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Upanishad Gangaa 16-23

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Upanishad Gangaa 16-23

Upanishad Gangaa Serial started on March 11, 2012, as a weekly presentation on National TV

Episode 16 - Sanyaas
Sanyaas is to do good for the society at large

From the four Aashram - Brahmcharya, Grihasth, Vaanprasth and Sanyaas, the story of a Sanyaasee Maadhav who when later got Sanyaas, got famous as Vidyaaranya and established Vijayanagar kingdom with Hakkaa and Bukkaa Raaya. There are three people who are said to be the kingmakers - Samarth Raamdaas, Vidyaaranya and Kautilya or Chaanakya. Together they form the Tri-Moorti who built Hindu kingdoms and saved the Sanaatan Dharm during their times. Sanyaas is that stage when a man thinks not about himself, not about his family but for the whole society at large, as these three people thought.

Episode 17 - Renunciation-2
Yaagyavalkya and Maitreyee

This episode is about renunciation. Yaagyavalkya Jee was a great Rishi. Once he went to Raajaa Janak's court. There he found that many wise people were busy in spiritual discussion. Janak Jee noticed that everybody wanted to show his skills through discussion, so he announced - "Whoever is the most wise, can take these 10,000 cows with their horn tied with 10 gold coins. All waited for a while, then Yaagyavalkya asked his disciple to drive those cows home. Seeing this Ashwal Braahman challenged him - "Yaagyavalkya, How do you thik that you are the most wise man on the Earth so that you are taking these cows?" Yaagyavalkya said - "I am not taking them because I am the wisest, but I am taking them because I need them." He said - "First you contest with me then you take them."

Saamshravaa told Maitreyee that in Janak's court even Kaahol, Aaruni Uddaalak, Gaargee, nobody could defeat him, but all was not good." Maitreyee asked - "Is something bad happened?" "Yes."  "What? Saamshrava, Greatness is not in defeating other people."
Saamshravaa said - "Guru Jee said - "Cows should be given to him who needs them, not to him who is the wisest. In this discussion Aachaarya Vidagdh died, because his questions were finishes, but he was very angry. he said - "Yaagyavalkya, If my questions are finished, it is all right, but at least your questions are not yet finished. Ask me any question you wish." Guru Jee explained him not to extend this discussion but he did not listen to, so the Aachaary asked him - "Who is that man who is beyond Devtaa?" he could  not answer this question, and he committed suicide.

Yaagyavalkya called Kaatyaayanee and told her that he wanted to go to Sanyaas. Yaagyavalkya told this to Maitreyee also. Then he said - "I want to distribute my wealth between you. Katyaayanee was silent but Maitreyee said - "Will I be happy with that wealth which you will give me?"
Yaagyavalkya Jee said - "Listen Maitreyee, You can get only that happiness only which can be bought only by this wealth, whatever happiness cannot be bought by this wealth, you cannot get that happiness. The while world knows that by my Purushaarth (efforts) I have won everything; but in reality, am I really a winner? Winning is only to free oneself from a bondage, and to know that truth is victory. To win all the fears is victory.

Episode 18 - Varn
Stories of Vishwaamitra and Parashuraam

In this episode, they tell that Varn system is not by birth, but by Karm. Braahman were very angry at Chaanakya who crowned Chandragupt the King of Magadh. They asked him - Didn't you get any better person to make a king?" Chaanakya said to those Braahman - "Purush Sookt (Rig Ved) says that even this Prithvi is Shoodra. in the beginning Varn was not related with birth. Who has earned the knowledge of Brahm, only he becomes Braahman. Everybody has the right to choose his Varn. As Vishwaamitra became Braahman in spite of being Kshatriya; Parashuraam became Kshatriya in spite of being a Braahman; Soot Jee became Vyaas in spite of being a Soot, in the same way Chandragupt will be the king in spite of being a Shoodra. Braahman consider him a Shoodra because he was born from a maid. Krishn says in Geetaa that I myself have created Braahman, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shoodra on the basis of Gun and Karm. As mouth, arms, thighs and feet, from which these Braahman, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Kshatriya have been born, are necessary for a body to function properly, in the same way all these Varn are necessary to manage the society."

