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2-Uttar Bhaag

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13-Purushottam Kshetra-2

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13-Purushottam Kshetra-2
6-Naarad Puraan, 2-Uttar Bhaag, p 691-703

Uttar Bhaag of Naarad Puraan (p 577-750, about 175 pages) contains many stories - Rukmaangad, Indradyumn, Raam, Parashuraam, Krishn, glory of Gayaa and Gangaa, importance of Teerth

Purushottam Kshetra-2

Vasu Jee further said - "There is another Teerth group by whose Darshan all sins are destroyed. Its Devtaa is Anant. Who takes bath in Shwet Gangaa and does Darshan of Shwet Maadhav and Matsya Maadhav, he goes to Shwet Dweep. After doing the Darshan of Shwet Maadhav, one should do Darshan of Matsya Maadhav who is near him. One should meditate on His Matsya Avataar.

One can take bath in Maarkandeya Sarovar at any time but Chaturdashee is especially good. In the same way, sea bath is also good at all times, but Poornimaa is said to be better. One should take sea bath on Jyeshth Poornimaa in Jyeshth Nakshatra. There is a banyan tree named Kalp Vriksh where Baal Mukund (baby Krishn) lives. After taking bath one should circumambulate it three times. By doing its Darshan all sins, up to seven lives, are washed away. In Sat Yug it was called Vat Vriksh, in Tretaa Yug it was called Vateshwar, in Dwaapar Yug it was called Krishn and in Kali Yug it is called Puraan Purush. In Sat Yug its extent was one Yojan, in Tretaa Yug 3/4 Yojan, in Dwaapar Yug 1/2 Yojan and in Kali Yug it is only 1/4 Yojan. From there one should go to 300 Dhanush south, there is Swarg Dwaar (Door to Swarg). First do Darshan of Ugrasen, then go to sea shore and do Aachaman, and then meditate on Naaraayan with 8-letter Mantra (Aum Namo Naaraayanaaya).

All Ved's meaning is Naaraayan; all Dwij worship Naaraayan; All Gyaan is with Naaraayan; all Yagya are done to please Naaraayan; Dharm's ultimate fruit is Naaraayan; Tapasyaa is the means to attain Him only; donation is given to please Him only; and Vrat's aim is to attain Naaraayan only. The whole Universe is His form. Water is Vishnu's house, therefore one should always meditate on Vishnu while one is in water. Thinking like this one should take bath. While taking bath one should read Agh-Marshan Mantra three times. As Ashwamedh Yagya washes away all sins, in the same way, Agh-Marshan Sookt also destroys all sins.

After taking bath offer flower and water to Soorya Dev raising one's hands and read Soorya related Mantra. Read Gaayatree Mantra 108 times. While doing Shraaddh and Havan one should use only one hand, but while doing Tarpan both hands should be used. If the person offers water on land while standing in water; or offers water in water while standing on land, that water doesn't reach to Pitar. Whatever water is not offered on Prithvi, it doesn't reach to Pitar, therefore one should always offer water to Pitar on Prithvi. Pitar were born on Prithvi, lived on Prithvi and died on Prithvi, that is why one should offer water to them on Prithvi only.

Who do not know Shaastra prescribed method of worshipping Hari, they should worship Him with His Mool Mantra - "Aum Namo Naaraayanaaya" only."

Raadhaa Maadhav

Mohinee said - "Raadhaa Maadhav's form is a secret in Puraan, please tell something about it." Vasu said - "Brahm is Krishn, and all Avataar are only His forms. He Himself is Sa-Gun, as well as Nir-Gun. Brahm is Nir-Gun. Gun have appeared from Him. Prakriti is His Power. Purush is called witness, Sanaatan (always existing) and Nir-Gun. Purush inserted Tej (Fire) in Prakriti and this made Gun appeared from it. Mahat Tattwa appeared from Gun. Mahat Tattwa appeared in Ahankaar form from Purush's intention. This Ahankaar is of three types Vaikaarik, Taijas and Taamas according to thing, knowledge, and action. Mind and ten Vaikaarik Devtaa appeared from Vaikaarik Ahankaar, their names are - Direction, Air, Soorya, Varun, Ashwinee Kumaar, Brahmaa, Indra, Upendra, Mitra and Death. Ten Indriyaan (senses) appeared from Taijas Ahankaar. Indriyaan are of two types - Gyaan Indriyaan and Karm Indriyaan. Ears, skin, nose, eyes and tongue are Gyaan Indriyaan; and speech, hands, feet, reproductive organ and anus are five Karm Indriyaan. From Taamas Ahankaar appeared sound.

