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4-Paataal Khand

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6-Subaahu and Satyavaan

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6-Uplifting Subaahu
2-Padm Puraan, 4-Paataal Khand, p 466-475

This Khand covers the pages 411-609 (220 pages) of the book. It gives account of Raam's Ashwamedh Yagya, and Krishn's life.

Hanumaan Uplifts Subaahu

Shesh Jee said - "Now Chitraang, Subaahu's son, came to fight. Pushkal came to face him. Chitraang flew Pushkal's chariot in the sky. When Pushkal came down on the ground, he destroyed Chitraang's chariot and got ready to shoot an arrow to kill Chitraang. Chitraang said - "People come and go, I am not worried about that, but if I had not destroyed your this arrow I should be considered sinner." Pushkal also said - "If I do not take your life with this arrow then I should be counted as a sinner, and if I have worshipped Shree Raam faithfully then my speech should prove true." and immediately he shot an arrow to cut Chitraang's head, but Chitraang cut that arrow. Everybody got surprised to see this, but the then another surprising thing happened. The hinder part of the cut arrow fell on the ground, and the front part of the arrow, in which the arrowhead was still there, proceeded and cut Chitraang's head.

Subaahu started lamenting for his son. At that time Princes Vichitra and Daman came and consoled him saying - "Do not grieve so much for him, he is blessed who is killed in battleground. Please order us to fight and you yourself also rise to fight." They all again started fighting. Hanumaan saw Subaahu fighting filled with anger, so he came quickly towards him. Subaahu shot some arrows but Hanumaan caught them in between and broke them in several pieces. He tied Subaahu's chariot by his tail and flew away carrying it. Subaahu tried to cut his tail but Hanumaan then hit Subaahu's chest with his foot. Subaahu fell down and got unconscious.

In the same unconscious state he saw Raam in dream that Raam was doing a Yagya at the shore of Sarayoo River. Many Rishi are present there, and whatever things are in this world all have been given by Raam. He woke up and walked towards Hanumaan. He asked his sons also to stop fighting. He said - "Stop this fight. It was very injustice that you caught Raam's horse. He is Brahm in person and is beyond action and reason. He is not human being in spite of being a human being. Knowing Him in this form is Brahm Gyaan. I have understood this Tattwa now. My knowledge was destroyed because of Asitaang Muni's Shaap.

In earlier times, I went for Teerth Yaatraa (pilgrimage) with the aim to obtain Tattwa Gyaan. I met many Rishi and Maharshi. One day I went to Asitaang Muni and he preached me like this - "Whoever is the King of Ayodhyaa - Shree Raam, He is Par Brahm only; and His wife Seetaa is His immortal Shakti (Power). Whoever will worship Him, he will not come to this world again." I said to him laughing, "He is an ordinary human being and so is Jaanakee Jee; because who is unborn, how can he take birth? And who doesn't have to do anything, why should He come in this world to do anything at all? You teach me that Tattwa only that is beyond birth, sorrow and old age."

Hearing this Muni gave me Shaap - "You don't know Raam. He is not an ordinary human being, you are telling Him an ordinary human being? You are making a mockery of Him? You will only feed yourself." I held his feet and asked for his forgiveness. He got pleased with me and said - "When you will create hurdle in Raam's Yagya, and Hanumaan will hit you with his foot, then you will have the knowledge of Raam's form; otherwise you will not be able to know him from your own wisdom." Now I am experiencing the same thing. Therefore bring Raam's horse back. I will return His horse and give this kingdom and wealth also to Him. Then I will go for His Darshan also."

His sons said - "We don't know anything except your feet, so whatever you have decided it will be obeyed soon. And not only your wealth and kingdom but you offer us too in His service." After saying this, those princes brought the horse to him and Subaahu went to Shatrughn and asked for his forgiveness for his son. As Subaahu went to Shatrughn, he welcomed him and said - "You should not be sorry for that. As an elderly person, you are respectable for me. This kingdom should be under Daman. This is Kshatriya's duty [to fight] which brings the opportunity for fight. Take this kingdom and wealth back and get ready to follow this horse." Hearing this Subaahu coronated his son Daman on the throne of his kingdom and performed last rites of his another son. He himself followed the horse. The horse proceeded further in East direction."

Story of Satyavaan

Shesh Jee said - "Now the horse came to Tejpur. There lived the King Satyavaan. Gangaa River was flowing there. Seeing that city Shatrughn asked Sumati about that city. Sumati said - "Its King is also a devotee of Vishnu. He is such a devotee that even by hearing his stories one gets freed from Brahm Hatyaa (killing of Braahman) like sin. His name is Satyavaan. In earlier times, there was a king here whose name was Ritambhar. He had several wives, but had no son. Fortunately one day Jaabaali Muni came to him, so the king asked him to tell him some way so that he could get a son. 

