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Page 28:  Sarg 70-72

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Sarg 70-Shatrughn Habitats Madhu Puree 

Pleased with Shatrughn, Devtaa  said to him - "Hey Putra, We are very pleased to see your victory over Lavanaasur. Ask for any Var." Shatrughn said - "If you are pleased with me then give me this Var that this Madhu Puree (Mathuraa) should be our capital soon." Devtaa said, "So be it" and went away to their Lok. Shatrughn's army also came there. They all entered the city on Shraavan Poornimaa. Then many cities and villages were habited there and the place became very peaceful. Shatrughn was good at administration, so he very well managed it. Many Van and gardens were developed, colorful houses were built. Many businesses were started. Now Shatrughn had a desire to see Raam.

Sarg 71-Shatrughn Goes to Ayodhyaa 

Since the killing of Lavanaasur till the kigdom was established and developed in Madhu Puree, 12 years passed. Shatrughn started towards Ayodhyaa. On the way, he stopped at Vaalmeeki's Aashram. Vaalmeeki Jee said - "Raam had to do a lot to kill Raavan but you killed this Raakshas in a few minutes. When you were fighting with Lavanaasur, then I also came along with Devtaa to see that fight. Hey Shatrughn, I am also very happy with the killing of Lavanaasur."

Vaalmeeki Jee kissed Shatrughn's head and welcomed the people who came with him. When Shatrughn finished his food, Vaalmeeki Jee's Raamaayan was sung with Veenaa (an Indian string musical instrument). Shatrughn got very surprised to hear that Raam Kathaa in poetry. He started crying with happiness. The people who came with him asked him to ask Vaalmeeki Jee as who had written this poetry. But Bharat said, "This is not the time to ask that." Saying thus Shatrughn went to sleep.

Sarg 72-Shatrughn Goes Back to Madhu Puree 

Shatrughn couldn't sleep the whole night. All the time he was thinking about that poetry. In the morning, after taking the permission of Vaalmeeki Jee, Shatrughn headed toward Ayodhyaa fast. After coming in Ayodhyaa, Shatrughn greeted Raam and said - "Hey Mahaaraaj, I have killed Lavanaasur, established the capital at Madhu Puree, thus obeying you, I passed 12 years living separately from you. Now I cannot live without you, please permit me to live here only."

Raam hugged Shatrughn and said - "You are very dear to me, more than my life. According to Kshatriya Dharm, to take care of public is the prime duty of a king, that is why you shouldn't be sad to go to other country. Stay here for seven nights, then you go to Madhu Puree, because it is your duty to take care of the public there. You may come to Ayodhyaa time to time to see me." Shatrughn stayed there for seven nights and the eighth day he went back to Madhu Puree with his army. Bharat and Lakshman saw him off till he went quite far.





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