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Upanishad Gangaa 39-42

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Upanishad Gangaa 39-42

Upanishad Gangaa Serial started on March 11, 2012, every Sunday, at 10.00 am as a weekly presentation on National TV

Episode 39 - Om: Price of the Gem
Story of Kaarttikeye and Brahmaa

Some people are going across the srage. Sootradhaar says - "What are they looking for in this dark night?" So he stops one man and asks him - "What are you looking for in this dark night?" He saya - "I am looking for a Mantra which if I do Saadhanaa of, it can give me the all comforts and happiness of the world." "Worship Agni." "I worshipped Agni for a long time." He served his Guru for some time and asked him to tell such Mantra. He told a Mantra "OM" in his ears. The disciple recited it for a long time but he could not find anything special in it. Besides he noticed that everybody knew Om and using Om, then how it was special to him? He got bewildered. He again came to his Guru and said - "You gave me that Mantra but I did not find anything special in it. Everybody knows it. It is not a secret Mantra." Guru said - "All right, I will give you another secret Mantra, but before getting that you will have to do my one work." He brought a piece of stone, gave it to the disciple and asked him to take to the market and find out its price, and not to sell it.

The disciple went to the market - to vegetable sellers, to cloth sellers, to other bigger sellers, but they told him that they did not buy stones. He then went to a jeweler and tried to sell that stone. The jeweler immediately asked him - "Where did you get this?" he said - "My Guru has given it to me." He said - "This is a very precious stone, we cannot price it. Even in the whole capital, nobody can evaluate this stone. Even if somebody will price it, he will not price it correctly." and he gave that stone back to the disciple. The disciple came back and told everything to his Guru.

Guru said - "The thing is the same, but the knower is different. Some people know the thing, some do not. Who do  not know the thing, cannot value it, only those can value it who know the thing. Even many people recite Om daily, still they do not know the meaning of Om." Hearing this the disciple fell on the feet of his Guru. Guru Jee further said - "Om is a letter, Om is a word. Om has 3 sounds. Om is the symbol of Eeshwar. Om is Pranav through which Eeshwar is prayed.

Episode 40 - The Creation
Story of Varaah Mihir

How the creation takes place? Kshetrapaal Bandhuvarman was the king of Ujjayinee. He used to discuss many philosophical issues in his court. Who creates the world? As the spider makes his web, lives in it and then eats it all, in the same way Bhagvaan makes this world, enjoys it and then destroys it. What is the origin of the creation of the Universe? Atom? Not atom, not sky. Then is it Shoonya (nothing)? But how something can be created from nothing? Earth revolves around the Sun, or the Sun revolves around the Earth?

Aaryabhat has already told about this - Laghu (small) revolves Guru (large). Whose Ghanatwa is less, it revolves around the thing whose Ghanatwa is more. Varaah Mihir lived in 6th century AD.

Episode 41 - Prahlaad
Story of Prahlaad

Prahlaad was the son of Hiranyakashyap Daitya. When Vishnu had killed his brother HIranyaaksh, he got very angry and became the greatest enemy of Vishnu. He planned to kill Vishnu. But to kill Vishnu was not easy so he did Tap to get extra powers. When he went to do Tap, seeing his city without the king, Indra attacked it and carried away his wife Kayaadhu. Kayaadhu was pregnant at that time. he wanted to kill Kayaadhu so that Hiranyakashyap's lineage is stopped there only. At the same time Naarad Jee came there, stopped him to kill her and took her to his Aashram. He used to tell her God's stories daily. When Prahlaad was born he was very religious and Vishnu Bhakt.

Hiranyakashyap ame back from his Tap with extraordinary powers. Since Hhiranyakshyap was the enemy of Vishnu and the  son was the great devotee of Vishnu, Hiranyakashyap was very angry with Prahlaad. He asked him to worship him only. When Prahlaad did not listen to him, he tried to kill him by several ways, but he always survived. At last he asked him - "Where is your Vishnu?" he thought if Vishnu will come there, at least he would succeed in killing Him. Prahlaad said - "Everywhere." Hiranyakshyap asked - "Here in this pillar too?" "Yes." Hiranyakashya hit it with his fist. The pillar broke and Vishnu came out assuming Narasinh form. After a brief fight Narasinh Bhagvaan killed Hiranyakashyap.

Episode 42 - Janak and Ashtaavakra
Story of Janak and Ashtaavakra

Episode 43 -



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