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4-Paataal Khand

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18-Naam and Dhyaan

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18-Naam and Dhyaan
2-Padm Puraan, 4-Paataal Khand, p 565-575

This Khand covers the pages 411-609 (220 pages) of the book. It gives the account of Raam's Ashwamedh Yagya, and Krishn's life.

Naam and Dhyaan

Paarvatee Jee asked Mahaadev - "Mahaaraaj, In Kali Yug everybody will be worried about their children, wealth and health etc, what is the way to comfort them?" Mahaadev Jee said - "Devee, Only Hari's name helps in Kali Yug. Who pronounce "Hare Raam, Hare Krishn" everyday, Kali Yug does not trouble them, therefore even during doing any Karm, one should be pronouncing Hari's names. Who always takes the name "Krishn, Krishn" or yours or my name (Gauree, Shankar etc), they also destroy sins. All these names should be pronounced with "Jaya" and "Shree", such as "Jaya Shree Gauree Shankar", or "Jaya Shree Krishn" etc. Hari's name can be taken anytime of the day or night. In Kali Yug Yagya, Vrat, Tap and Daan (donation) - nothing is complete according to their method, that is why only Hari's name and Gangaa bath are good at that time. One may have an idol of Bhagavaan's feet of gold, silver, flour dough or even flowers, then one should worship it.

Now I tell you those actions which please Vishnu, of every month. -

Jyeshth Maas
--One should worship Vishnu on Poornimaa. While giving Him bath, pour the water from a Kalash slowly and pronounce Purush Sookt or Paavamaanee Richaa continuously. According to one's prosperity, one should use the following types of waters - water with gems, water with sandalwood paste, water with flowers, water with Taal fruit, water with coconut. And ring the Ghantaa (bell).
Aashaadh Maas
--A Rath Yaatraa should be observed on Shukla Dwiteeyaa, and make Him sleep on Shukla Ekaadashee.
Shraavan Maas
--Observe Shraavanee [Shraavan Poornimaa].
Bhaadrapad Maas
--Observe fast on Krishn Janm Ashtamee.
Aashwin Maas
--Celebrate the "change of side" of sleeping Bhagavaan. In Shukla Paksh worship Devee Mahaamaayaa by making her gold or silver idol. One should not be violent and jealous with anybody.
Kaarttik Maas
--It is a Punya Maas. One should do as much Punya as he can do in this month. Do Deep Daan at a high place for Daamodar. The lamp should be 4-finger wide and it should have 7 wicks.
--In the end of the Paksh, on Amaavasya, one should celebrate Deepaavalee.
Maargsheersh Maas
--On Shukla Shashthee, one should worship Jagadeesh by white clothes, and worship Brahmaa Jee especially.
Paush Maas
--One should not do Abhishek of Bhagavaan by flower mixed water and should not use sandalwood paste.
Maagh Maas
--On Makar Sankraanti day one should offer Tandul rice for Bhog, and pronounce "Aum Vishnavey Namah". Feed Braahman and worship him or them with Bhagavaan Bhakti. Feeding one Braahman on this day is equal to feeding millions of Braahman. If there is any shortage of anything in the worship, feeding a Braahman completes it. 
--On Shukla Panchamee, Vasant Panchamee, give a bath to Keshav and worship Him with mango leaves and sweet smelling powders. After this take Him to a garden and celebrate Dolo Utsav by lighting lamps. It has a great importance in Kali Yug.
Phaalgun Maas
--On Chaturdashee, in 8th Prahar; or at the time of Sandhyaa of Poornimaa and Pratipadaa, one should worship Bhagavaan with white, red, off-white, and yellow powder. One may mix camphor (Karpoor) in those powders. One should complete this celebration starting from Ekaadashee till Panchamee. 
--Or celebrate Dolo Utsav for 5 or 3 days. If one sees Krishn swinging south faced even once, he becomes freed for all sins.
Vaishaakh Maas
--Who worships Shaalgraam immersed in a gold, silver, copper or clay pitcher full of water, his Punya cannot be measured. A Daman (Daunaa or a bowl of leaves) of flower should be offered to Vishnu. 
--On Triteeyaa one should do this in water, or Mandal, or Mandap or a big forest. In this month one should nourish Bhagavaan's body parts daily with sandalwood paste etc. One may make the paste of Tulasee wood by rubbing it with water, mix some camphor or Agar or Kesar etc sweet smelling material, it becomes Hari Chandan. One should bathe Him with sweet smelling water. In this month one should keep Bhagavaan in flowers. One may go to Vrindaa Van, gather various fruits, offer them to Bhagavaan and feed them to a Bhakt. Offer to Bhagavaan everything which is dear to oneself and then donate it to somebody. Anything offered to Vishnu should be given to His Bhakt only."