Chaanakya further said - "You can tolerate Mahaapadm Nand barber who killed his father the king and then sat on his throne, but who has freed you from that cruel and Shoodra king, you can not tolerate that King. Any human being is Shoodra since birth, Vipra from Sanskaar, and who knows Brahm, he becomes Braahman.

Episode 19 - 16 Sanskaar-1
Soor Daas Tells 16 Sanskaar to Child Krishn

In this episode, 16 Sanskaar are described through Soordaas. Since human life is full of Dish (Paap) these 16 Sanskaar cleanse the sinful soul.
(1) Garbhaadhaan Sanskaar - To prepare the couple to become parents. (2) Punsavan Sanskaar - This is done in the 4th month of the pregnancy. (3) Seemant Sanskaar - This day 7 Suhaagin women give grains and fruits to the pregnant woman in her laps. (4) Jaat Karm Sanskaar - When the child is born, house is cleaned, Pandit whispers child's birth Nakshatra's name in the his ears, ad Saraswatee Devee is invoked. (5) Naam Karan Sanskaar - This day the child is given a name. (6) Nishkraman Sanskaar - This day, after 40 days of the birth, the child is taken out to show the Soorya Dev and world. (7) Anna Praashan Sanskaar - After six months of the birth, the child is fed grains for the first time - Kheer, porridge, semolina Kheer etc. (8) Mundan or Chaul Karm sanskaar - This day, after 1 year of the birth, the child's first hair (birth hair) are shaved. The hair are left at some sacred place. (9) Karn Chhedan Sanskaar - This day the child's ears are pierced.

Episode 20 - 16 Sanskaar-2
Soor Daas Tells 16 Sanskaar to Child Krishn

In this episode next 4 Sanskaar are told -
(10) Upanayan Sanskaar - when the child is given Upanayan and given Brahm Mantra (Gayatri Mantra),
(11) Vedaarambh Sanskaar - from the next day the child's Ved education is started.
(12) Samaavartan Sanskaar - graduation or conclusion of the education and then
(13) Vivaah Sanskaar - marriage
and some events of Soor Daas' life are also told.
Soor Daas Jee's Guru was Vallabhaachaarya Jee. He came to Soor Daas himself and inspired him to write and sing Krishn's life story in his verses. When Soor Daas asked as how he would write it, he took him on Gau Ghaat and told Krishn's story for three days and three nights.

When Akbar heard the glory of Soor's Bhajan, he called him in his court, but Soor refused to go there saying that he sang only for his own master, not for anybody else. Then Akbar himself came to Soor Daas and Soor Daas sang a 20-verse Pad for him. Akbar got very happy to hear it.

Episode 21 - 16 Sanskaar-3
Soor Daas Tells 16 Sanskaar to Child Krishn

Further 3 Sanskaar are told in this episode - (14) Sarv Sanskaar - Vaanprasth Sanskaar; (15) Sanyaas Sanskaar; and (16) Antim Sanskaar - last rites. After Soor Daas' death Akbar liked those songs so much that he wanted to translate them in Persian, so he asked his people to collect Soor's all Pad. When people started collecting them, may people brought many fake Pad also. Now it became difficult for the King to distinguish the original poetry of Soor Daas from the fake poetry. He took the help of Birbal. Birbal said - "It is easy Jahaan Panaah. Spread this information among people that the original poetry's ink will not be washed away in water and the fake one's will wash away."

