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19-Shambook Vadh

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19-Raam Kills Shambook and Give Life to a Boy
2-Padm Puraan, 1-Srishti Khand, p 114-116
see also   V-Raamaayan, 7/29/76

Shambook Vadh

Pulastya Jee said - "Hey Raajan, In earlier time when Bhagavaan Himself incarnated in Raghu Vansh, He was known as Raam. He went to Lankaa and killed Raavan. After that He came back to Ayodhyaa and started ruling. Then Agastya etc Rishi came to His court. Raam welcomed them and offered them Aasan to sit upon. They said - "It is very fortunate that we are seeing you hale and hearty after killing the enemy. Raavan kidnapped your wife Seetaa, so he was killed by Her grace only. We have come here to see you and to talk to you. Since we have done that, so now we will go back to our Aashram. Please do come to our Aashram also in future." And all of them disappeared immediately. Later after a while Raam thought "when Muni has invited me to his Aashram then I must go there and serve Devtaa's any purpose if there is any." Then He got busy in His kingdom's affair. 

One day an old Braahman came to royal gate carrying the dead body of his son and said to the gatekeeper - "Son, What sin have I committed in my previous life, so that I am seeing my son dead. Certainly this is the fault of Raam because of which my son has died so early. I will also die now along with my wife, then three sins will attach to you - Baal Hatyaa, Brahm Hatyaa, and Stree Hatyaa." Raam had heard him, so He asked His Guru Vashishth as what should He do so that his dead child comes back to life.

At the same time Naarad Jee arrived there and said - "I tell you how this boy has died untimely. In Sat Yug only Braahman were Tapaswee and long-lived. Then in Tretaa Yug both Braahman and Kshatriya become Tapaswee, and in Dwaapar Yug Vaishya were also added to them. This is the characteristic of Dharm in these three Yug. No Shoodra can do Tapasyaa in these three Yug. In Kali Yug only Shoodra will be able to do Tapasyaa. At this time, a Shoodra is doing Tapasyaa in your kingdom, that is why this boy has died untimely. Whoever commits any A-Dharm or sin in the country its one-fourth part goes to its king. Therefore you go and roam about your kingdom and check for any A-Dharm or sin. As soon as you will stop that, this boy will be alive."

Raam got very happy to hear this. He said to Lakshman - "Go and console this Braahman and keep his son's body in an oil-filled tub." Then He remembered Pushpak Vimaan and it came there within no time. He appointed Bharat and Lakshman as the in charge of the kingdom and He himself sat in the Vimaan carrying bow and arrow, and lance and sword. Vimaan flew towards south. Reaching near Dandak Van He saw a large pond towards the south of a mountain and on the bank of that pond, one Tapaswee was doing Tap bending his head down.

Raam asked him - "Muni, I am Raam, Dasharath's son, and I ask you for just curiosity sake that why are you doing this Tap? Are you a Braahman or a Kshatriya? or Vaishya or Shoodra? Tap's purpose is to attain Swarg. Tap is of three types - Saatwik, Raajas and Taamas.  Brahmaa Jee has created Tap to do good for the world, therefore Tap is "Saatwik" when it is done for the good of others; Tap is "Raajas" when it is done to get Kshatriya-like grace; Tap is called "Taamas" which is done to afflict one's own body without any purpose or to destroy others . I feel that your intention is "Taamas" and you are not a Braahman."

That Shoodra said in the same position bending his head - "Hey Raajan, You are welcome. After a long wait I have seen you. I am like your son and you are like my father, because king is like father for all. You are respectable for us. When we do Tap in your kingdom, its some part goes to you also. You are blessed that in your kingdom people desire for such Siddhi. I am born in Shoodra Yoni. I do not tell lie because I desire to get to Dev Lok that is why I am doing this Tapasyaa. My name is Shambook."

He was talking like this that Raam took out His sword and cut his neck immediately. As soon as that Shoodra was killed that Braahman boy got alive."

Notes - The similar story is of King Maandhaataa, an ancestor of Raam. The difference is that Maandhaataa asked for alternative, and did not just kill that Shoodra as Raam did. Who was justified - Raam or Maandhaataa?" 
see    Padm Puraan, 5/7 ;    V-Raamaayan, 7/29/76



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