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Chapter 4

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4-Bhagavaan's Avataar

Shuk Dev Jee said - "Raajan, Then Raajaa Nimi asked - "Bhagavaan takes Avataar because of His Bhakt and performs Leelaa. Kindly describe those Leelaa which He has performed in the past, is performing now and will perform in future."

Then the seventh Yogee Drumil Jee spoke -
"Bhagavaan is many. His characteristics are many. Who thinks that he can count His characteristics, he is a fool and he is a child. It might be possible to count dust particles of Prithvi, but nobody can touch the limit of His characteristics. He Himself has created Prithvi, Jal, Agni, Vaayu and Aakaash - these five elements (Panch Mahaa Bhoot) from within Himself.

When He enters the Brahmaand, created by His Leelaa in His Ansh Roop, then that Aadi Dev Naaraayan is called as "Purush". [He is not enjoyer because Jeev is the enjoyer according to his Punya and Paap]. This is His first Avataar. In that Viraat (huge) Brahmaand body Avataar three Lok (Tri-lok) are situated. All physical bodies and Indriyaan (Karm Indriyaan and Gyaan Indriyan) are created through His Indriyaan. You get Gyaan through His Swaroop only. When He breathes, all bodies and all Indriyaan get strengthened and get their powers from His breathing. Existence, Creation and Pralaya all happen because of His Sat, Raj and Tam Gun.

First to create this world, Brahmaa appeared from His Rajo Gun Ansh, then the same Aadi Purush for the Existence of the world acted as Yagyapati Vishnu, and then the same Aadi Purush from the Ansh of His Tamo Gun acted as Rudra to destruct this world. Thus He is the root cause of birth, life and death of all people.

Daksh Prajaapati's one daughter's name was Moorti. She was married to Dharm. She gave birth to Nar and Naaraayan. They delivered the knowledge of Karm Yog which in reality is to release from Karm bondage and to attain the Nish-Karm (see Nish) state. They themselves also did the same types of Karm and did an intensive Tap. (They are still in Badarik Aashram - present Badree Naath Jee). "They want to take my Lok", thinking thus Indra sent Kaam Dev to disturb their Tap. Kaam Dev did not know their powers and glory, so he started disturbing them. They knew that Indra has sent him to disturb their Tap, so they said smiling - "Be our guest and stay here." Kaam Dev got very embarrassed hearing these words and prayed them. Then they showed him many beautiful women created through their Yog and they all were serving Bhagavaan. Seeing those beautiful women Indra's servants got so surprised that they considered their own beauty nothing in comparison to theirs. They got attracted to them because of the Divine smell of their bodies. Then Bhagavaan said smilingly - "You may choose any one of them according to your desire, she will be the beauty of your Swarg Lok." Indra's servant greeted them and obeyed them. They took Urvashee to Indra Lok and described the powers and glory of Bhagavaan Nar Naaraayan to Indra. Hearing that Indra got surprised and frightened too.

Vishnu has taken several Avataar for the welfare of world - Hans, Dattaatreya, Sanakaadi Muni and our father Rishabh. He took Hayagreev Avataar to kill Madhu Kaitabh Asur and bring Ved back from him. At the time of Pralaya, He appeared as Matsya (Fish) Avataar to protect the would-be Manu and Prithvi, medicines and grains etc. He took Varaah Avataar to bring Prithvi from Rasaatal and while bringing it out, He killed Hiranyaaksh also. He took Koorm (Kashchap, or Tortoise) Avataar to lift Mandaraachal Parvat on His back at the time of Saagar Manthan. The same Vishnu freed Gajendra from Graah.

Once Baal Khilya Rishi became weak doing Tap. While bringing Samidhaa (wood for Yagya or Havan) for Kashyap Rishi, they fell down in a ditch made by cow's hooves and they felt as if they had fallen in a sea. When they prayed, then Bhagavaan took Avataar and took them out. When Indra killed Vritraasur and had Brahm Hatyaa Paap, he hid for a long time because of that, then Bhagavaan only protected him from Brahm Hatyaa. And when Asur arrested Devtaa women then Bhagavaan released them from them. To save Prahalaad from his father Hiranyaakashyap, He took Avataar of Narasinh and killed him. He killed Daitya Raaj Bali in Dev Asur Sangraam to protect Devtaa and in several other Manvantar He took several Kalaa Avataar to guard Tri-Lok.

He took Vaaman Avataar to take Prithvi and Swarg Lok back from Daanav Raaj Bali. In Parashuraam Avataar, He emptied Prithvi from Kshatriya 21 times. Parashuraam Jee destroyed Haihaya Vansh. In Raam Avataar He killed Raavan. Although He Himself is unborn, still He will  take birth in Yadu Vansh and will do such things which even great Devtaa cannot do. Then He will appear as Buddh Jee and guide those people who do not have right to do Yagya but they do it. And in the end of Kali Yug He will kill Shoodra Raajaa.

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