From sound appeared Space Tatwa (element)
From Space appeared touch,
From touch appeared Air Tattwa (element)
From air appeared Roop
From Roop appeared Tej (Fire - element)
From Tej appeared Ras (taste), and
From Ras appeared Water (element)
From Water appeared smell
From smell appeared Prithvi (earth - element).  
This Prithvi is the place where all creatures have appeared and live.

There are one, two, three and four attributes in Space etc Tattwa respectively. Earth has all five attributes. From these five Tattwa (elements). From these five Bhoot (elements) appeared an unconscious egg. As Purush entered it, it became conscious and a Viraat (huge) Purush appeared from it; and he started sleeping in water. To speak, to walk etc activities, all organs appeared in Viraat Purush's body. A lotus flower appeared from his navel, and Brahmaa Jee appeared from that lotus flower. He did severe Tapasyaa and then created Lok (worlds) and Lokpaal (Lords of the worlds). He created seven Lok from his lower part of the body (below waist) and seven Lok from his upper part of the body. Thus this whole Universe contains 14 Lok. Brahmaa Jee created all creatures on these 14 Lok. Bhrigu etc Rishi were born from Brahmaa Jee and they created other creatures.

From here, one should go to Indradyumn Sarovar which has appeared from Ashwamedh Yagya. Thus after doing Panch Teerth, one should keep fast on Ekaadashee. Who does Darshan of Purushottam on Jyeshth Poornimaa, he attains Parampad from where one doesn't come back on Prithvi. All water bodies of Prithvi live in Purushottam Teerth from Jyeshth Shukla Dashamee to Poornimaa (6 days). This is their regular program. That is why any Punya Karm done during this period in this place is immortal. Since Jyeshth Shukla Dashamee destroys all 10 types of sins, that is why it is called Dashaharaa; and who does Darshan of Krishn, Balraam and Subhadraa on that day he goes to Vishnu Lok free from all sins.

Who sees Govind on swing on Phaalgun Poornimaa (Holee day), he goes to His Lok. Who does Darshan of these three on Vishuv Yog day and Vaishaakh Shukla Triteeyaa, he goes to Vishnu Lok. Jyeshth Poornimaa, when Sun is in Taurus sign and there is Jyeshthaa Nakshatra, is called Mahaa Jyeshthee Poornimaa. One should always try to go to this place. No mountain and no river can be compared with Krishn Darshan.

Here, there is a water well. On Jyeshth Poornimaa, water is drawn by gold pitchers to give those idols a bath. A strong platform is erected and is adorned by various types of clothes and pearl garlands etc and all three are given bath there. Devtaa pray to them. Whatever fruit is got by donating cow hundred times or hundred  maidens, the same is got by doing Darshan of Krishn sitting on the platform. If any woman pours the water from their bath on her head, all kinds of women - barren, whose children die after taking birth, unfortunate, stricken by planets or diseases, become cleansed. Therefore one must pour some water from their bath on one's head.

If somebody completes 12 visits of Purushottam Kshetra, then he should do its Udyaapan (concluding ceremony) methodically. One should go to a water body on Jyeshth Shukla Ekaadashee, take bath there, and do Tarpan etc. After the bath, worship Soorya Dev, and do Jap of Gaayatree Mantra 108 times. Dwij should do all this by Vaidic method, women and Shoodra have no prescribed method for Jap and Snaan. After this go to the temple, give Purushottam bath with Ghee, then with milk, then with fragrant water and then with sandal water. Put two clothes on Him and worship Him. Light one Ghee lamp, and 12 additional lamps of cow Ghee or sesame oil. Offer Naivedya of Kheer, Pooaa, Pooree, Badaa, Laddoo, sugar and fruit. Then do Jaap of "Aum Namah Purushottamaaya" 108 times. Establish a Mandal decorated with flowers etc, keep a wake in the night, and pass the night by telling stories about Vaasudev, meditating Him etc. In the morning, on Dwaadashee, worship Him again, invite 12 Braahman, worship them and donate 12 cows, gold, umbrella, shoes, pots etc. Feed them Paak and after that give them 12 pitchers full of water along with Laddoo and Dakshinaa. Then take food himself with one's friend and relatives.



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