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Upanishad Gangaa 24-30

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Upanishad Gangaa 24-30

Upanishad Gangaa Serial started on March 11, 2012, every Sunday, at 10.00 am, as a weekly presentation on National TV

Episode 24 - Difference Between Shreya and Preya
Story of Nachiketaa

There was a King named Ashok. He used to donate lots of money to Bauddh Bhikshu, seeing this his younger brother Vit-ashok was not happy. As Ashok came to know this, he also became very angry and ordered to kill him. Vit-Ashok asked for his forgiveness, so Ashok kindly gave him all kinds of facilities and comforts for 7 days and then to be hanged next day. Vit-Ashok was imprisoned and given all kinds of facilities and comforts. On the 8th day he wanted to see his brother. He was brought to the King and he again asked for his forgiveness.  Ashok asked - "Were you happy for these last 7 days?" Vt-Ashok said - "How Brother? How could I be happy when a sword was hanging on my head?" Ashok said - "So how could you think of those poor Bauddh Bhikshu be in luxury if they got a little help through donations." "I did not say about donations." "I know, You did not say anything about donation, but you commented on their living tin luxury. How can they live i luxury, when they know that a sword is always hanging on their head? How could you say that?"
This example shows that if a person knows that he could die any moment, he cannot be happy with worldly comforts.

Here is the story of Nachiketaa. it comes in Kath Upanishad. Once Sage Uddaalak did Vishwajeet Yagya in which he had to donate everything. He did donate everything, but he donated the sick cows keeping good cows with him. Seeing this his 16-year old son Nachiketaa got very sad. he asked him why did he do so? Then he asked that since he also belonged to him, to whom he would give him? For some time his father kept quiet but when he asked several times, Uddaalak said - "I will give you to Yam Raaj." Hearing this Nachiketaa proceeded to am Lok. There he had to wait for 3 days and 3 nights without eating and drinking anything as Yam was out of his house. When he came back, he was very sorry at his people's behavior to a guest, so he promises him to grant three boons for three days of his discomfort. Nachiketaa asked him - (1) Grant me that when I go back home, my father should love me as he had been loving me before." "Granted." (2) I have heard that in Swarg Lok there is no hunger or thirst, no pain, etc how one can obtain it." "Granted." (3) And the last one is after the death where does one go, some say he is there, some say he is not there."

On this question Yam hesitated and advised him not to ask this, as even Devtaa do not know this. He could have endless progeny, many more things which any human being is not eligible to." But Nachiketaa was not satisfied, he was firm in his intentions, so Yam Raaj has to educate him o this topic too.
[From Kath Upanishad]

Episode 25 - Dattaattreya's 24 Guru
Story of King Yadu and Dattaatreya

Once King Yadu, the son of Yayaati set out in search of Guru. he met Dattaatreya Jee, an Avadhoot, in a forest. he was living, almost naked and did not have any contact with the world. He told Yadu that he has 24 Guru from whom he has learnt may things, and he counts them as - (1) prithvi, (2) Aakaash, (3) Jal,  (4) Agni, (5) Chandramaa, (6) Sun, (8) Pigeon, (9) Python, (10) Sea, (11) Insect, (12) Bee, (13) Elephant, (14) Honey Collector, (15) Deer, (16) Fish, (17) Pingalaa, (18) Kurar Bird, (19) Child, (20) Unmarried Girl, (21) Arrow-maker, (22) Snake, (23) Spider, and (24) Bhringee, Shows Pingalaa prostitute's example as how she was madly in love with somebody who did not love her. Another person a Braahman wanted to buy her, but she did not want to be with him, so she returned him. One day she waited for her lover and he did not come, so her mind changed and she decided to leave that prostitute's business and wished to love God whose love was immortal. That Braahman was standing behind and was hearing everything. He fell on her feet that he was at mistake that he wanted to buy her. He himself got changed and went away.
[From Bhaagvat Puraan, 11/6]

