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10-Sukarmaa's Devotion to Father - Parents as Teerth-1
2-Padm Puraan, 2-Bhoomi Khand, p 281-286

This Khand covers the pages 217-331 (115 pages) of the book. It covers the stories of Shiv Sharmaa, Prithu, Vane, Sukalaa, Yayaati and Kunjal bird.

Sukarmaa's Devotion to Father           Story Cont...      Teerth Cont...

Vane said - "Bhagavan, You told me about wife Teerth, now you describe Pitra Teerth." Vishnu said - "There lived a Braahman named Kundal in Kuru Kshetra region. He had an able son whose name was Sukarmaa. His parents were old and Dharm knower. Sukarmaa served them very well. He used to do all their work with his own hands. At the same time there was a Braahman in Kashyap Vansh, named Pippal. He had full control over his Indriyaan. Once he went to do Tapasyaa in Dash Aranya. Because of his Tapasyaa people started living there like brothers. Indra and Muni were very surprised to see his Tapasyaa. He looked like a stone. His body became lean and thin because of Tap. Thus 1,000 years passed. Ants built their house there, black snakes coiled his body, poisonous snakes used to bite him but their poison did not enter his body. Pippal lived on air itself for 3,000 years.

Then Devtaa rained flowers on him and said - "Whatever thing you desire, you will surely get. You will get the Siddhi which gives all things automatically." Hearing this Pippal bowed his head to Devtaa and said - "This whole world should be under my control. I want to be Vidyaadhar." Devtaa bestowed him with this Vardaan and went to their Lok. Since then Pippal became Vidyaadhar. One day Pippal thought, "If Devtaa have given me this Var that this whole world should be under your control", I should test this. So whoever men and women he thought of, he got all those men and women under his control. When he tested the Var, and it worked, he became proud of it that there was nobody greater than him. 

Seeing his pride, one day one crane said to him - "Why are so you proud of that "I am the greatest". I don't think you are the only person who has got this Siddhi. I think you are a fool. You don't know the Tattwa properly. You are proud only because you have done Tap for 3,000 years, and you have got the Var? You are still a fool. There is a Sukarmaa named Braahman, son of Kundal. He is learned, his wisdom is good. He knows Tattwa very well. Listen, there is nobody Gyaanee like Sukarmaa. He has never given any Daan, never did any Yagya or Hom or Dhyaan, nor he went to do any Teerth, nor he worshipped any Guru. He has worshipped only his parents and has studied Ved. Although Sukarmaa is still a child, but whatever Gyaan he has obtained, you have not obtained that yet. You are proud just like that."

Pippal asked - "Who are you who is abusing me in the disguise of bird? Tell me the outline of Arvaacheen and Paraacheen." The crane said - "Go to Sukarmaa, he will tell you all, even my introduction." Hearing crane, Pippal went to Kundal's Aashram. He found Sukarmaa busy in serving his parents. When Sukarmaa saw Pippal standing at the door, he got up from his Aasan and welcomed him. He offered him Aasan to sit upon and asked - "Are you all right? Didn't you feel any difficulty in the way? Whatever you want to know, I tell you. You have done Tapasyaa for 3,000 years and have got the Var to have control on everybody and desired speed [to go anywhere], that is why you have become proud of. Then the crane noticed you and told my name and about my Gyaan."

Pippal asked - "Who was that crane who met me on the banks of the river, who sent me to you saying that "he can tell you everything". Who was he?" Sukarmaa said - "He was Brahmaa Jee himself." Pippal said - "Brahman, I have heard that the whole world is under your control. I have curiosity to see this. Please show it to me." To convince Pippal, Sukarmaa remembered Devtaa and all Devtaa came there and asked him - "Brahman, Why did you remember us?" Sukarmaa said - "Today Vidyaadhar Pippal is my guest. He wants to have proof that how this world is under my control. I called only to convince him. You may go now." Devtaa said - "Our Darshan doesn't go waste, therefore ask for any Var whatever you wish for." Sukarmaa said - "I should always be devoted to my parents and my parent should go to Vishnu Dhaam." Devtaa said - "You are already devoted to your parents, it should increase more." All Devtaa went to their Lok.

Pippal asked him - "What is the Arvaacheen and Paraacheen form of Paramaatmaa? What is their effect? Tell me this." Sukarmaa said - "I tell you first the identification of Paraacheen form. By that form only Indra etc Devtaa are deluded. Paramaatma is omnipresent, even Yogees have not seen Him. Shruti also say that they cannot describe Him. Neither He has any hands, nor feet, nor nose, nor any mouth; still He sees all the Karm of whole the world, still He hears all, He walks, He works. Vyaas and Maarkandeya know His form.

Now I tell you about His Arvaacheen form. When the creator of all Bhoot Brahmaa Jee establishes himself in Bhagavaan form after destroying everything himself; and Bhagavaan, after absorbing him, sleeps in water on Shesh Naag bed  for a long time, this Arvaacheen is about that time. Maarkandeya Muni was wandering around troubled by darkness and water. He saw that Eeshwar was sleeping on Shesh Naag bed. He had Shankh, Chakra, Gadaa, Padm in His four hands. He saw a huge woman whose complexion was jet black. She said to Maarkandeya Muni - "Don't be afraid." Muni asked - "Who are you?" She said - "Brahman, He who is sleeping here, is Vishnu and I am His Vaishnavee Power Kaal Raatri." Hey Pippal Jee, After saying this she disappeared. After she had disappeared, Muni saw a lotus flower appearing from Bhagavaan's navel. Brahmaa Jee appeared from that lotus flower and then he created all beings, Devtaa, Indra etc. This is Arvaacheen form of Bhagavaan. Thus Arvaacheen form is in body form and Paraacheen form is without body."

Vidyaadhar asked - "You know Arvaacheen and Paraacheen very well. You have the knowledge of Tri-Lok, still I don't see that you have done any Tapasyaa, how did you know all this?" Sukarmaa said - "I have not done anything - Yagya, Dharm, Teerth etc. I know only worship of parents. I wash the feet of my parents myself. I Serve their body, give them bath, feed them myself. Till my parents are alive I have this advantage that I worship them three times a day. Then what is the use of Teerth and other Punya? Whatever fruits learned people get by doing Yagya etc, I have obtained that by serving my parents only. Who has served his parents he knows all.

When the water, during giving bath to parents, falls on my body, I consider it Teerth Snaan. If parents are not able to do anything, whoever son serves them well, Vishnu is pleased with him certainly. When old parents are in the house, and if a son eats food without feeding them first, he becomes a worm. Who doesn't do Pranaam to his parents, he falls in Kumbheepaak Narak for 1,000 Yug. That is why I always worship my parents. Who has not worshipped his parents, his study of Ved is useless. Parents are the only Dharm, Teerth, Moksh, Yagya, Daan for a son."

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