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4-Paataal Khand

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5-Neel Parvat

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5-Neel Parvat
2-Padm Puraan, 4-Paataal Khand, p 455-465

This Khand covers the pages 411-609 (220 pages) of the book. It gives the account of Raam's Ashwamedh Yagya, and Krishn's life.

Ratngreev on Neel Parvat

Sumati said - "Hearing the glory of Gandakee River, Ratngreev did Tarpan of his Pitar there, took 24 Shaalgraam stones and worshipped them. Then they headed towards where Gangaa meets sea. There he asked Braahman - "How far is Neelaachal from here?" Braahman said - "Mahaaraaj, It is here only but surprisingly I also cannot see it. Why I cannot see it, I don't understand it. I took bath here only, I climbed the Parvat from this path only, and I saw those Bheel here only." Hearing this the King got very disappointed. He said to Braahman - "Now how I will have Darshan of Purushottam Bhagavaan? Tell me some way to have His Darshan." Braahman said thinking over the matter - "Let us stay here for some time after taking bath in Gangaa Saagar, until we see Neelaachal. He will surly be pleased with us."

Hearing this the sad King took bath in Gangaa Saagar Teerth and took vow to keep fasting and prayed Him to give him His Darshan. Thus Ratngreev continuously sang His glory. He neither took any rest nor food nor he slept. Thus five days passed. Then Gopaal thought to give him His Darshan so He came to him in the disguise of a Braahman. The Braahman who came with the King, recognized Bhagavaan. The King welcomed that Braahman with "Aum Namo Naaraanaaya" and worshipped Him. Braahman said - "I know everything of past, present and future, therefore listen to me carefully. Bhagavaan will give you Darshan tomorrow afternoon. You will attain Parampad along with your five people. You will be able to go on Neel Parvat with your Minister, your wife, this Tapaswee Braahman, and Karamb named cloth weaver." And the Braahman disappeared. King got very happy to hear this, he asked Braahman - "Who was this Braahman who came here and talked to me?"

Tapaswee Braahman said - "He was Bhagavaan Himself. Now you will be able to see Neel Parvat tomorrow afternoon." Even Brahmaa cannot describe the happiness Kaanchee King got at that time. In the night he dreamed that he had become 4-armed and he was dancing with Rudra etc Devtaa. The next morning he told his dream to that Tapaswee Braahman. Braahman got very surprised to hear this, then said - "Bhagavaan wants to give you His own guise." Ratngreev donated many things according to wish of the poor and beggars, took bath in Gangaa Saagar and did Tarpan. In the afternoon Devtaa beat drums very loudly, flowers rained on the King and the King heard Devtaa saying - "See Neelaachal Parvat in front of you." and the Parvat appeared before his eyes. It was so shiny that it looked like second Sun. Everybody got blessed to see that Parvat.

Above said five people climbed that Parvat in Vijaya named Muhoort. On the peak they saw the golden temple where Brahmaa Jee came daily to worship Purushottam. In the temple there was a golden throne on which Bhagavaan was sitting and His Paarshad - Chand, Prachand, Vijaya etc, were standing there. King along with others did Pranaam to Bhagavaan, gave a bath according to Ved method, offered Naivedya etc and prayed. Pleased with the prayer, Bhagavaan said - "I am beyond Prakriti. You take my Prasaad and you will soon be in 4-armed guise. Who will pray me with your Stotra (prayer) I will appear before him also." The King along with others took the Prasaad. At the same time a Vimaan appeared there, the King and others did Pranaam again to Bhagavaan, sat in the Vimaan and went to Vaikunth Lok. Whoever went with the King from the city, all saw Vimaan going. At that time there was a Braahman also who had great devotion towards Bhagavaan. He was so much affected by the separation of Bhagavaan that he became 4-armed. All people got very surprised to see this. All people took bath in Gangaa Saagar and came back to their city Kaanchee Nagaree."

