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Page 29:  Sarg 73-76

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Sarg 73-A Braahman Comes With the Dead Body of His Son

Raam was doing well with Bharat and Lakshman. One day an old Braahman came there crying with the dead body of his son in his arms and said - "Kaal has taken my son untimely - only at the age of five years. I never tell lies, nor I trouble anybody, then why my son has died in his childhood? Hey Raajan, Is this the happiness in your kingdom? My son has died because of Raam's sin, there is no doubt about it. Now either make him alive, or I will leave my body here at your gate with my wife. And then you will be responsible for Brahm Hatyaa (killing of a Braahman). When any Raajaa does some kind of sin, then only the public dies untimely. It is only because of Raaja's sin that this boy has died. Because Raam became Raajaa of Ikshwaaku Vansh, that is why this kingdom is without its master." That Braahaman was defaming and blaming Raam for his son's death and crying continuously.

Sarg 74-Justice 

Raam got very sad hearing his cry, so He called Vashishth, Vaamdev, Kaatyaayan, Maarkandeya, Kashyap, Jaavaali, Gautam, Naarad etc eight Rishi and public in the royal court. Raam said to all sadly - "Why has this Braahman's boy died prematurely, kindly tell me?" 

Naarad Jee said - "Listen to the reason of his premature death. In Sat Yug, only Braahman used to do Tapasyaa, that is why nobody died prematurely at that time. When, in Tretaa Yug, Braahman got weaker in Tapasyaa, then Kshatriya started doing Tapasyaa and became more than Braahman. Then to establish the limits of four Varn, Manu etc Rishi wrote Smriti. With the lack of knowledge of Brahm Gyaan, people didn't agree with one another and thus in the fourth part of Tretaa Yug A-Dharm spread all around. 

In Sat Yug, living by agriculture was prohibited like fasces. People could get the fruits and flowers for food. In Tretaa Yug people spread A-Dharm living by agriculture. Because of A-Dharm people's age got short. Vaishya did  farming and served Braahman and Kshatriya. Shoodra used to serve the three Varn. Thus A-Dharm's one foot got hold here by farming and Vaishya and Shoodra spread this A-Dharm by farming. Gradually the importance of Braahman and Kshatriya decreased and A-Dharm's second foot also got hold.

In Dwaapar Yug, the Vaishya will also start doing Tapasyaa. A-Dharm and farming will get increased. At least Braahman, Kshatriya and Vaishya were practicing Tap, but in Kali Yug Shoodra will also do Tapasyaa. Hey Raam, One Shoodra is doing Tapasyaa in your kingdom, that is why this Braahman's boy has died prematurely. Whoever Raajaa takes care of his public, he has the right to take its one sixth part of Public Punya. Whoever does the wrong things, it is your duty to search that man and punish him. This will bring this boy bring back to life."

Sarg 75-Raam Finds a Shoodra in South 

Raam said to Lakshman - "You console the Braahman and make arrangements to keep his son's dead body in sweet smelling pond, so that it does not get spoiled. Then Raam remembered Pushpak Vimaan, it came immediately. Raam handed over the kingdom to Bharat and Lakshman, greeted Maharshi and boarded the Vimaan and went to west direction. He didn't find anybody in that direction. Then He went to north side, He didn't find anybody there too. Then He went to east side, there also He found everybody sinless. Then he went to south. There He found a Shoodra doing Tapasyaa towards North of Shail Parvat. Raam stopped there and asked him - "Why do you do Tapasyaa here hanging upside down? Of which Varn you are, you tell me the truth?"

Sarg 76-Raam Gives Life to the Boy

Tapaswee said - "Hey Raam, I am Shambook named Shoodra. I wish to go to Swarg Lok with this body, that is why I am doing this Tapasyaa."  Raam immediately cut His head with His sword. Devtaa got very pleased and said to Raam - "Hey Raajan, You have done a great job for Devtaa so ask for any Var." Raam said - "Hey Indra, I have taken vow to bring back life to Braahman's dead son. So if you are pleased with me, make Braahman's son alive." Devtaa said - "Hey Raajan, That boy is already alive and now is with his parents. He got alive as soon as you killed that Shoodra. Now we go to Agastya Muni. He has just completed his Deekshaa doing intense Tapasyaa for 12 years. You may also come with us."

All Devtaa and Raam went to see Agastya Muni. As they arrived there, Muni Jee sent Devtaa off after treating them appropriately, then he welcomed Raam and said - "Hey Raajan, I have come to know that you have brought back a Braahman's son to life by killing a Shoodra. Hey Bhagvaan, You are Naaraayan and are Devtaa of Devtaa as the Aadi Purush and you always live in my heart. Kindly stay back in my Aashram for overnight. Hey Raajan, I have got a divine jewelry, made by Vishwakarmaa,  in donation. I want to give it to you, because it is made for you." Raam said - "Taking donation from a Braahman is against Shaastra, because I am a Kshatriya, therefore I am not supposed to take any donation from you."

Maharshi said - "There was no king for public in Sat Yug. Braahman had all the rights. So once public went to Brahmaa Jee with the desire to have a king and said - "Hey Brahmaa, You have given a king to Devtaa - Indra, give a king to us also."

Then Brahmaa Jee took a small part of each of all Lokpaal and laughed loudly which produced Raajaa Kshup. He gave that Raajaa to public and said, "He is your king". Then Kshup gave the ruler of Prithvi from the part of Indra; administration to public from the part of Varun; wealth to public from the part of Kuber and punishment to public from the part of Yam. Hey Raam, You are king so you have the part of all Lokpaal that is why accept this jewelry from the part of Indra." Hearing this Raam accepted that shining jewelry like Soory's light and asked - "Kindly tell me who gave this jewelry to you?"





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