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31-Rudraaksh, Aamalaa, Tulasee

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31-Rudraaksh, Aamalaa, Tulasee
2-Padm Puraan, 1-Srishti Khand, p 196-203

Rudraaksh, Aamalaa, and Tulasee

Braahman asked Vyaas Jee - "We wish to know who is that man who is the highest, easily approachable, worth worship for human beings, and respectable for Rishi and Muni." Vyaas Jee said - "Who wears Rudraaksh necklace is the highest. All sins are destroyed even with his Darshan. Who wears Rudraaksh gets Moksh. Who wears it on his head, or on chest, or even on arm, he is like Bhagavaan Shankar. Now listen to its characteristics - on which there is no mark of Yoni, or which is eaten by insects, or whose Ling mark has disappeared, or where two seeds are together, such Rudraaksh should not be taken. Whichever necklace is made by one's own hands, is loosely made, or whose Rudraaksh seeds are too tightly woven, or is made by lower caste people, should not be taken. Which has large size Rudraakash at one side and smaller at the other side, is shining like stars, and is with Sumeru, the same necklace is considered the best. Learned should do the Jaap on such rosary.

One should take a rosary with above mentioned characteristics, and move the bead, which are close to middle finger, from thumb at the time of Jaap. When one reaches at Meru (Sumeru, or the extra bead), he should turn the rosary. It is not appropriate to cross Sumeru. All Mantra - Vaidik, Pauraanik or Aagmokt, give desired fruits if one does Jaap on Rudraaksh rosary. Every bead of Rudraaksh of a rosary is like one Devtaa, that is why who wears a Rudraaksh necklace he is higher than Devtaa."

Braahman again asked - "How did this Rudraaksh come into existence and how it became so holy?" Vyaas Jee said - "In an earlier Sat Yug there was a Daanav named Tripur. He used to kill Devtaa and hid in his city which was located in sky. He had Brahmaa's Vardaan so he was very powerful. He was trying to kill all Devtaa. Once Shankar Jee heard this so he set an arrow on his Aajagava bow and killed him. That Daanav fell upon Prithvi. Rudra had to work hard to kill him so drops of sweat started falling from his body. Immediately a Rudraaksh tree appeared from those drops fallen on the ground. Normal beings do not know its fruit, because of being a secret fruit.

One day Kaarttikeya asked his father about its true importance - that what are the results of its touch, Darshan and wearing, and doing Jap on its rosary etc. Shiv said - "The wearer of Rudraaksh frees from all kinds of sins. If a violent animal dies wearing it, he becomes like Rudra. Wearing any kind of Rudraaksh makes a person like me. That is why you must wear Rudraaksh. Who dies wearing Rudraaksh on head, he is all - Shaiv, Vaishnav, Shaakt, Ganesh worshipper, Soorya worshipper etc."


Kaarttikeya asked - "I am asking you about other fruits also, that which other fruits are good for human beings?" Shiv said - "Aamalaa fruit is most famous and the holiest fruit in Tri-Lok. Its application releases human being from the bondage of birth and death. It pleases Vishnu. By eating this all sins are destroyed and one's age increases. By drinking its water human being collects Dharm. In whichever house Aamalaa is always there, Daitya and Raakshas never come there. If you get one Aamalaa on Ekaadashee (11th day of the fortnight) then no other Teerth is more important than this. Who takes bath with Aamalaa water on both Ekaadashee his all sins are destroyed. Who washes his hair with Aamalaa juice, he never comes back in this world. Where Aamalaa is there, Vishnu always lives there, so one should always keep Aamalaa in one's house. Who offers Aamalaa preserve to Vishnu Bhagavaan, Vishnu is very pleased with him. One should not use Aamalaa on any Sunday and Saptamee (7th day of the fortnight) days. One should never take Aamalaa on Sankraanti, Friday, Padvaa (Pratipadaa or 1st day), Shashthee (6th day), Navamee (9th day) and Amaavasyaa (new Moon). If there is Aamalaa fruit in a dead man's mouth, nose, ear or hair, he goes to Vishnu Lok.