Episode 26 - In Search of Guru
Story of Indra and Virochan

Once Virochan, the son of Prahlaad, said to his people - "Devtaa themselves fight and they expect us to be peaceful. We will also fight." Indra also though the same way, so both Asur and Devtaa's Guru, Shukraachaarya and Brihaspati suggested them to go to Brahmaa Jee and get educated from him. Both went to Brahmaa Jee and asked him to tell the knowledge of Aatmaa. Brahmaa Jee asked them to observe Brahmcharya for some time and then told them that whatever you are that is the Brahm, immortal Brahm. Virochan got satisfied and went away. Indra also went away but was not satisfied with Brahmaa Jee's answer so he came back, and expressed his dissatisfaction. he asked hi to tell again what was the truth. Brahmaa Jee again asked him to maintain Brahmcharya for some time more, then told him something. But Indra was not yet satisfied. At last Brahmaa Jee had to satisfy Indra. So there are two types of students, one who are satisfied with the GVuru's answer and the two who thinks over it and then asks questions.
[From  Chhaandogya Upanishad]

Episode 27 - Yaksh Prashn
Story of Yudhishthir and Yaksh

When Paandav were in exile, just before their 13th year was going to start, a deer took away a Braahman's Arani (churning pot) and Manthan Kaashth (churning rod) to start fire for Agnihotra. The Braahman came running to Paandav and requested them to recover his things, so that he could complete his Agnihotra. They immediately ran after the deer, but could not find him. Instead they felt very thirsty, so they went to a pond to drink water. All the four younger brothers died there because that pond belonged to a Yaksh, and Yaksh wanted to ask them some questions before they drank water, and they ignored him. At last Yudhishthir comes and answers his questions. Yaksh reveals his identity, brings his brothers alive, blesses him not to be recognized during their 13th year of incognito.
[From MBH, G-4-Van/53]

Episode 28 - An-Aatmaa
Story of Subhadraa and Saavitree

Indriya's pleasures are the greatest pleasure in this world. The difference between an animal and a human being is only this that he has Vivek (knowledge of discrimination) which he can use in deciding what to do and what not to do.

Subhdraa weeps for her son Abhimanyu why does he die when he fought alone with 7 Mahaarathee warriors. Krishn explains her that she should not weep for the person who has fulfilled his duty and has died on his duty. It was only his body which has become useless, his soul which is immortal is still there. Living and dying for Dharm is only the aim of meaningful life. We have only one body which has 5 Indriyaan, we have to control them by our Vivek. Vivek says - "If we become their slave we are no better than animals.

Saavitree also said the same thing to Yam. When Yam asked her why she was following him, she replied that she was following her Dharm - to follow her husband. he said - "Your husband is lying in the forest, go there and perform his last rites, that is your Dharm." Saavitree pleaded - "That is only a body, what should I do of that? I need my husband." Then Saavitree's story is told as how she chooses for her a short lived husband, of only one year of remaining age, and then how she brings back him back from Yam's hands. Not only this, she succeeds in getting eyes and lost kingdom for her blind and kingdomless in-laws, a son for her father and 100 sons for herself. [She gives good logical answers of Yam's questions on Aatmaa]

Episode 29 - Aatmaa (True Self)
Story of Arungiri

Only Aanand (Bliss) is Brahm. Indra and Virochan went to Brahmaa Jee only to obtain the knowledge of Aatmaa. Virochan considered only Aatmaa as Brahm and started worshipping it, so they were known as Asur. The story of Arungiri is given. Arungiri lived in Southern India. He used to go prostitutes leaving his wife at home. He had nothing with him - house, farms, cattles etc. They had nothing to eat. His sister tried her best to bring him back to home but he did not listen to. Once she said to him - "If you think that only body is everything and only physical pleasure is everything, then I offer you my body, take it." Hearing this he ran away from home and got ready to commit suicide.

At the same time a Sanyaasee who told him his name as Kaarttikeya, came to him and asked him why was he going to commit suicide? He told him everything. Kaarttikeya asked - "What do you think, will you surely die after you have committed suicide? No, only your body will die, but what is inside your body, will still remain alive. Will you be able to kill Him who is immortal? You are running after whichever pleasure, it is temporary pleasure. Everything happens with His will only." Thus that Sanyaasee taught him the path of Vairaagya - dispassion. Arungiri then started writing the praise of Kaarttikeya and his writings became very popular and famous. Later he went back to his village.

Some people informed his sister that her brother had come back to village, but he would not be home and whoever wanted to see him he could see him at prostitutes' house, as he was staying with them. Hearing this his sister got very angry and went to prostitute's house where her was staying and again starting scolding him. Arungiri replied calmly - "Sister, A doctor has to live among patients. I have to treat these prostitutes, so I have to live with them. I don't see them as prostitutes now. I see them as myself. Everybody has the same Aatmaa in his body and the same is causing you to breathe. The pleasures of body, Man (mind) and Buddhi (intellect), are all perishable, only the pleasure of Aatmaa is immortal.

