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5-Pancham Ansh

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7-Kubjaa Incident and Kans Vadh

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Kubjaa Incident and Kans Vadh
3-Vishnu Puraan - 5-Pancham Ansh - p 353-369

Kubjaa Incident

Paraashar Jee said - "Hey Maitreya Jee, On the way Krishn saw a young hunchback woman carrying Ubatan pot. He asked her - "O Lotus-eyed, Tell me the truth for whom you are taking this Ubatan paste?" Kubjaa spoke softly - "Hey Kaant, Don't you know me? I am known as Anek-Vakraa (whose body is deformed at many places). I have been appointed by Kans for making his Ubatan. He likes my Ubatan only, so he is very kind to me." Krishn said - "Of course, This Ubatan is worth for Raajaa only, but if you have some Ubatan for us, then give some Ubatan to us also." Kubjaa gave them some Ubatan for their body. They looked very attractive after applying that paste. Then Krishn put His two fingers under her chin, pressed her feet with His feet and pushed her upward. She became straight bodied and beautiful among all women. She held Krishn's cloth and spoke with love - "Come to my house, please." Krishn said to Kubjaa looking at Balaraam Jee - "Yes, I will come to your house also." and laughed heartily.

Kans Vadh

Then they came to Yagyashaalaa (the place where the Yagya was to be performed) and asked the guards about the bow. Suddenly Krishn lifted the bow and pulled its string. The string broke and it made a very loud noise. The noise echoed in whole Mathuraa Nagaree. Guards attacked Raam and Krishn, but they killed all guards and came out of the Yagyashaalaa.

Kans also heard the sound of breaking the bow. He got frightened and spoke to Chaanoor and Mushtik - "Those two Gop children have come here and they want to kill me, therefore you kill them in wrestling. If you have killed them in wrestling, then I will fulfill your all desires, don't think that I am lying. Anyhow you must kill them. After they are killed, this kingdom will be shared by u equally." After this he called his elephant driver and ordered him that "when those Gop children come here for wrestling, you wait for them at the gate of the stadium (Rangbhoomi) and kill them by instigating the elephant." After this he just waited for the morning.

Next day everybody was sitting at his place in the stadium. Nand and other Gop were also present there and sitting at their places. Akroor and Vasudev Jee were sitting near Gop. Devakee was thinking, "let it be in my last days, at least I will see my son's face." Chaanoor and Mushtik were jumping with inviting signs for wrestling. That both children entered the stadium with smiling face.

As they were seen at the gate of the stadium, the elephant driver instigated his elephant Kuvalayaapeed to attack them, so he ran fast to kill them. People sitting there wondered what was happening there. Seeing this Balraam said to his younger brother - "The enemy has instigated him to attack us, so he should be killed."

Krishn made a loud sound and revolved his trunk. Krishn uprooted his left tusk and hit his driver with that tusk. Balabhadra also uprooted his right tusk and hit his driver with that. The driver's head got splintered in hundreds of pieces and he died. Balabhadra kicked on elephant's forehead which made the elephant also die.

They took both the tusks and entered the stadium smeared with elephant's blood. Seeing them all whispered among themselves - "This is Krishn, thi is Balabhadra. He is the on who killed the children killer Pootanaa, turned over Shakat (Chhakadaa), uprooted Yamalaarjun trees, who defeated Kaaliya Naag and who lifted Govardhan Parvat for seven nights. He is the same  who killed Arishtaasur, Dhenukaasur and Keshee etc wicked Raakshas. And the one who is accompanying Him, he is His elder brother. He is loved by women. Learned people who know Puraan say, that he is going to uplift Yadu Vansh. He is the part of Vishnu and He has incarnated on earth to lighten her burden."

Hearing all this, Devakee got very happy and Vasudev also got a new kind of energy. Women were talking like this - "See Krishn properly, you will not be able to to see Him again." , "Don't you see both the boys coming? One of fair complexion and the other one of dark complexion?", "See, Hari is proceeding to have a duel with Chaanoor? Is there no elderly person who can stop this? How are these tender age boys going to fight with these terrible Daitya. This is very injustice with them that the judges are not intervening in this fight."

Paraashar Jee further said - "When people were talking like this, Krishn entered the arena for the duel fight. Balabhadra also started jumping for the duel fight. It was a wonder that the earth did not crack by the thumps of Balabhadra's feet. Krishn went with Chaanoor, and Balaraam got Mushtik. Both duels were very terrible. Chaanoor was losing to Krishn, seeing this Kans asked to stop his music played for this occasion; but surprisingly then music started in the sky. Devtaa requested Krishn - "Victory to Krishn, Kill this Chaanoor Raakshas soon." Krishn revolved him in the air hundreds of times and when he died, He threw him on the ground. As he fell down, his body splintered in hundreds of pieces.

As Krishn was fighting with Chaanoor, Balabhadra was fighting with Mushtik. He hit him with his fists and feet and killed him by throwing him on the ground and then crushing him under his feet. Krishn killed another wrestler Toshal also. As Toshal was killed all other wrestlers ran away. Krishn and Balaraam started jumping in the stadium with their companion boys.

Seeing this Kans got up from his throne and asked his people to throw them out of the stadium, arrest Nand, and kill him. And to kill those Gop boys also who were jumping with Krishn and snatch all their cows along with whatever else they had. When Kans was ordering thus, Krishn came to the dais, jumped over it and caught him. Kans' crown fell down from his head and he died instantly. Krishn pulled down his dead body by his hair. Since Kans' body was very heavy, it left a groove on the ground behind.

As Krishn caught Kans, his brother Sumaalee attacked Krishn. Seeing Krishn being attacked, Balaraam killed him. Seeing Kans dead, all people sitting in the stadium started crying. Raam and Krishn touched the feet of Vasudev and Devakee. Vasudev and Devakee remembered the words of Bhagavaan, said in their previous life, so they picked Krishn up and stood very politely before Him.

Vasudev Jee said - "Be pleased with us. Whatever Var you gave to all Devtaa, you fulfilled it. You have made our family holy by taking birth in it. Who is that fortunate human being who can address you as "son"? The whole Universe has sprung from you, then how can you be born from us? In whom the whole Universe resides, how can He be a human being? You are not our son, you are Eeshwar, then why are you deluding us? Because of the delusion that "you are my son" I took you to Gokul, you have grown up there only that is why I have no affection with you. I have heard your such actions which are not possible even for Rudra, Marud Gan, Ashwinee Kumaar and Indra. I have known it clearly now that you are born only to do good to the world."



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