Sumati said - "Raajan, This is the same Neelgiri Parvat. You also go there and have Darshan of Bhagavaan." Shesh Jee says - "As Sumati was describing this, that the Yagya horse climbed up the mountain. Shatrughn also went there and had Darshan of Bhagavaann."

The Horse is Caught

Shesh Jee said - "The horse proceeded again. Several million (Crore) people were guarding him. Now he came to Chakraankaa Nagaree. Its King's son Daman was wandering for hunting. He saw the horse adorned with golden letter and sandalwood paste. Daman opened the letter, read it and thought, "Who is this proud man who is greater than my father? Today I will teach him a good lesson." So he sent the horse to his city and he himself came to fight. In the meantime Raam's army arrived there looking for the horse, and when they didn't see the horse, King Prataapaagraya saw Daman's army facing for fight. His people said to him, "Maybe this man has taken our horse.", so Prataapaagraya sent his servant who asked Daman - "Where is Shree Raam's horse? Who has taken him? Doesn't he know Shree Raam?"

Prince Daman said - "I have taken him, and whoever wants to fight with me, he can fight with me and take his horse." Both armies started fighting. Daman shot an arrow which felled Prataapaagraya, and then he waited for Shatrughn. Prataapaagraya's Saarathee took him off the battleground. People reported this to Shatrughn. When Shatrughn came to know about this he became very angry and asked - "Who has taken our horse and who has defeated Prataapaagraya?" His servants said - "King Subaahu's son Daman has taken out horse." 

Shatrughn asked his people, "Who can face Daman?" Pushkal came forward to fight with Daman and Shatrughn sent him to fight with him. Both introduced themselves and started fighting. Pushkal was getting heavier for Daman. Daman's army was decreasing in number. Both were using Divine weapons - Aagneya Astra, Varun Astra etc. But once Pushkal shot an arrow which hit Daman's chest and he fell down. His Saarathee took him off the battle ground, and his people ran away from there. Seeing this Pushkal didn't hit anybody. Seeing Pushkal as a winner, Shatrughn got very happy."

Subaahu Comes to Fight

Shesh Jee said - "When Subaahu heard that his army was killed, he asked his people as what was the matter. His people told him that Daman had caught Raam's horse and His nephew had defeated him. Hearing this Subaahu came to Shatrughn. Seeing Subaahu coming to them Shatrughn's army got ready to fight. With him came his brother Suketu and his sons Chitraang and Vichitra also. Subaahu fanned unconscious Daman for a while and then he came to his senses. As he woke up he asked - "Where is my bow? And where Pushkal has gone?" Subaahu made him sit on the chariot and asked his army chief to organize his army in Kraunch system."

Shesh Jee said - "Seeing Subaahu's ocean like army, Shatrughn asked Sumati - "In which kingdom we nave arrived? Its army seems great in number." Sumati said - "We have come in Chakraankaa Nagaree. Here live such people who have become sinless by worshipping Vishnu. King Subaahu is the King of the same city. He loves his own wife only and never looks at any other woman. He listens only Vishnu related stories, never any other one. He never takes more than 1/6th part of his people's income. He always worships Braahman. There is nobody like him in might. At this time he has come here hearing his son's fall."

Shatrughn said to his army - "Subaahu has organized his army in Kraunch Vyooh (manner), who among you can break this Vyooh?" Lakshmeenidhi vowed to break the Vyooh and went to fight. Suketu, Subaahu's brother, was standing in front, Lakshmeenidhi introduced himself as the son of king Janak and asked him to return the Yagya horse to them. But Suketu started showering arrows on Bharat's army. Lakshmeenidhi also shot several arrows at Suketu, killed his horses, cut his flag, killed his Saarathee and broke Suketu's bow. Now Suketu climbed down from his chariot and came to Lakshmeenidhi carrying his Gadaa. Both fought with Gadaa. Once Suketu caught Lakshmeenidhi's Gadaa and he hit Lakshmeenidhi's chest with the same Gadaa. Seeing his Gadaa in enemy's hands, Lakshmeenidhi thought to fight with hands and both started fighting with hands only. Fighting like thus they both got fainted."



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