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Ras Mani

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Ras Mani

Ras Mani is made from Paarad or Mercury. Paarad means Mercury. In the Indian Mythology Paarad is also known as "Ras" (liquid). The reason for calling it "Ras" is due to such description given to it. Ras Mani is the "Solid Mercury Ball" made from pure mercury treated with some rare herbs. They take 48 days to make after which they must be kept in a Poojaa.

The Ras Mani is done by using proper methods of preparation. There would not be any loss of weight even if the Ras Mani is melted. If we meditate with the Ras Mani keeping it under our tongue, we can control our thoughts and feel the light of grace in forehead. The Ras Mani can also be prepared in your presence.

The Ras Mani is literally unbreakable and does not corrode like other metals. The speed of "RasMani" is equal to the speed of God Shiv. If we have it on the head it is very sure that our life will be increased and it will wash off all our sins and we will have many more benefits with this Ras Mani. The ancient Palani Siddh, Bhogar, made the statue of Sri Dhandayuthapani of Palani with 9 herbal elements which are in Tamil, names as "Nava Paashanam" for the benefit of all.

Types of Ras Mani
There are various type of Ras Mani. For example;

Vasheeya Ras Mani-
Error will be erasd. Thewealth will remain. It is good for business and brilliant education, debt difficulties will go away. Drives away evil age, jealousy, troubles caused by evils and paves the way for better living with all amenities. Have a long life along with the husband's long life. Fulfillment of all desires and create luck to have a bright, wealth, honor to charm all personalities.

Vaalai Ras Mani-
These Ras mani will help to get happiness, sin crime will be removed, and prosperity will be maintained.

Tamban Ras Mani-
These Ras Mani will help to come across the so far delayed marriage.

Benefits of Having Ras Mani
(1) By wearing the ball made of Ras Mani on our body we can walk speedily without being tired.

(2) By doing Poojaa to the deities made with Ras Mani we can easily get rid of all the evil spirits of our family, trade and business.

(3) By keeping the ball made of Ras Mani we can stabilize the changes caused due to the natural changes like thunder, lightening, rain and over sunlight.

(4) No harmful insects like snake and harmful animals like tiger and lion will trouble us.

(5) It is very sure that you would be having an extraordinary satisfaction with your life partner in the bed times by keeping the Ras Mani ball on your body.

(6) If we keep the Ras Mani balls made as 16 beads Maalaa and perform Poojaa to those beads, we will very surely see the God or the Almighty.

(7) We can have the super most power in Vasheekaran (attraction), Mohanam (loveliness) and Aakarshan (pulling of other's mind towards us) by doing Poojaa to the Ras Mani balls.

(8) By performing milk and honey Abhishek to the idols like Shree Ganesh, Muruga, Shiv Ling and Shree Ambal made of Ras Mani and intake the milk and honey, we can have a very good health, wealth and all the things we need in our life.

(9) By performing Poojaa to the Shiv Ling, made with the nine herbal plants called as Nav Paashanam (Ras Mani), found by the Siddhar "Sri Bhogar", it is very sure that we will get the blessing of Lord Shiv.

(10) By taking the milk, dipped with the Ras Mani balls after taking the balls out. It is sure that we will get rid of problems like tired, body pain, pre-mature and quick ejaculation, paralysis, hydracles, and all kinds of skin disorders and it is very sure that we will have a very good physical strength, mental strength and energetic and pure blood.

Medicinal Benefits of Ras Mani
One can get immense benefits by possessing a Ras Mani bead. It normalizes body heat, regularizes the blood pressure, Improves appetite and digestion and assimilation. Tones the immune system of our body Increases the power of concentration and will power and sharpens the mind.

Warning - Paarad is mercury, so be careful in using it. Buy a Paarad Shiv Ling or Paarad Gutikaa from Rudra Centre and get it tested for its content.

Scriptural Support for Paarad Ling

The text of Ras Maartand says about the Paarad Shiv Ling -----
Ling Koti Sahastrasya Yatphalam Samyagarchanaat.
Tatphal Koti gunnit Ras Lingaarchanaad Bhavet,
Brahm-hatyaa Sahastraani Gohatyaa Shataani Cha.
Tat shannaadvilayam Yaanti Ras Lingasya Darshanaat,
Sparsh naapraapyate Muktiriti Satyam Shivoditam.

