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It is the story of Indra and Vritraasur and how Indra was appointed as the King of Devtaa.
From "The Book of Shiva". by Deepak Chopra. Virgin Comics. 2007.

Long time ago, when there were only Sky and Earth, Sky longed to consort with Earth (Avani), but could never meet till Rudra, the storm element took pity on the lovers and raised a tempest so mighty that for the briefest of instances the seed of the Sky rode the flickering tongue of a lightening bolt and impregnated the Earth. And Thus Indra was born, the scion of the Sky and the spawn of the Earth, the Master of Thunder - Indra. But there was no love in Dyau's (Sky) heart, it was only a lust. As his desires were satiated he did not take care of both the Earth and Indra. Indra grew under the care of his mother.

Once Indra came across Airaavat, the four-tusked elephant, in the wilderness like himself, so they got together. Indra asked Airaavat - "What brings Lord Shiv here in the world of mortals?" Shiv said - "I have hidden you here in the bosom of the Earth, because you have a Destiny , not that you will be wandering like a nomad. You are the son of Dyau, you are destined to be in Heaven." Indra said - "Dyau is not my father, my mother Avani alone is my parent, nor do I have to do anything with your pantheon of Devtaa in Heaven."

Shiv said - "Dyau has not done good to you but don't be angry so much. I have also been treated badly among Devtaa so much so that I had to take shelter on a misty mountain, but you are born with a Destiny, and the same Destiny has brought me to you. Don't you see that your mother is wailing, a famine is ravaging the Earth. Go the Valley of the Ninety-nine Walls, there you will find who threatens to kill the Earth and her children. You will reach the castle of that serpent Raakshas Vritra. He has claimed the waters of the Earth and it is your task to save the Earth from him."

Indra set off for the Valley of the Ninety-nine Walls. He met a sage who asked him - "Are you the one who has come to save the Earth from the curse of the serpent?" Indra replied - "I am Indra. Lord Shiv has sent me here. Who are you, O sage?" The sage said - "Thanks to Shiv, he fulfilled his promise by sending you here. Welcome Indra. Any enemy of the serpent is welcome to my home. I am Dadheechi. I am the last one here in this Aasharm which used to be a grand Aashram of one hundred seers. After the serpent claimed the waters of the Earth this place started dying slowly. I went into Smaadhi and when I woke up, i found the Earth like this. Then Mahaadev told me that he would send a warrior who will save this Earth."

Indra said - "What type of creature is tormenting this Earth, and why is Vritra holding the waters of the land?" Dadheechi said - "It will not be easy to kill Vritra as he is of serpent family and has been granted a boon by Devtaa. No weapon made of wood, metal or stone can kill him." Hearing this Indra said - "This lance has been made from the bone of a beast I once slew, thus it is not made of wood, metal or stone. Can it be used to kill him?" Dadheechi said - "No, This cannot be used as it was taken by you and has not been given to you by free will and thus it is contaminated. But well, You have given me a clue as what kind of weapon it can be. But still, to fight with Vritra you will have to enter his fortress of the Ninety-nine Walls, and here your this wild beast lance will be useful. As for the weapon to kill Vritra, I will sacrifice myself and I will give you my bones. You make a weapon from those bones and use it to kill him."

Indra said - "But it is inhuman to do this." Dadheechi said - "Inhuman is killing somebody without his will, inhuman is to allow your kin to die in front of your eyes. It is my Karm to sacrifice myself for this as your Karm is to be here to kill Vritra." So Dadheechi burnt his body by Yog, Indra collected his bones and made the weapon from them. He ordered Airaavat to proceed to Vritra's fortress.

Upon reaching near the fortress, Indra left Airaavat and proceeded towards Vritra himself alone. When Vritra saw Indra carrying a bone weapon, he laughed and said - "Haa, Haa, A caveman is coming to vanquish me with a bone in his hand?"

Indra said - "I will kill you with this weapon, a weapon made of neither wood, nor metal nor stone, it is the man's bone. I am not born of Heavens, or prophecies, or Devtaa. Do you want to know my name? My name is Indra - son of the Earth and the father of the man." And thus Indra killed Vritra, and let out the waters to the world which was on the verge to die. Indra was crowned as the King of Devtaa.



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