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Chapters 8-10



8-Narasinh Avataar and Killing of Hiranyakashyap

Daitya boys started believing Prahlaad and followed his advice. When Guru Jee observed this, he got afraid and rushed to Hiranyakashyap to report this. Hiranyakashyap got very angry hearing this change and his body started trembling. He called Prahlaad in his court to kill him himself. Prahlaad came and stood politely before him. Hiranyakashyap shouted on him - "O Fool, You have become very obstinate. In spite of my continuous teachings, you are spoiling yourself as well as other Asur children. Everybody works under me, how dare you have disobeyed me?" Prahlaad said - "Who controls from Brahmaa to a straw, He is all in all, not only for me or for you but for all. He is the Creator, sustainer and destroyer of this world. He is the Swaamee of the three Gun - Sat, Raj, Tam. You leave this Asur nature and meditate on Him, Father." Hiranyakashyap said - "It seems that now your death time has arrived that is why you are talking like this. And where is your Shree Hari who will protect you?"

Prahlaad said - "He is everywhere." Hiranyakashyap laughed and asked - "Is he in this pillar also?"  "Yes, father"  "Now I will kill you, and I will see how He is going to save you." Saying this he jumped out of his throne and proceeded towards the pillar. He hit it with his fist. A very loud sound was heard around as if the whole Brahmaand was going to burst. Hiranyakashyap ran towards Prahlaad to kill him, but was stunned to hear that sound thinking that "who did it", he tried to look around but he could not see anything in the whole court.

At the same time Bhagavaan appeared in Nrisinh form, to protect His devotee Prahlaad and to prove Brahmaa's Var true. He had lion's head and human body. When Hiranyakashyap saw Him, he thought "Who is that who is neither animal nor human. Maybe Vishnu has taken this form to kill me, but what He can do to me?" So he left Prahlaad and proceeded towards Narasinh and tried to hit Him with his Gadaa. Bhagavaan tried to catch him but he slipped. At last Bhagavaan caught him, took him to the door of the court, made him lie on His thighs, and tore his heart and stomach with His lion-like paw nails and killed him* (see the Note below in red). Everybody got very happy and Brahmaa, Indra, Shankar, Prajaapati, Apsaraa, Siddh, Manu, Naag came to pray Him in their own way.

* Note: According to Var:
Narasinh was not created by Brahmaa
He was neither human nor animal;
about time: - It was neither day nor night - it was evening (Sandhyaa) time;
about weapon - He did not use any weapon, He used only nails which were not any kind of weapons
inside / outside - Narasinh killed him at the door, neither inside, nor outside
land / sky - He was killed on knees. neither on land, nor in sky, nor in water

9-Prayer of Prahlaad

Narad Jee said - "No one could pacify Narasinh Bhagavaan, the Devtaa sent Lakshmee to pacify Him. She also got scared to see His that Roop, so she also could not go to Him. Then Brahmaa Jee sent Prahlaad to Him saying "Bhagavaan was angry at your father only, so only you go and pacify Him." Prahlaad went to Him and prostrated himself to Him. Narasinh Bhagavaan saw that a tiny child was prostrating on the floor, so His heart filled with kindness. He lifted him on his feet and put His hand on his head. Prahlaad started praying Him (There are 55 Shlok of Prahlaad's prayer to Bhagavaan here.)

Naarad Jee said - "After praying Prahlaad got silent. Bhagavaan said - "Prahlaad,  I am very pleased with you, ask whatever you wish for. Although after my Darshan nobody needs anything, still whatever you like ask from me." Prahlaad was very happy to see Him. he did not have any desire to ask for anything.

