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Upanishad Gangaa 31-34

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Upanishad Gangaa 31-34

Upanishad Gangaa Serial started on March 11, 2012, every Sunday, at 10.00 am, as a weekly presentation on National TV

Episode 31 - Difference Between S
Story of Nachiketaa

Here is the story of Nachiketaa. it co

Episode 31 - Difference Between S
Consciousness, the Like Principle
From Ken Upanishad. This story comes in Brihadaaranyak Upanishad. From whose orders the Praan becomes active? Who is that who controls our Indriyaan (senses)? Aachaarya Baalaaki was the disciple of Garg Rishi. Once Baalaaki Rishi went to Kaashee King Ajaatshatru with the desire of wealth. He asked Ajaatshatru - "Are you ready to obtain knowledge from me?" Ajaatshatru replied - "I take a vow to give you 1,000 cows in Guru Dakshinaa in advance."

Baalaaki said - "Soorya's light is Brahm."
Ajaatshatru replied - "Soorya's light is not Brahm, O Braahman." Then Baalaaaki said - "Moon's light is Brahm." Ajaatshatru said - "All these are the identifications of Brahm, not that they themselves are Brahm." Baalaaki got defeated so he asked Ajaatshatru to teach him Gyaan.  Ajaatshatru said - "Hey Braahman, I am a Kshatriya, teachikng Gyaan is not my job. My job is to protect my people. If I have to teach you Gyaan, I will have to leave this throne." So he left the throne to teach Gyaan to Baalaaki.

He took Baalaaki in a room where a man was sleeping. Ajaatshatru woke him up - "Somaraaj, wake up." Somaraaj could not wake up immediately. He took some time to wake up. Ajaatshatru asked Baalaaki - "Do you know that who was he who went away somewhere in sleep? With whose consciousness we breathe. This is difficult even for Devtaa.

One is knower, the other one is to be known
The known thing is Jad (unconscious) and the knower is conscious.
Everything is known by thoughts,  but He cannot be known by thought.
He can be known only His own light, because everything is shining from His light only.
Aatmaa is a bliss (Aanand)

Episode - 32 - Shirt of a Happy Man
Story of a Sad King.

There was a king who was very sad. Once he said to his Minister that in spite of having everything he was very sad. Could he make him happy? The Minister could not understand that how he could make a King happy. The King made an announcement that whosoever will make him happy he would give him lots of money. may people came but they failed to make him happy. A Braahman also came and said to him - "If you will wear a happy man's shirt, you will be happy. Now the King asked his all the people to find a man who is happy and bring his shirt, so that he could also be happy after wearing his shirt. Now his people had started looking for a man who was happy, but everybody was sad. Somebody wanted wealth, somebody wanted fame, somebody wanted status etc etc.

Wandering around in the search of the happy man, the King's people came in a village and found a man wearing only a Dhotee (a cloth to be worn below waist) and eating his simple food. They asked him also whether he was a happy man, and he replied - "Yes, I am a happy man." They could not believe this so they asked him several times, and when he had replied the same all the times, they got very happy to hear this, so they immediately asked him - "Where is your shirt?"
"But I don't need shirt to be happy. I am happy without shirt also. My happiness is not in shirt."
King's people reported this to King. King asked them to bring him to him. The people went there and asked him to come to their King, but the man did not go. He said - "I have heard that wealth buys the things, but I have never heard wealth buying the happiness. I am full of happiness, then where will I keep extra happiness?" The King's people told the King that the man refused to come to him.

Then the King himself came to him riding on his palanquin with his lots of army. His people informed that man that the King was coming to see him, but the man showed no concern with the King's coming. On asking he told the King also that he was happy. The King asked him the secret to be happy, but the man refused to tell him and sent the King back to his kingdom. The King went back. Now he was more sad than before that he got a happy man and he could not know the secret of being happy from him.

After some days he went to him again, but this time he went on foot, in very simple minimum clothes and alone. he went to him and requested to tell him the secret of being a happy man. This time the man was happy to see him, he said - "Now you are ready to know, I will tell you now the secret of happiness. And he told the secret of happiness - Happiness is the form of Aatmaa. Whatever is there, but the man does not want to die. He loves himself the most, not anybody else. We are ignorant abut the form of happiness. When we look at some thing or some human being, we call him Priya; when we meet him, we call it Mod; and when we enjoy his company, we call it Pramod; and when we separate from him, we call it Virah (separation).

Gradually this news spread all around the kingdom that the King has got the source of happiness. A servant informed the King that a news reporter wanted to see the King. The King asked him to send the news reporter to him. He asked the King - "Did you get the shirt?" The King ordered to send him away.