Shiv Jee further said - "These are the few things I told you about Vaishnav Dharm."

Mantra Chintaamani

Soot Jee said - "Maharshi, Once Shiv was sitting on the banks of Yamunaa River. Naarad Jee came there and said to him after greetings - "Dev, If I am worth for hearing, please tell me that Mantra which by pronouncing merely once gives very good results." Shiv Jee said - "You have asked a very good question. I give you Mantra Chintaamani. There are two Mantra of Krishn, which are very good. These Mantras are called Yugal Dwaya, or Panchpadee also.

(1) The first Mantra, Mantra Chintaamani, is of five words (Pad) and 16 letters -
"Gopeejan Vallabh Charanaan Sharanam Prapadye"
(2) The second Mantra is of two words and 10 letters - 
"Namo Gopeejan Vallabhaabhyaam"

Whoever does Jap of this Panchpadee, he certainly gets the company of Krishn's Bhakt. To Siddh (complete) this Mantra, one needs neither any Purashcharan, nor any Nyaas is required, nor there is any rule of time and place. From Braahman to Chaandaal all can do Jap of this Mantra. Women, Shoodra, Jad (the utter fools), dumb, blind, lame, Kiraat, all Mlechchh, grave sinners, ignorant, all lowest people can pronounce this Mantra. It needs only Bhakti in Krishn's feet. It should not be taught to an atheist and who doesn't have Bhakti in Krishn. It should not be taught to that man also who doesn't want to listen and doesn't serve Guru. Merely one time pronunciation of this Mantra gives lots of fruits. 

Among the Three Lok, Prithvi is regarded as the best; on Prithvi, Jamboo Dweep is the best; in Jamboo Dweep Bhaarat Varsh is the best; and in Bhaarat Varsh, Mathuraa Puree is the best. In Mathuraa Puree, Vrindaa Van is the best; in Vrindaa Van Gopee's community is the best; in Gopee's community, Shree Raadhaa's friends' group is the best; and in that group also Shree Raadhaa is the best.

Rudra Gets the Yugal Mantra

I tell you one story which I heard from Krishn Himself, in this regard. In earlier times I lived on Kailaash Parvat in a forest, and did Jap of Naaraayan's Mantra. One day, pleased with me, Bhagavaan appeared before me and asked me to ask for any Var. I opened my eyes and saw that Bhagavaan is sitting on Garud along with His beloved Lakshmee Jee. I said - "I wish to see your Brahm Roop which is Nir-Gun, inactive, and peaceful." Bhagavaan said to me - "You go to my Leelaa Dhaam Vrindaa Van on the western banks of Yamunaa, you will see my that Roop."

When I came there, I saw Shree Krishn who was standing keeping His left hand on His beloved Raadhaa's shoulder. They were surrounded by Gopee. I got lost in that scene. He said to me - "Knowing your intentions, I appeared before you. Upanishad have described my this Roop only as without shape, Nir-Gun, extensive, inactive. I am omnipresent with my conscious part, and that is why learned people call me Brahm. Because I am not the doer of all this that is why Shaastra call me inactive (non-doer). Only my parts create, sustain or destroy everything, I Myself don't do anything. I know only these Gopee, I don't know anything else. She is my beloved Raadhikaa, consider Her Paraa Devtaa. Her these millions of friends are also immortal like me. My friends, father, Gop, cows, and Vrindaa Van - they all are immortal. The name of this Vrindaa Van is "Aanand-kand". I never go anywhere leaving my beloved. I have told you everything whatever you wanted to know, now tell me what else you want to know?"

Hey Naarad, I asked Bhagavaan - "How can I attain your this Roop?" He said - "This is a great secret. One should keep it secret as far as possible. Who comes in our shelter or in my beloved's shelter and utters, "I am yours", he attains me without any means. Therefore one should try to come to my beloved, then he can attain me also. Now you also come to my beloved Raadhaa and live here doing Jap of my Yugal Mantra." After saying this He preached me that Yugal Mantra, and disappeared. Since then I live here only."

Soot Jee said - "Hey Shaunak Jee, In earlier times Shankar heard this from Krishn; he told it to Naarad Jee; and Naarad Jee told this to me. [The same I have told you today.] You also keep it secret, do not disclose to everybody. You also do the same and I am also going to the banks of Yamunaa."



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