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2-Dwiteeya Ansh

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3-Other Dweep

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3-Other Dweep
3-Vishnu Puraan, 2-Dwiteeya Ansh, p 114-120
Read About Earth in 5-Bhaagvat Puraan, 5/5
Read About Islands etc in 5-Bhaagvat Puraan, 5/5 and in MBH, 6-War-1

2-Pluksh Dweep 

Paraashar Muni further said - "Hey Muni, As Jamboo Dweep is surrounded by salt water sea, in the same way, Pluksh Dweep is surrounded by  ---- sea. Jamboo Dweep's extension is 100,000 Yojan, but Pluksh Dweep is double the area of Jamboo Dweep. Medhaatithi's seven sons ruled over here. Among them the eldest son was Shaant-haya, then was Shishir, Sukhodaya, Anand, Shiv, Kshemak, and Dhruv. Their kingdoms' names were assigned to their own names - Shaant-haya Varsh, Shishir Varsh, Sukhodaya Varsh, Anand Varsh, Shiv Varsh, Kshemak Varsh, and Dhruv Varsh.

There are seven ,mountains there which serve as their borders. - Gomed, Chandra, Naarad, Dundubhi, Somak, Sumanaa, and Vaibhraj. Here live people with Gandharv and Devtaa. They are very virtuous and live long. They don't have any kind of illnesses. There are seven rivers in those seven Varsh - Anutaptaa, Shikhee, Vipaashaa, Tridivaa, Aklamaa, Amritaa and Sukritaa.

Here the number of people don't increase or decrease, nor there are any Yug here. There is always like Tretaa Yug in six Dweep - from Pluksh to Shaak Dweep. Here the people live healthy for 5,000 years. And here all five Dharm (Satya, Ahinsaa, Asteya, Brahmcharya, and Aparigrah) exist always. Here are four Varn - Aaryak, Kurar, Vidishya and Bhaavee which are like Braahman, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shoodra. Here is a tree of Pluksh (1,100 Yojan high like Jamboo tree). Here people worship Hari. It is surrounded by Ikshu juice sea equal to its own area.

3-Shaalmal Dweep

Now you listen to about Shaalmal Dweep. Vapusmaan used to live here. He had Shwet, Harit, Jeemoot, Rohit, Vaidyut, Maanas and Suprabh. Their Varsh were also named after their own names. Here are seven Parvat which divide it in seven Varsh; and there are seven rivers. The mountains are - Kumud, Unnat, Blaahak, Dronaachal, Kank, Mahish, Kakudmaan. The rivers are - Yoni, Toyaa, Vitrishnaa, Chnadraa, Muktaa, Vimochanee, and Nivritti.

Here also live four Varn people - Kapil, Arun, Peet and Krishn. These are like Braahman, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shoodra. They worship Vishnu. Here Devtaa always live. It has huge tree of Shaalmal (Semal - cotton tree). This Dweep is surrounded by a wine sea which is equal to its own area.

4-Kush Dweep

Around this wine sea is Kush Dweep, which is double the area of its previous sea. Its king was Jyotishmaan and he had seven sons - Udbhid, Venumaan, Vairath, Lamban, Dhriti, Prabhaakar, and Kapil. Their Varsh names were also after their own names. Here live Devtaa, Gandharv, Daitya, Daanav, Yaksh, Kinnar etc. There are also four Varn people - Damee, Shushmee, Sneh, and Mandeh which are like Braahman, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shoodra. They worship Janaardan.

There are seven border Parvat - Vidrum, Hemshail, Dyutimaan., Pushpvaan, Kusheshaya, Hari, and Mandaraachal. There are seven rivers too - Dhootpaapal, Shivaa, Pavitraa, Sammati, Vidyut, Ambhaa and Mahee. There is a tree of Kush, that is why this island is called Kush Dweep. This Dweep is surrounded by the see of Ghee (clarified butter) which is equal to Dweep's area. After crossing the sea of Ghee there is Kraunch Dweep.

5-Kraunch Dweep

Kraunch Dweep is double the size of Kush Dweep. Dyutimaan was the king of this Varsh. He had seven sons - Kushal, Mandaraa, Ushn, Peevar, Andhkaarak, Muni, and Dundubhi. So he divided his Dweep in seven divisions and named them according to his sons' names. Here live Gandharv and Devtaa. It also has seven border mountains - Kraunch, Vaaman, Andhkaarak, Swaahinee, Divaavrit, Pundareekvaan,, and Dundubhi. As these islands are of double the size of their previous ones, in the same way their mountains are also double the size of the mountains of their previous islands. Here live four Varn people - Pushkar, Pushkal, Dhanya and Tishya. 

There are seven main rivers here - Gauree, Kumudwatee, Sandhyaa, Raatri, Manojavaa, Kshaanti, and Pundareekaa. Here people worship Vishnu. This Dweep is surrounded by the sea of buttermilk, and then this buttermilk sea is surrounded by Shaak Dweep which is of double the area of Kraunch Dweep.

6-Shaak Dweep

Shaak Dweepwas ruled by Bhavya. He also had seven sons - Jalad, Kumaar, Sukumaar, Mareechak, Kusumod, Maudakee, and Mahaadrum. There are seven border mountains - Udayaachal, Jalaadhar, Raivatak, Shyaam, Astaachal, Aambikeya, and Kesaree. There is a tree of Shaak that is why this island is called Shaak Dweep. There are seven rivers - Sukumaaree, Kumaaree, Nalinee, Dhenukaa, Ikshu, Venukaa, and Gabhastee. Whoever have taken birth on Jalad etc Varsh they live here here after enjoying Swarg. In all these seven Varsh, Dharm is never destroyed, there are no quarrels and everybody lives controlled life Here the four Varn are - Vang, Maagadh, Maanas, and Mandag. All worship Vishnu. This Dweep is surrounded by a sea of milk which is equal to its area. This Milk sea is surrounded by Pushkar Dweep which has double the area of Shaak Dweep.

7-Pushkar Dweep

Savan used to rule this Dweep. He had two sons - Mahaaveer and Dhaataki, therefore there re two Khand (divisions) of this island - Mahaaveer and Dhaataki. It has only one border mountain - Maanasottar which is located in the center of this Dweep. This mountain is 50,000 Yojan high and its radius is also 50,000 Yojan. Here people live for 10,000 years without any disease, pain or sorrow. Mahaaveer Varsh is towards outside of Maanasottar Parvat, and Dhaataki is towards inside.

Here live Devtaa and daitya. This Dweep doesn't have any other mountain or any river. There people are like Devtaa and are of like form. Neither they have any Varn, nor any Karm, nor any Ved, agriculture, punishment, services. They are in the Heaven of Prithvi. All are always happy and without any disease or old age. In this Dweep, there is one banyan tree where Brahmaa lives. This Dweep is surrounded by a sea of sweet water.

Thus all these seven Dweep are surrounded by sea, being equal in size; but become double the size of their previous one. All the seas always have the same amount of material - never less, never more. Because Moon's waning and waxing these materials decrease or increase up to 510 finger-width size. Food is available automatically there. 

Beyond These Dweep

Beyond the sea of sweet water, a golden land can be seen. This land is without any creatures or beings and is also double the size of Pushkar Dweep. There is a mountain there named Lokaalok, which is 10,000 Yojan broad and high. Beyond that Parvat is all Darkness around it. That darkness is covered by Brahmaand. Along with Brahmaand this whole Bhoo Mandal (Prithvi system) is 500 billion Yojan.



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