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Upanishad Gangaa 35-38

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Upanishad Gangaa 35-38

Upanishad Gangaa Serial started on March 11, 2012, every Sunday, at 10.00 am as a weekly presentation on National TV

Episode 35 - Discovery of God by Human Being
Story of a King and His Minister's Daughter

There lived a king who was very religious. He had a grown up son also who did not believe in God's existence. Even he did not all his workers to recite God's name. Once he put one of his workers in jail. The King did not like his son's behavior but he could not do anything. At last one day he freed that worker and sent her home with the assurance of her salary. He was very sad that why his son was atheist. Then he called his son and explained to him that it was not good to play with the sentiments of public. If he did not believe in God, it was all right, but he had no right to stop others to believe in God. But he did not listen to him. The King was old, he died after a while. Now the Prince was to be appointed the new King, so his Minister asked him to take oath, in the name of God, to work for his people. But as the name of God came i the oath, he refused to take oath because he did not believe in God. His plea was that he could not take oath in the name of God because he did not think that He existed. If somebody proved that God existed, he would agree, but if nobody could within 15 days, he would remove all God's idols from temples. He made an announcement also of this matter.

Now the Minister was worried about how to convince the Prince of God's existence; and if he could not be convinced of the existence of God within 15 days, then all temples will be empty of God's idols. During the next 14 days many people came with their pleas but they could not convince him of God's existence. One man said - "The path of Dharm is the path of Satya (truth) and God is the destination of the path of Satya." Once the Prince said to a man - "Every creation has two things - the Creator and the material with which the creator is creates his things, for example a pot maker is the creator and the earth is the material to make that pot. thus that pot maker is the proof of the creation, we can see him, but in our case, we don't see any proof of the creation. what is the proof our creation?" The man replied - "There are two causes of any creation - Nimitta cause who makes the thing and Upaadaan cause, by which the maker makes the thing. But both the Nimitta and and Upaadaan causes are the same in our world's case. There is only one cause of the dream and that is God." The Prince said - "I want the proof of the God." That man said - "As somebody closes his eyes in front of the Sun, then who can give him proof of the light?"

14 days passed. Nobody could convince the Prince of God's existence. Only the one day remained. the Minister was very worried. His daughter noticed her father's worried face and asked the reason. her father told her the whole story. She exclaimed - "Oh only this much. You take me there tomorrow, I will reply his questions." So next day the Minister took her to the prince's court. The Minister introduced her to the Prince - "She is my daughter and she will answer your questions." The daughter said - "Ask, What o you want to ask about God. I will answer your questions."

The Prince asked his first question - "Where is God?" The daughter said - I need a bowl of milk to answer your question." The Prince got a bowl of milk for her. She asked - "Raajan, What o you see in this bowl?" "Milk." "Only milk? Nothing else?" "yes only milk, nothing else." "But I see the butter also in this milk." "But I cannot see the butter here." The daughter said - "Raajan, As you cannot see the butter here I this milk, and it is there in every drop of milk, in the same way God is there in the whole world and cannot be seen by everybody. As to see the butter, churning the milk is necessary, in the same way churning the thoughts is necessary to see the God in this world. Now what is your second question?"

The Prince said - "My second question is "Where is He looking at?" The daughter said - "I need a candle to answer your this question." The prince got a candle for her. He was looking at her with a surprise as how she was going to answer his question with that candle. She asked - "Raajan, Where is its light going to?" "Everywhere. In no particular direction." "In the same way He is also looking at all the sides. He is omnipresent that is why He can look at every side." The prince had started getting convinced. The daughter again asked - "Now what is your third question?" The Prince asked - "What is he doing now?" The daughter said - "Raajan, You have bee asking me questions, so I am your Guru and you are my disciple. We have a tradition that the Guru's Aasan is higher than the disciple. I am standing here and you are sitting on your throne. So first let me sit on the throne, and you stand before me to get the answer of your question." The prince gave his seat to that daughter and stood in front of the throne. The daughter sat on the throne and said - "God can do everything anywhere. At this hour, he has exchanged the fate of yours with mine. He gave the throne to an ordinary person, and made a King stand in front of that ordinary person. Only He can do this, nobody else." And she got down from the throne respectfully.

Thus she saved the God's idols of temples and developed the faith in Prince towards God.

Episode 36 - Maayaa
Story of Naarad and Krishn

Once Naarad Jee thought about Maayaa and when he could not understand it, he came to Dwaarakaa to Krishn. he asked Him - "What is Maayaa?" Krishn said - "What will you do of Maayaa. You are already Devarshi." "No, I wish to know." "Let us go on a walk." So both Krishn and Naarad set off on a walk. Walking they came in a desert. Naarad Jee complained - "Where have you brought me? It is a desert." Krishn said - "Naarad Jee, You wander in all Lok, this is only a desert, come." After a while Naarad Jee refused to move and they both sat down under a tree. Naarad Jee said - "You wanted to show me your Maayaa. Where is that? Krishn said - "OK, While I show opu my Maayaa, you bring me a glass of water, I am feeling very thirsty." Naarad Jee said - "So you want me to search for water in this desert? No problem, but I am not going to leave you." And Naarad Jee set off in search of water.

