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Chapters 5-6

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5-Gati of Non-Devotees and Method of Poojaa

Shuk Dev Jee said - "Raajaa Nimi asked - "Now kindly tell me that whose desires have not yet satisfied, whose desire of enjoying worldly and Divine pleasures is not yet satisfied, whose Indriyaan are also not in their control, and who do not remember Bhagavaan, what is their Gati?"

Then the eighth Yogee Chamas Jee spoke -
"From the mouth of Viraat Purush came Sato Gunee Braahman, from His arms came Rajo Gunee Kshatriya, from His thighs came out Rajo-Tamo Gunee Vaishya and from His feet came Tamo Gunee Shoodra. From His thighs came Grihasth Aashram, from His heart came Brahmcharya (celibacy), from His chest came Vaanprasth and from His forehead came out Sanyaas Aashram. So these four Varn and four Aashram came out only from Him. He is also their Swaamee and soul too. Therefore who lives in these Varn and Aashram and does not remember Him, rather disregards Him, he falls down from his place, Varn, Aashram and even Manushya Yoni (human being species). Many women and Shoodra etc are not able to do Bhagavaan's Bhajan. They are worthy of pity of people like you. You can improve their life by providing facilities to hear Kathaa Keertan (chanting) regularly.

Braahman, Kshatriya, Vaishya are nearer to Bhagavaan by birth, through Ved study and through Yagyopaveet Sanskaar (see Sanskaar), still because of not understanding the real meaning of Ved, they get confused in Arth (worldly things). They do not know the real meaning of Karm, but they think themselves learned. And although they are fools, they are proud of being learned as well. Because of the excess of Rajo Gun their intentions are very firm. There are no limits of desires. They make fun of Bhagavaan's devotees. Those fools worship women, not elderly people. Besides they make big plans about their households where their greatest pleasure lies in women. Even if they do Yagya, they do not give alms of grains, do not follow proper methods and do not give Dakshinaa. They kill animals only to satisfy their tastes and hunger.

Hey Raajan, Ved have repeatedly said that Bhagavaan is in everything like Aakaash. He is our Aatmaa (soul) and the dearest, but they don't listen to that and make plans for future. The only result of wealth should be Dharm, because Dharm gives you the knowledge of the Ultimate, but this is so sad that they consider that only for their Grahasthee, not for Dharm and do not understand that our body is prone to death. Death cannot be postponed, and it can come anytime even without informing them. [Since they do not use their wealth for Dharm] Those people do not know Dharm. After the death even the relations are also not with them. Who consider A-Gyaan as Gyaan, can never get peace and their Karm are also never finished. Who do not worship Shree Krishn and are busy all the time in their Grahasthee (family), they go to Narak after their death."

Raajaa Nimi asked - "Tell me of which color, and in what form takes Bhagavaan Avataar at which time? And how human beings worship Him with what names?" 

Then the ninth Yogee Karbhajan Jee spoke -
"Hey Raajan, There are four Yug - Sat, Tretaa, Dwaapar and Kali. In these Yug Bhagavaan has taken several colors, names and forms or shapes, and He is worshipped in various ways.

In Sat Yug, Bhagavaan's color is white. He has four arms and Jataa on His head, and He wears only Valkal clothes (yellow or orange clothes). He wears skin of black deer, Yagyopaveet, Rudraaksh Maalaa and takes Dand (scepter) and Kamandal. In Sat Yug people are very peaceful, do not envy anybody, wish for everybody's welfare and treat everybody equally. All worship Bhagavaan. They sing the Leelaa of Bhagavaan through Hans, Suparn, Vaikunth, Dharm, Yogeshwar, Amal, Eeshwar, Purush, A-Vyakt (which cannot be described) and Paramaatmaa like names.

In Tretaa Yug Bhagavaan's color is red. He has  four arms and there are three belts (Mekhalaa) in His waist area. His hair is golden and He is in the form of Yagya and carries Yagya pots. People are very religious in this Yug and are good in studying and teaching Ved in that Yug. They worship Him through three Ved - Rig, Yajur, and Saam. Most people call Him as Vishnu, Yagya, Prishnigarbh, Sarvdev, Urukram. Vrishaakapi, Jayant and Urugaaya.

In Dwaapar Yug His color is dark (Saanvalaa). He wears Peetaambar (yellow cloth) and carries Shankh, Chakra (Divine disc), Gadaa etc. He is recognized by Shree Vats mark on His chest, Bhrigulataa and Kaustubh Mani etc marks. In that Yug people worship Him by Vaidik and Taantrik method and they pray thus - "Hey Vaasudev and Sankarshan, we greet you many times. We greet you in this Roop of Bhagavaan Pradyumn and Aniruddh. We greet Rishi, Naaraayan, Mahaatmaa, Nar, Vishweshwar, Vishwaroop." Now you listen to the way to worship Him in Kali Yug.