Episode 30 - Sat Swaroop
Story of Yaagyavalkya and Gaargee

This is the story of Yaagyavalkya and Gaargee. Did women recite Ved in Vadik age? Yes. Gaargee was such a woman. She was the daughter of Vaachaknu. She used to admire Lopaamudraa very much. Lopaamudraa was the princess of Vidarbh kingdom and was the wife of Agastya Muni. She wrote to remind Agastya Jee his duties. She wrote 320 Shlok Lalitaa Sahastra Naam divided under 3 chapters.

Once King Janak decided to organize a Brahm Sabhaa (to invite high intellectuals and knowers of Brahm to discuss about Him). Gaargee decided to attend that Brahm Sabhaa. her mother did not like Gaargee's Ved and Brahm discussions, so she tried to stop her going to that Sabhaa, but she she did not listen to her. Vaachaknu pleaded his wife that even many women - Sulabhaa, Maitreyee, Vishwaraa, Apaalaa, Yaami, Ghoshaa etc were also conversant with Brahm Gyaan. Gaargee asked her father - "Ghoshaa had some kind of bad disease because of which she did not marry?" "Yes, She had leprosy." "But then she got cured too?" "Yes, She prayed Ashwinee Kumaar and got cured. She wrote two Stotra for them. The first one is in their praise and the second one expresses her desire to marry."

Gaargee said - "In today's time Yaagyavalkya is the greatest Gyaanee of Brahm. He is known as Vaajsanee, Brahmarath, Devarath in the discussion of Brahm. He has learnt philosophy from Uddaalak, Ved from Vaishampaayan Jee and Yog from Hiranyanaabh Kaushal. From the childhood he got trained in Yajur Ved from Shaakalya. Once a Supriya named King came to Shaakalya for the 4 months of rainy season. When King witnessed the power of Shaakalya so he requested him to cure him. Shaakalya did a Yagya for him but it did not work. Supriya had seen Yaagyavalkya's power also, so he asked Shaakalya to ask Yaagyavalkya to help him, but Yaagyavalkya took it as A-Dharm and refused to treat hum and went out of the Aashram. Shaakalya got envied of Yaagyavalkya's powers, so he asked him to return his education. Yaagyavalkya spat those branches of Yajur Ved and went away. Then he learnt Krishn Yajur Ved from Soorya Dev.

Arundhatee, Maitreyee, Gaargee, Aditi, Apaalaa, Sulabhaa, Siddhaa, Swadhaa, Yaami, Indraanee, Shivaa, Apunaa, Shreematee, Vedvatee etc came there and Jaratkaaru, Kaahol, Aaruni, Uddaalak, Vidagdh also came there in Janak's Brahm Sabhaa. So Gaargee also asked the permission of her father and went to attend that Brahm Sabhaa. Raajaa Janak announced - "I have 1,000 cows on whose horns are tied 10 gold coins. Whoever thinks that he is the greatest Brahm Gyaanee, he can take those cows." For some time a quietness filled the Sabhaa, then a voice (of Yaagyavalkya) was heard - "Somshravaa, You may take these cows to Aashram." At this all other Gyaanee who came there for the discussion got agitated. They asked Yaagyavalkya - "What do you think of yourself? Are you the greatest Brahm Gyaanee and that is why you are taking these cows?" Yaagyavalkya Jee said - "I did not say that I am the greatest Brahm Gyaanee. I just needed them, that is why I am taking them, if you want to challenge me, you may."
"Yes, Yes, We will challenge you. First you will have to answer our questions, then only you can take these cows." And then several Brahm Gyaanee asked him several questions. He satisfied them all.

In the end Gaargee also got ready to ask something. She said - "I will ask you only two questions. If you will answer those questions correctly, nobody else will ask you any more questions and you will be declared the greatest Brahm Gyaanee. Yaagyavalkya Jee unshakenly said to her - "Ask Gaargee ask, what do you want to ask?" And then she asked her two questions - about the Sat Swaroop of Aatmaa (Soul).

An Aakaar (form) has a Vikaar, but there is no Aakaar of Him, and that is why there is no Vikaar in Him - he is Nir-Aakaar.



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