Naarad Jee came to a well where some women wee filling water. Naarad Jee continued to look at one woman. he was so much attracted towards her that he met her father and performed the marriage. His father-in-law said that since he had no son, he had to live with him only. Naarad Jee got ready and started living in his in-law's house. After a while Naarad's father-in-law died and people made him the king. He had a few children. He extended his kingdom also.

But one day, his one of the enemies attacked his kingdom and he had to run from there leaving his kingdom. because he did not know how to fight. His family was hungry, so he planned to get some food from across the river. He got a boat and tried to cross the river, but since he did not know rowing the boat. Unfortunately, he lost his family but he could save himself. He started crying - "Help me, Somebody save my family. they are drowning." Krishn was sitting nearby, He woke up Naarad Jee and asked him - "Naarad Jee, Where are you? Where is the water in which your family is drowning? And where is your family? You are never married." Naarad Jee woke up and asked Krishn - "Where am I? And where is my family?" Krishn asked - "And where is my water? You went to bring water for me? One hour passed and you have not brought the water." Naarad Jee said in surprise - "What? One hour passed and I have lived a life?" Krishn said - "Naarad Jee, This is Maayaa."

Episode 37 - God's Incarnations
Story of Ved Vyaas

Ved Vyaas Jee, or Baadaraayan, or Krishn Dwaipaayan divided the Ved in four parts and taught them to his four disciples for the ease of learning, remembering and teaching to other people. Pail, Vaishampaayan, Sumantu, and Jaimini. Since Vyaas Jee expanaded the Gyaan (knowledge) amog the people so much, that is why he is known as the incarnation of knowledge also. Whenever the Dharm is destroyed from the Earth, Bhagvaan incarnates on the Earth. Incarnation is of four types -
(1) Nityaavataar - He is present here all the time in the form of Saadhu, Sant (saints) and great Rishi. That is His Nityaavataar.
(2) Anshaavataar - He incarnates in this form just to fulfill only one work, such as Matsya Avataar, Varaah Avataar, Vaaman Avataar, Mohinee Avataar etc.
(3) Aaveshaavataar - He incarnates in this form for His Bhakt when he is in trouble, such as Narasinh Avataar
(4) Poorn Avataar - He incarnates in this form when He has to do all the above three works - to protect Saadhu, destroying Raakshas and to establish Dharm, such as Krishn Avataar

Episode 38 - Gods, The Cosmic Deities
Story of Akbar and Birbal and Naamdev

Akbar and Birbal
One day Birbal got late in coming in the court. Akbar sent his messenger to him to bring him to the court. When the messenger came, he told that Birbal was worshipping. Some time passed, but still Birbal was not in sight, so Akbar sent his messenger again to bring him. he again told that Birbal was still worshipping. Again some time passed, he again sent his messenger to him to bring him. he again came back and reported that Birbal had to go to a few temples more. Akbar got very angry, but could not do anything so he kept quiet.

After a while Birbal came to court. Akbar asked him - "Why you Hindu have so many gods?" Birbal replied - "Huzoor, You are a King. You are seen by all, but your ruling is not seen." "Yes." "In the same way His forms can be seen but His ruling is not seen. As you have many people in your kingdom to rule the country well, in the same way He also has many Devtaa to rule His kingdom. They all obey Him. They all are the same. Whoever likes whomever, he worships him. Brahmaa creates the world, Vishnu sustains it, and Shiv destroys it. Agni etc Devtaa are called Adhishthaan Devtaa.

Paathar Pooje Hari Mile hari Milen, to mein Poojoon Pahaar
Chaakee koee na Poojaee., pisaa Khaaya Sansaar

Kaankar Paanthar Jod ke Masjid Laee Chunaaya
Taa chadh Mullaa Baang de, Kyaa Baharaa Bhayaa Khudaaya

Once Shiv Jee appeared in Naamdev's dream and asked him to see Vithobaa Khechar before he could livewith him, so Naamdev came to Vithobaa. When Naam Dev came to the village of Vithobaa, he came to know that he was sitting in the Temple. So he directly went to the Temple. He found Vithobaa lying there with his feet towards Bhagvaan's idol. Naamdev got irritated seeing this. He thought that is this the man to whom Shiv Jee has sent him? He does not know even that one should not lie down keeping one's feet towards Bhagvaan's Moorti. But controlling his irritation, he told Vithobaa that he was sleeping keeping his feet towards Bhagvaan's Moorti. He should keep his feet towards another direction. Vithobaa said - "I am very old man, please keep my feet in that direction in which Bhagvaan is not there."

Naamdev immediately lifted his feet and kept the in the direction in which Bhagvaan's idol was not there. But he was surprised to see that as soon as he kept Vithobaa's feet in another direction, Bhagvaan's Moorti also moved in the same direction. He got frightened. He tried several times to keep Vithobaa's feet to keep in the direction in which Bhagvaan's idol was not there, but the idol kept moving in the same direction in whichever direction Naamdev kept Vithobaa's feet. After a while he stood before Vithobaa folding his hands and asked for his forgiveness.

Vithobaa said - "Moorti is only the symbol of Bhagvaan, it is not Bhagvaan itself, we worship Him through it - of Durgaa, Gangaa etc." After this Naamdev's life was changed.



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