In Kali Yug, Bhagavaan's idol color is black and it shines as a beautiful light reflects from Neelam (sapphire) Mani (sapphire). He also reflects the similar clear light. He has Kaustubh Mani, Sudarshan Chakra and with Sunand Prabhriti Paarshad. Intelligent people worship Him with Yagya in which His name, His Characteristics, His Leelaa etc are main. In Kali Yug, only Keertan can fulfill all kinds of desires and welfare of others. Many people are taking birth since long, because they consider Bhagavaan's name or Keertan more than anything. Hey Raajan, people of Sat, Tretaa and Dwaapar Yug wish that they could be born in Kali Yug. Thus people of various Yug worship Bhagavaan's Swaroop according to their own Yug.

Hey Mahaaraaj, In Kali Yug more devotees are found in Dravid Desh where Taamraparnee, Kritmaalaa, Payaswinee, Kaaveree, Mahaanadee and Prateechee named rivers flow. Who drink the water from these rivers, their heart become pure and they become devotee of Vaasudev. Who has abandoned his Karm, means he does not think about "This is remaining, or that is necessary to be done"; and who has come in the service of Bhagavaan, first of all he cannot do any Paap Karm, and even if sometimes he does it then Bhagavaan makes him pure."

Naarad Jee said - "Hey Vasudev Jee, Mithilaa Raajaa Nimi got very happy to hear Bhaagvat Dharm. He worshipped all his Braahman and these nine Yogeeshwar. Then these Yogee disappeared from there. Raajaa Nimi followed their advice and got Param Siddhi. So if you also follow the same then you will also get Parampad. Your and Devakee's glory is all around because Shree Krishn is born as your son. You have already made your heart pure by living close to Him. Shishupaal, Paundrak and Shaalv etc kings remembered only His Leelaa, face etc and that also with enmity, still they got Mukti, then the people meditate Him with love, they will definitely get Shree Krishn. Do not consider Krishn only as your son, He is the Swaamee of all. He has hidden powers because He is doing Leelaa in human form."

Shuk Dev Jee said - "Hearing this Vasudev Jee and Devakee got very surprised. They abandoned their love towards worldly things."

6-Devtaa Pray Bhagavaan to Come to His Lok, Uddhav Comes to See Krishn Seeing Yaadav Going to Prabhaas Kshetra

Shuk Dev Jee said - "When Naarad Jee went away, Brahmaa Jee came to Dwaarakaa with Sanakaadi Muni, Devtaa, Prajaapati, Indra, and Marud Gan. All Aaditya Gan, eight Vasu, Ashwinee Kumaar, Ribhu, eleven Rudra, Vishwadev, Gandharv, Apsaraa, Siddh, Chaaran etc also came there. They all wanted to see Krishn in human form. They all looked at Him for long time without blinking their eyes. They offered Him divine flowers and prayed. Then Brahmaa Jee said - "Hey Prabhu, First we requested you to take Avataar on Prithvi, so you came and completed our work. You have passed 125 years since you took Avataar in Yadu Vansh. Now there is no other work left. Because of Braahman's Shaap your family will also be finished, so now you come back to your Lok."

Krishn said - "Hey Brahmaa Jee, I have also decided the same as you said. After this Vansh is finished, I will go to my Dhaam via your Dhaam." Hearing this all Devtaa etc went away. As they went, many bad omens started appearing in Dwaarakaa. So elders of Yadu Vansh came to Krishn and told Him about those omens. Krishn said - "You know very well that Braahman have given Shaap to this Vansh and this Shaap is difficult to revert. So what I think, that if we love our life, then we should not live here now. We should not be late. Today in the night, we will start for Prabhaas Kshetra. It is very important place. When Chandramaa had Tuberculosis because of Brahmaa's Shaap, he took bath in Prabhaas Kshetra and he was perfectly cured immediately. Besides, his Kalaa were also increased. We will also take bath in Prabhaas Kshetra and will do Tarpan for Devtaa and Pitar. We will feed tasty food to Braahman and give Dakshinaa and thus will keep off our troubles.

Shuk Dev Jee said - "Hey Pareekshit, At this all got ready to move to Prabhaas Kshetra. When Uddhav saw this, he went to Krishn and said, "Hey Bhagavaan, You are Omnipotent Paramehswar, if you liked you could make Braahman's Shaap wrong, but you did not do so. So I understood that you want to destroy Yadu Vansh now and leave this Lok. But I can't think of leaving you even for half a moment. Please take me too with you to your Lok. Dear Krishn, Your every Leelaa is like Amrit to our ears. We have been living together for long time, how can I leave you now? We took bath together, took food together, played together. We wore Maalaa, clothes, jewelry, Chandan (sandal wood paste), used by you, therefore I am not afraid of your Maayaa." Then Krishn Jee said."

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