Gangaa for six months, he attains all kinds of Siddhi. Who does 2,400,000 (24 Lac) Jap of "Aum Namah Shivaaya" methodically near Gangaa, he is like Shankar. "Namah Shivaaya" Mantra is Siddh Vidyaa.

By worshipping Gangaa River one worships all Devtaa, therefore one must worship her whenever possible. She has four arms and three eyes. She has gem-studded Kalash in one hand, white lotus flower in second hand, Var in third hand and is making people fearless from the fourth hand - who meditates on such form of Gangaa and worships her even for 15 days, he becomes like Devtaa; of course, if he does that for longer time, he gets much more fruits.

One should worship Vishnu, Gangaa and Shiv on Akshaya Teej (Vaishaakh Shukla Teej) and in Kaartk Maas with barley and sesame seeds waking in the night. All kinds of Tap, Vrat fasts, worship become multifold on Gangaa's banks. Who reads or listens to Gangaa Stotra (given on p 652) he becomes free from 10 types of sins committed by mind, speech and body. A patient becomes healthy, one's all troubles go away, one gets freed from enemies, any bondage or fear. In whichever house one worships it after writing it, there is no fear of fire and theft in that house. Who reads this Stotra 10 times on Jyeshth Shukla Dashamee (Gangaa Dashaharaa) standing in Gangaa waters, he also gets the same fruit as by worshipping of Gangaa methodically.

Who dies within the radius of two Yojan (18 miles) he certainly goes to Param Dhaam. Therefore leaving all other means of Mukti, one should make efforts to live near Gangaa till death. Whose bones are thrown in Gangaa, he never comes back on this Prithvi. Up to 27 miles around Gangaa is known as Siddh Kshetra. One should never accept any donation in Teerth, in Dev temples, and in eclipse times. Who accepts donations at these places his all Teerth Vrat etc go without fruits. Accepting donation in Gangaa is like selling Gangaa; selling Gangaa is like selling Vishnu; and selling Vishnu is like selling three Lok.



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