Hey Skand, In earlier times, a Chaandaal (one of the lowest classes of India) went for hunting. He got tired after hunting, at the same time he saw an Aamalaa tree, he climbed on that tree and started eating Aamalaa fruits. By chance he fell down from the tree and died. All Pret, Raakshas, Bhoot, Yam Raaj's servants came to take him but they could not take him. So they came to Muni and asked - "This Chaandaal was very sinful then why couldn't we even look at him?" Muni said - "He had eaten Aamalaa fruits. He died only because its branch was broken. Besides he did not touch Aamalaa in a prohibited time (mentioned above) that is why he will go to Divine Lok."

Pret Gan (who came to take him to Narak) said to them - "Till the Vimaan (airplane) does not arrive here from Vishnu Lok, please tell us which Karm takes a man to Pret Yoni and what makes their bodies ugly?" Muni said - "Who appear as a false witness in court, seek faults in Braahman, hinder in donations to good Braahman, do not observe their vows, eat food on lotus leaves, sell their sisters and Satee woman, they all become Pret." Pret Gan asked - "Then what are the Karm by which one doesn't become Pret?" Muni said - "Who have taken bath in Teerth; have greeted Shiv; have observed fast on Ekaadashee or Dwaadashee; are always busy in worshipping Devtaa by Ved's Mantra or Sookt or Stotra; read, tell or hear Puraan; do Jaap on Rudraaksh rosary; take bath with Aamalaa juice' and worship Vishnu with Aamalaa fruit; they never become Pret." Pret Gan again said - "Tell us how can we be free from this Yoni?" Muni said - "You eat Aamalaa." Hearing this they climbed on Aamalaa tree and ate its fruits. Immediately a Vimaan (airplane) came down and carried those Pishaach to Swarg Lok.

Kaarttikeya asked - "Father, Then why all human beings who have eaten Aamalaa do not go to Swarg?" Shiv said - "They also get to Swarg, but they don't have knowledge, so they do not know about their welfare, that is why they do not have Shraddhaa (devotion) in it." Kaartikeya again asked - "I have known about the holiness of these two fruits, now I wish to hear about whose leaf and flower give Moksh to people?"


Shiv said - "Son, Tulasee is at the highest among all kinds of leaves and flowers. It fulfills all desires, and is dear to Vishnu. As Vishnu loves we both - Lakshmee and myself, in the same way Tulasee is also dear to Him. I do not know any other one dear to Him like this. All is available to one who worships Vishnu with Tulasee leaves. When Jap or Stotra is done near Tulasee plant, its fruit is many times more than usual. Pret, Pishaach, Raakshas, Bhoot, Daitya all run away from Tulasee's plant. In Kali Yug, Tulasee's worship, Keertan, meditation, planting, and wearing Tulasee necklace etc all give Moksh.

Whatever thing is dear to Vishnu is deer to me too. Tulasee's even one leaf is enough in Shraaddh and Yagya etc. Who has served Tulasee he has served everybody - Guru, Braahman, Devtaa, Teerth, therefore you also serve Tulasee, O Skand. Who hears this chapter, he frees from all kinds of sins committed in previous lives.

Braahman said - "Now we wish to hear Tulasee Stotra." Vyaas Jee said - "Whatever I have said in Skand Puraan, the same I say here also to you. Disciples of Shataanand Jee were very ascetic, they asked him about Tulasee Stotra which he heard from Brahmaa Jee. Shataanand told them the Stotra and said - "Who reads it in the night of Dwaadashee, Vishnu pardons his 32 faults. All sins committed in childhood, youth, or old age are destroyed by reading this Stotra. In which house this Stotra is kept in written form, no harm comes to that house. It is always full of prosperity and wealth. Whoever does Paath of Tulasee Stotra in the night of Dwaadashee (12th day of the fortnight) he gets the fruit of visiting millions of Teerth.



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