Jaabaali said - "Raajan, There are three ways to get a son, blessings of Vishnu, or cow or Shiv, so you worship cow. Who worship her everyday by feeding her grass, Pitar and Devtaa are always pleased with them. If there is a thirsty cow, or an adult girl unmarried, or God's idol with the previous day's worship materials, in the house - all these destroy all kinds of Punya of that person. There is a story about this - At one time King Janak left his body through Yog. A Divine Vimaan came and took him to Swarg. His servants took away his physical body. As he he was passing Dharm Raaj's Sanyamanee Puree, the sinful people living there started crying and said - "Please don't go from here. Even the air which is coming through touching your body, is giving us so much relief." The King thought, "if these people feel so comfortable in my presence then I will live here only. This is the only Swarg for me." So he stopped at the door of Narak.

At the same time Yam Raaj came there to punish those sinners. He found King Janak standing on the door of Narak. He said to him - "Punya souls do not come here, how come that you are standing here? Go from here and enjoy your Punya." Janak said - "I feel pity for these people. Even the air which is flowing touching my body is giving them so much relief. If you free them from Narak, then only I can go from here comfortably." Yam Raaj said to him pointing to one person - "See this man. He had illicit relation with his friend's wife who trusted him fully. He has been in Narak for 10,000 years. After this he will be born as a pig, then he will born as an impotent in human species. This another sinner has embraced many other women forcefully, he will be in Raurav Narak for 100 years. This another sinner has enjoyed other's money, his both hands will be cut and he will be sent to Pooyashonit Narak. Thus all these sinners will have to suffer for their sins and then only they will be freed from this place. Therefore you go to your own Lok because you have earned a lot of Punya (results of good actions)."

Janak asked - "Dharm Raaj, Please tell me how they can be uplifted from this Narak?" Dharm Raaj said - "They have never worshipped Vishnu, never heard His stories, then how can they be free from here? If you want them to be freed, then you offer them your Punya. Which one? I tell you that. One day you meditated upon Raghunaath and pronounced "Raam, Raam", give that Punya to them. That will free them from this Narak."

Jaabaali said - "Thus Janak gave them all his Punya earned in his lifetime to those sinners. As he did Sankalp of giving that Punya to them, they immediately got freed from that Narak. They all got Divine bodies and said to Janak - "Because of you only we got freed from this Narak and now we are going to Param Dhaam." When they all left, Janak asked Dharm Raaj - "You said - "Only sinners come here, Punya souls do not come here, then why did I come here? You are very pious, tell me the reason of my sin from the beginning."

Dharm Raaj said - "Raajan, You have earned a lot of Punya. Nobody else on earth is as pious as you. Still you committed a sin because of which you had to come here. Once a cow was grazing somewhere. You created an obstacle in her grazing, this is the fruit of the same sin. Now you are freed from that sin and your Punya has increased a lot than before. Only the kind people like you feel concerned about others' pain." And the King went to Param Dhaam. That is why you also worship cow. She will surely give you a son."

Sumati said - "King Ritambhar asked Jaabaali - "How a cow should be worshipped and what type of man becomes by worshipping her?" Jaabaali said - "One should daily take a cow to forest to graze her. Whenever he himself is drinking water, he should give water to her also. He should keep her in higher place than his own. If any mosquitoes or flies are troubling her, one should take care of them. One himself should bring grass for her eating. Thus you should serve the cow." Ritambhar started serving cow. Pleased with his services, Surabhi asked the King to ask for any Var. King asked - "Devee, Give me a son who is a devotee of Shree Raam." When the time came, the King had a son and he named him Satyavaan. After Ritambhar had died, Satyavaan pleased Raam with his devotion. Now he forces his people to do Ekaadashee Vrat from the age 8 years up to 80 years of age. He serves Tulasee very faithfully. As he will recognize Raam's horse, he will surely come here and offer you his kingdom."

Shesh Jee said - "As the horse entered the city, the King's servant informed the King that Raam's horse had come in the city. He said to himself, "Oh, Raam's horse has come in my city? Then Hanumaan Jee should also be there with him, so let me also go there." He ordered his minister to bring his all wealth and follow him. He came to Shatrughn, fell on his feet and offered everything to him. Thus Satyavaan also followed the horse."



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