A million times more fruitful is worshipping a Paarad Shiv Ling than worshipping a thousand Shiv Ling. Just looking at a Paarad Shiv Ling neutralizes the effect of sin of killing a thousand Braahman and cows. Touching a Paarad Shiv Ling without doubt makes one free of all problems and quickens one's spiritual progress. These are the words of none other than Lord Shiv.

The text Rasaarnav Tantra states-
Dharmaarth kaam- mokshaakhyaa Purushaarthashchaturvidhaa.
Sidhyanti Naatra Sandeh Rasraaj Prasaadatah.

A person who worships a Paarad Shiv Ling just once in his life surely gains Dharm (righteousness), Arth (wealth), Kaam (pleasures) and Moksh (spiritual progress).

The text Brahm Vaivart Puraan clearly states -
Pachyate Kaalsootran Yaavachandra divaakari.
Kritwaa Ling Sakrit Poojya Vashet kalp shatam Divi.
Prajaavaan Bhoomivaan Vidwaan Putra-baandhavaan stathaa.
Gyaanvaan Muktivaan Saadhuras Lingaarchanaad Bhavet.

One enjoys all comforts in life and attains wealth, fame, position, respect, sons, grandsons, high education and prosperity if one worships a Paarad Shiv Lling just once in one's life time. And such a person surely reaches a high position in life.

The text Vaayaveeya Sanhitaa states -
Aayuraarogyameishwa rya Yachchaanyadapi Vaanchhitam.
Ras Lingaarchanaadishatam Sarvatam Labhate Narah.

Longevity, good health, prosperity and all desired achievements can be had through the worship of Paarad Shiv Ling.

How to Make It
Above are given some ancient references about Paarad Ling - all of them can not be wrong. But one has to prepare it as per instructions and it requires a lot of Saadhanaa and celibacy to prepare these. The Gods, who frequently got defeated by Raakshas (demons), once went to Brahmaa Jee for a lasting solution. Brahmaa  Jee told them that only a warrior born out of Shakti Punj (semen of Shiv) can lead the Gods to victory. The Gods prayed Shiv Jee who agreed and approached Paarvatee to conceive a son. The Gods sent Agni, the God of fire, in the form of a pigeon to observe the great event. Shiv Jee found this out and released his semen in the fire of Agni. Even the God of fire couldn't bear the heat of Shiv's reproductive force and dropped it in the holy waters of River Gangaa. Gangaa also couldn't stand its heat and released it on Earth. After being sanctified by the holy fire and sacred waters of Ganges it became Mercury or Paar - the only metal in liquid form. The solid form of mercury is popularly known as Paarad.

Solidifying mercury is an ancient Vaidik science. "Dharaneedhar Sanhitaa" has given sixteen steps through which the liquid mercury has to pass before it can be made pure and beneficial. Then mercury can be molded into any solid form.

A number of Vaidik references point out to the holistic benefits of Paarad Shiv Ling. "Shiv Nirnaya Ratnaakar" states that there's no better Shiv Ling ever made than the one made out of mercury. In
"Sarvadarshan Sangraha", Shiv says to Paarvatee that anyone who worships the Ling made out of solid mercury will face no death, disease or dearth. Its mentioned in "Rudra Sanhitaa" that Paarad Shiv Ling embodies the power of Shiv and one can attain anything desired through its worship. "Rasarnaav Tantra" states that one can receive a billion-times more good blessings through the worship of a Paarad Shiv Ling than that one can receive through worship of a billion ordinary stone Shiv Ling.

"Ras Ratnaakar" says worship of a Paarad Shiv Ling showers one oneself a happy long-life, wealth, health, power, beauty and youth. "Ras Ratnaakar"' also mentions that whatever a devotee spends on acquiring a Paarad Shiv Ling, Shiv blesses him a lot more in terms of wealth, grain and peace. "Shiv Nirnaya Ratnaakar" says that a gold Shiv Ling is billion times more powerful than a ordinary stone one, a gem Shiv  Ling is billion times more potent than a gold one, but a Paarad Shiv Ling is billion times more effective than a gem one and can bestow immense benefits to its worshipper even through a simple Darshan (sight).

Maharshi Vashishth suggests a Paarad Shiv Ling for attainment of peace and harmony to anyone who has sinned in his entire life. Maharishi Yaagyavalkya says that one can't understand why man is full of sorrow, violence and poverty, when one can achieve peace and harmony through the worship of Paarad Shiv Ling.
[From Sacred Objects Group, 9/2/09]


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