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Chapter 7

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7-Avadhootopaakhyaan (1)-Story of Eight Guru (from Earth to Pigeon)

Krishn said to Uddhav Jee - "Whatever you have said, I want to do the same. Brahmaa, Shankar and Indra etc Lokpaal also want the same, that I should go back to my Lok via their Lok now. Whatever I had to do on Earth, it is almost finished. I came here to do the same with Balaraam Jee. Now this Yadu Vansh is also finished with the Shaap of Braahman. On the seventh day from today, this Dwaarakaa will also sink in the sea. Dear Uddhav, The moment I will leave Mrityu Lok, Kali Yug will come here and in a short time he will manifest himself. When I leave this Prithvi, then you also don't live here, because most people will be interested in A-Dharm in Kali Yug. So you leave the love of your relations, meditate upon me and roam around this Prithvi freely.

In this world, whatever is thought by mind, spoken by words, seen by eyes and heard by ears, that is all perishable. This is all for mind to play with, therefore it is all Maayaa and untruth. Who has known the difference between Gun and Dosh (merits and demerits), for the same reason, Karm, A-Karm and Vi-Karm are told. Therefore Uddhav Jee, Now you control your Indriyaan, and not only your Indriyaan but your mind also and then imagine the whole world in your Aatmaa which is not different from me. Who is beyond Gun Dosh, he behaves like a child."

Shuk Dev Jee said - "When Bhagavaan told Uddhav Jee like this, he asked Him with the desire of knowing Aatm-Tattwa (knowledge of soul) - "You have told me the Sanyaas Yog for my welfare, but there are some people who are very much involved in worldly pleasures, and there are some who do not remember you at all. Hey Bhagavan, I have also become like that, I am drowning in "this is me, this is mine" like feelings; so kindly explain it to me in such a way that I can understand it easily. Even Brahmaa etc Devtaa are confused with your Maayaa. That is why they consider the pleasures of external Indriyaan as truth. Therefore only you tell me everything."

Krishn said - "In this world, who can think about "What is this world? What is happening in here? [means this world is nothing and nothing is happening here]" only they can save themselves with their logical power. I have created several kinds of bodies, e.g. with one foot, two feet, four feet etc, but I like the Manushya body (human being) most among all of them. There is a story in the form of a dialog between Dattaatreya and Raajaa Yadu. Raajaa Yadu saw a young Braahman [that Braahman was Bhagavaan Dattaatreya] roaming around, so he asked him - "Brahman, You don't do any Karm, then where did you get this wisdom. It is seen that man searches Dharm, Arth, Kaam etc with the desire of age, fame, beauty, wealth etc, but I see that you can do Karm, you are learned, your fate and beauty are also admirable, still you are living like an unconscious, insane or Pishaach. Most people in this world are affected with Kaam and greed, but you are free from all of them. You are living in yourself with great pleasure. How could you do that?"

Krishn said - "Our ancestor Yadu's wisdom was very pure and he had love for Braahman. Dattaatreya Jee said - "Hey Raajan, I have taken lots of teachings from many Guru. I will tell you about those Guru. My Guru's names are Prithvi, Vaayu, Aakaash, Jal, Agni, Chandramaa, Soorya, pigeon, python, sea, insect, bee, elephant, the man who collects honey from beehives, deer, fish, Pinglaa prostitute, child, an unmarried girl, Sarp (serpent), spider, Bhringee worm, Kurur bird, and the man who makes arrows. These are my 24 Guru. [Now I tell you what I have learnt from all of them]

1.Prithvi (Earth) - I have learnt patience and forgiveness from Prithvi. All beings of this world are acting according to their fate, they during that time, knowingly or unknowingly, attack her in various ways. A patient man should understand their helplessness [because they are not doing this on their own, they are doing that according to their fate]. Neither he should lose his own patience nor he should be angry with other. In the same way Parvat (mountains) and trees also try to help others.

2. Vaayu (Air) - I have learned from Vaayu (Praan) that as it is satisfied only with limited food, in the same way a man should also satisfy himself only with required things. Use only that much things which do not help your Indriyaan lose their way. I have learned from the Vaayu living outside the body, as that Vaayu roams around but does not stay at one place, in the same way, a person can go anywhere, but should not develop love for that place. (Smell is not the characteristic of Vaayu, it is the characteristic of Prithvi. Vaayu has to carry smell but still it remains pure. In the same way a man has the relationship with this physical body. Until the man is related to this body, he has to tolerate hunger, thirst, disease etc, but who considers himself as Aatmaa, he does not get indulged in the body.)

3. Aakaash (Sky) - The man should consider the Aatmaa like Aakaash. As Vaayu brings clouds and takes them away, fire sets, rain falls, grain is produced, but Aakaash remains untouched. In the same way many creations are created and Pralaya (deluge) takes them away, but Aatmaa has nothing to do with them.

4. Jal (Water) - As water makes everything clean, sweet and clear by nature. When water comes from some holy place then it becomes clearer, sweeter, cleaner, purer and holier and makes others holy too. In the same way a man should also be pure, soft-spoken, and doer of good to others.

5. Agni (Fire) - As Agni is light and its light cannot be suppressed by others, it has no extra storage place, it keeps all inside itself, and it can eat anything but does not get dirty when comes into contact of other dirty things, in the same way a man should behave somewhere as he is hidden and somewhere as he is seen, eg he can stay somewhere hidden and somewhere seen.

6. Chandramaa (Moon) - As Chandramaa wanes and waxes but that is only its Kalaa, it does not wane or wax in actual, in the same way whatever stages are there in a man's life, from birth to death, they are related only to his body, they have no relationship with his soul. Under Kaal's effect bodies of beings are produced, change their shapes and are destructed, but being ignorant from reality we cannot notice them.

7. Soorya (Sun) - Soorya draws water from Prithvi through its rays and convert it into rains at time to time. In the same way a Yogee enjoys the pleasures and when time comes, he leaves them too. At any time he is not indulged in those pleasures, so Aatmaa is like Soorya, its form is the same everywhere. 

8. Pigeon - One should not develop too much love and attachment with anything otherwise his wisdom is destroyed and he will have to suffer like pigeon. "A pigeon used to live in a jungle. He had a nest on a tree and had been living in it for some time with his wife. Their love was growing everyday and they loved each other very much. When time came they had babies and now they were taking care of them. One day they went to jungle to bring food for their children, that a bird-catcher came there and caught the children in a net. When the couple returned with food they saw their dear children were caught in a net. She-pigeon cried to see them in that condition and went to them o console them that she also got caught in that net. Now the male pigeon started crying that "all are leaving me alone, so what I will do here", so he also jumped into that net. When the bird-catcher saw that the whole family was in his net he brought them home." Who are Grahasthee, they get sorrows along with their Grahasthee. This human body is the open door to Mukti. Even after being a Grihasthee, whosoever is indulged in his Grihasthee, consider him as fallen from a high point. In Shaastra's language Aaroodh-Chyut (Aaroodh = who is on a considerable height such as to be Aaroodh on a chariot; and Chyut = fell down)

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