10-Coronation of Prahlaad and Story of Tripur-Dahan

Prahlaad considered asking of Var as the obstacle of Bhakti, so he said - "By nature I am indulged in pleasures, now do not tantalize me by your Var. It seems that you are testing me by asking me to ask for any Var. But if I ask any Var, it means that I am asking something in return of my Bhakti. I am not a trader, I am your Nish-Kaam servant and you are my selfless Swaamee. But if you really want to give me any Var, give me the Var that even the seed of any desire should not sprout in my heart." Bhagavaan said - "People like you can never desire for anything of this Lok or Par-Lok, but for my sake only you accept all the pleasures as the Swaamee of Daitya for one Manvntar. Hear all my stories whatever you like and worship me with all your Karm. Thus you will destroy the fruits of  all your Karm. At the appropriate time, you will come to me." Prahlaad said - "You give everything to everybody. I ask you one Var more. My father had abused and insulted you in ignorance, so kindly liberate him with this sin." Narasinh Bhagavaan said - "Prahlaad, He is already liberated. If he had 21 lines of Pitar they should also have been liberated with him, because he got a son like you. Whoever will follow you they will also be liberated. Although he is liberated, still you do his last rites. Then you take you father's place, surrender yourself to me, and work for me."

Naarad Jee said - "Hey Yudhishthir, Prahlaad did all that Bhagavaan said to him. Then Brahmaa Jee prayed to Narasinh Bhagavaan. Thus Bhagavaan's both Paarshad became the sons of Diti as Daitya. Since they had the enmity with Him that is why Bhagavaan liberated them. But because of the Shaap of Rishi they did not attain Mukti and they had to born as Raavan and Kumbhkarn once again. At that time they were killed by Shree Raam. And the same are born now in this Yug as Shishupaal and Dantavakra. Because of developing enmity in their hearts for Shree Krishn they got united with Shree Krishn. So Hey Yudhishthir, I told you about why Shishupaal and Dantavakra were united with Shree Krishn. This was the Narasinh Avataar description of Shree Krishn. You are very lucky that Brahm Himself is living in your house that is why many a saints come for His Darshan. Shankar Jee also cannot describe Him as "He is like this", then how we can do that? We can only worship Him silently. In the olden times, a great Asur, Maya Daanav, wanted to defame Shiv Jee then the same Shree Krishn restored his fame and spread it."

Yudhishthir asked - "How Maya Daanav wanted to defame Shiv Jee? And how did Krishn restored it? Please tell me that story." Naarad Jee said - "In the olden days, many Asur wanted to defame Rudra, then Shree Krishn won Asur. So all Daanav went to Maya Daanav for help. He created three Vimaan - one of each gold, silver and iron; each one as large as a city. Those Vimaan had two qualities - one, that they were invisible to others and two, they could go anywhere very fast. So those Daanav hid in those Vimaan and started destroying others. All Lokpaal went to Bhagvaan Shankar Jee and said - "Asur are living in Tri-Pur (three Vimaan or three cities) and are killing us." Shankar Jee picked his bow and aimed an arrow at those three Vimaan. Many arrows appeared from that arrow and covered those Vimaan. They were emitting fire, so as they touched the Vimaan, Asur living in them felt burning heat and were killed. Maya Daanav knew many skills. He brought them to his place and dropped them in his own well of Amrit. As they touched Amrit, they became healthy and strong like Vajra.

Mahaadev Jee got sad at this, then Krishn took the form of a Gau (cow) and Brahmaa Jee took the form of a calf. Both went to the three Vimaan and drank all Amrit of the well. Although Asur were seeing them drinking Amrit, but because of Bhagavaan's Maayaa they could not stop them. When Maya Daanav came to know about this incident, he did not feel sad about it. He said to the guards of the well - "Whatever is somebody's destiny, nobody can stop it happening, so whatever was to happen has happened. Now you don't be sad about it." Then Bhagavaan created a chariot with His own powers and Shankar Jee rode on that chariot and aimed his arrow in Abhijit Nakshatra and destroyed all the three Vimaan. Since the moment Shankar Jee destroyed those three Pur (city), He is called Puraari (pur + ari = enemy of city) [or Tri-Puraari (enemy of three cities]. Now tell me, what do you want to listen to?"



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