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Indra and Vishnu on One Chariot
(1) This is in reference to Heavens. In the reference of Vritraasur (read Indra and Brahm Hatyaa), in Rig Ved, 6.20.2, the Rishi gives credit of killing Vritraasur to both Vishnu and Indra - "Even as the power of Dyau's, to you, O Indra, all Asur sway was by the gods entrusted, when you Impetus, leagued with Vishnu slew Vritra, the dragon, who enclosed the waters." Even Rig Ved, 6.69.5, says "Indra and Vishnu are to be lauded for this work, you made this firmament larger and made the regions broader for our existence."

(2) In the reference of Earth also, Indra and Vishnu were riding the same chariot - Indra in the form of his son Arjun and Vishnu in the form of His incarnation of Krishn.

Nature of Indra
Indra is always cantankerous with anyone, with his schoolboy's syndrome and everyone is irritated by his rashness.

(1) Indra hit Hanumaan with his Vajra (thunderbolt) when Hanumaan went to eat Soorya taking him as fruit. This made Vaayu Dev upset and he stopped working in the world.

(2) Indra rained heavily continuously on Brij for 7 days and 7 nights just because Brij people did not worship him that year. He got angry and he rained heavily for 7 days continuously. So Krishn Himself got upset and He had to lift Govardhan Parvat on His left smallest finger for all these days and nights, that is how He has come to be known as "Giridhaaree" and "Govardhan Giridhaaree".

(3) He destroyed Ahalyaa's (Gautam Rishi's wife) Paativrat Dharm and forced Gautam to curse both of them. Ahalyaa became a stone and got freed from the curse by the touch of Raam's foot, and Indra was cursed to have 1,000 vagina marks on his whole body. Devtaa prayed Gautam Rishi and pleased Rishi changed them to 1,000 eyes.

(4) Indra tried to kill Aditi's child in her womb, but because of her Tap he did not die there but was divided into 7 parts. Indra got frightened seeing this so he cut each of them again into 7 parts. They still did not die, but said to him - "We are your brothers, why do you want to kill us?" Hearing this he dropped the idea to kill them. He asked the forgiveness from Aditi and after the birth those 49 children got known as Marut. (read the story of Marudgan in Bhaagvat Puraan, 6/7)

(5) He disturbed Shiv's Tap to get him agree to marry to Paarvatee Jee and Kaam Dev was burnt because of that.

(6) Indra killed Virochan, the son of Prahlaad, just because that he announced that only Vishnu should be worshipped in his kingdom. This made Indra angry and he decided to kill Virochan. Indra called Malayaketu and asked him to ask Soorya to break Virochan's journey to home - he was coming back after doing Tap for 10 years. Indra stole his crown (given by Soorya Dev to him). Later on he had a duel with Virochan and killed him.

Disturbing Rishi's Tap
He has troubled many saints by disturbing their Tap, because he is easily afraid of one's austerities as he thinks that everybody is performing austerities to take his kingdom of Heaven and thus he tries to break it, for example,

--He has disturbed Vishwaamitra's Tap by sending Menakaa Apsaraa (read Vishwaamitra Jee as Brahmarshi) - then they had a daughter named Shakuntalaa who was brought up by Rishi Kanv and was later married to Raajaa Dushyant (see Shakuntalaa).
--He again tried to disturb Vishwaamitra's Tap by sending Urvashee, to whom Vishwaamitra Jee did not talk.
--He disturbed Kandu Rishi's Tap by sending Pramlochaa Apsaraa to him. They had a daughter named Maarishaa who was married to Prachetaa Gan.



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