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Aanand, Preeti, Praharsh

Aanand means joy, bliss. Aanand is basically what arises while enjoying the attained object.
(2) Preeti is the satisfaction felt when the desired object is attained.
(3) Praharsh is the joy felt at the certainty of attaining the object desired.
God is supposed to be "Sat Chit Aanand" - means who is "Absolute Truth", who is "Pure Intellect" and who is "Pure Joy".

Aanand is of 4 types -

(3) Aatm Janya Aanand - Aatm Janya Aanand is that joy which a man feels by knowing the Parameshwar. This is the highest kind of joy which may be everlasting also.

(2) Gyaan Janya Aanand  - The second type of Aanand (joy) is which arises by attaining Gyaan (knowledge), reading good books, by writing literature or even attaining knowledge of various kinds. This Aanand satisfies one's hunger of knowledge

(3) Aham Janya Aanand - The third kind of Gyaan is Aham Janya Aanand. It is that joy which arises because of one's ego. One feels this kind of joy by hearing his own praise or seeing his own creations everywhere. It satisfies one's ego.

(4) Indriya Janya Aanand - The fourth kind of Aanand is Indraya Janya Aanand. This is the lowest kind of Aanand and lasts only very momentary. It is that joy which arises by enjoying something by one's Indriya (senses), such as the joy one feels by seeing a beautiful scene, or listening to good music or eating tasty food, or playing games etc. As the consumption of the material is over the joy is also almost over.


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Created by Sushma Gupta on 3/15/06
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