Episode - 33 - Bondage (Bandhan)
Story of Puranjan

This story comes in Bhaagvat Puraan, 5/2 and Amritbindu Upanishad.
Once a man came in an inn and asked for a place to stay. Bhagat Jee permitted him to stay there. he went to tie his camel, but unfortunately he forgot his rope with which he used to make his camel sit. He tried his best but he could not make him sit without the rope. He came to Bhagat Jee and told him the whole story. Bhagat Jee suggested him to play a drama just by hands movement if he could sit by it. The man went back, played the drama, and the camel sat and he tied him. The man got very happy to see this, now he did not need the rope to make him sit. The same thing happened in the morning too. He was asked to do the same and the camel got up.

Thus everybody has some kind of bondage with some thing, but actually that bondage is not with that particular thing, but he is bound to his mind. we all are camels and that rope is this world. This bondage is because of ignorance. But what is this bodage? Whatever is beyond Desh (place) and Kaal (Samaya) - the same is Akhand (indivisible) and A-Seemit (unlimited). Jeev feeling (because Jeev lives in the world) is he cause of bondage. Ignorance knocks the door of the knowledge. Have you heard the story of Puranjan.

There were two people - Avigyaat and Puranjan. Both were very good friends. Once Puranjan saw some girls coming from the opposite side. He liked the queen of those girls very much and and he married her. He started living with her. He had many children. Many years passed and one day the death came and took him away. Because of the Moh in his wife he was born as a daughter of a king. There he got married to a prince. Later that Prince, when got old, died. Now Puranjan started crying for her husband.

At the same time Avigyaat came to her and asked her why she was weeping? She asked him - "Who are you?" Avigyaat said - "Oh, you forgot me? I am your friend. Once you left me in favor of a woman and stayed with her in a palace of 9 gates. What for you are weeping?" Puranjan said - "I am weeping for my husband." Avigyaat asked - "Whose husband? Whose wife? Nobody is nobody's husbad and nobody is nobody's wife. Come with me, I am the only friend of yours." And he took Puranjan with him.

Episode - 34
Story of Jadbharat

What is mine, it is not me, such as, this body is mine but I am not the body. This body is said to be made with 5 Kosh - Anna-maya Kosh, Praan-maya Kosh, Mano-maya Kosh, Vigyaan-maya Kosh and Aanand-maya Kosh. Aatmaa is unchangeable. Aatmaa is Anaadi (with no beginning), that is why He is immortal. He cannot be known by logic only.

Rishabh's son Bharat got free from bondage. He used to live on the banks of Gandakee River in Pulah Aashram. Once he heard the roar of a lion. At the same time a pregnant she-deer was drinking water in the river. Hearing the roar, the child of she-deer came ot of her womb and fell in the water. The she-deer died, and Bharat saved the child. Noe he started bringing up him with great affection. He started loving him very much. He did not eat food without him, if he got late in coming he used to get worried about him. "Yathaa Vritti, Tathaa Aakritti" - because of the Moh in that deer, Bharat was born as a deer in his next life. But because of his Tap, he remembered his past life. He got sorry for himself. After passing the birth of the deer he was born in Angiraa's family as a Braahman. There he had parents and brothers, but all of them were not satisfied with him because he neither studied Ved etc being a Braahman, nor he did any work in the house. After some time his parents died and his brothers threw him out of the house.

Once the King of Sauveer Desh was going to Kapil Dev to learn Aatm Vidyaa from him. On the way a labor got sick and the other labor had to search another labor to lift the King's palanquin. They saw Bharat and took him to do the King's work. Lest any living being dies under his feet, Bharat was walking slowly. Since other labors were walking fast, the King was not able to tolerate the shocks, so he asked the new labor to go faster matching with the same speed as the others were walking. Bharat did not listen to it and maintained his own speed. At this the King got angry and started abusing him - "You look like a stout man, still you are not walking fast." etc etc. Still Bharat did  not pay any attention to him, so the King came down of the palanquin and again scolded him.

Bharat said - "Hey Raajan, Whatever you are saying to me, they are not the Dharm of Aatmaa. they are the Dharm of this body ad this body is mortal. This body is the result of one's previous life's actions. Because of them you have been born as a King and myself is born as an ordinary man, otherwise we both are the same because our Aatmaa is the same."

The King got very surprised to hear this from a labor's  mouth. He fell on Bharat's feet and said - "Who are you? You don't look like a labor, tell me truly, who are you? It seems that you yourself are Kapil Dev. I was going to learn Aatm Vidyaa from Kapil Jee at his Aashram, but after hearing you I don't feel that I need to go there. Please preach me." And then Bharat Jee preached him Aatm Vidyaa.

Who has experienced the bliss of Aatmaa, what has to do with all the happiness and sorrows of the world. Only Vivek (discrimination) is the means to know Aatmaa, so try to see your Panch Kosh by your Vivek. Bhogya (which has to be enjoyed) is separate from the enjoyer and the enjoyment, and the same is Aatmaa.



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