Episode 22 - About Punar-Janm
Story of King Chitraketu

Kathopanishad says that everybody takes his birth according to his feelings and desires. So is there any Karm theory behind this? One story is told in this regard - "Once a king named Chitraketu named King lived in Shoorsen country. he had many wives, lots of army and was very prosperous. he had no shortage of anything in his life. But he had o child so he was very sad. Once Aangiras Muni came to his palace and asked the King's welfare. The King told him that he had everything but he had no son to offer him Pind Daan. Aangiras Muni tried to explain him that there was no need of a son to offer him Pind Daan as the son was not necessary to get Moksh. He cited the example of Pareekshit also as how he got Moksh without the Pind Daan. But the King did not understand this and insisted him to give him a son. Maharshi Aangiras then did a Yagya and told that his wife Kritadyuti will give birth to a son at the appropriate time. And that son will be joy giver as well as sorrow giver to his parents. The King got very happy to hear this, but later he kept thinking why Maharshi told him that his son will be joy giver as well as sorrow giver to his parents.

At the appropriate time a son was born to Kritadyuti. Both the King and the queen were very happy, but the King's other queens were very jealous. Soon they al came up with a solution and they gave poison to the prince. the prince died and the whole palace filled with cries. Seeing this Aangiras Muni came to him again with Naarad Jee. he asked the King - "Why do you cry, O King?" The King said - "Hey Muni, You gave me a son and took him too. Why? If you had to take him why did you give him to me?" Aangiras said - "Because you asked for him." Angiras further explained him that his life was only this much, so don't weep for him."

But the King was not consoled. He insisted them to bring his son back to life. At this Naarad jee said - "All right, I get his soul here, then you talk to him." he called the child's soul and the soul came. The soul said to the King - "I do not know how many births I have taken and in each birth I had my parents. I do not know in which birth you were my parents. I still have to take many births, so I do  not have time to enter this old body again. I am sorry." And the souls went away

Naarad Jee said - "Our each desire and Karm leave Sanskaar on our mind and they become our Vaasanaa (intense desire) and these desires are the roots of the re-birth. Till our Vaasanaa are there we shall be taking re-birth again and again. Whatever present .life we are enjoying, that is the result of our Praarabdh (previous birth's Karm result); whatever Karm we will do in this life we will enjoy them in our next births; and all Karm are the results of our desire. So if we do not want get into the cycle of births and deaths we should restrain ourselves from Karm."

Episode 23 - Glory of Human Life
Tulasee Daas

Here is the story of Tulasee Daas Jee. Tulasee was born in Mangal Nakshatra and whoever was born in mahgal nakshatra was considered unfortunate. His mother Hula see died just after a few hours of his birth. Tulasee's father was an astrologer. he made a chrt of Tulasee and found that he was an inauspicious child sso he gave him a she-beggar Paarvatee in alms. But she also could not live for long. When Tulasee was 7 years old she also died. Tulasee used to sing Soor and Kabeer's poetry. Bt after Paarvatee died, the villagers also considered Tulasee inauspicious so nobody gave him even food. So he left that village and went to Chitrakoot. There were many monkeys with whom Tulasee used to live happily.

After a while he got married to Ratnaavalee. Tulasee became very happy. He used to tell Raam Kathaa and was happy at home. One day when he came home, he did not find Ratnaa at home. A neighbor told him that she had gone to her father's house will come tomorrow. Tulasee did not like at home any by the night fell, he became restless for her. It was heavily raining. To go to ratnaa's house on had to cross the river but because of heavy rains no boatman was ready to take Tulasee across the river, so he had to cross the river sitting on a corpse. But when he reached to Ratnaa, she scolded him saying that why he could not wait for even one night? If he loved Raam like this he should have crossed this world. Tulasee felt very bad and left for Kaashee.

Asthi Charm Mam Deh, Taa mein Jaisee Preeti

Bade Bhaag Maanush Tan Paavaa, Sur Durlabh Sab Granthan Gaavaa.

There also he started telling Raam Kathaa. He wished to write Raam's story but other sages criticized his idea. He met Todar Mal (one of the Nava ratna of Akbar's court), he also asked Tulasee that why did he want to write Raam's story again. Tulasee replied for "Swaantah Sukhaaya" (for my heart's pleasure). He wrote Raam Charit Maanas and many other books - Geetaavalee, Kavitaavalee, Jaanakee Mangal, Vinaya Patrikaa etc.



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