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Chaanakya TV Serial-Synopsis

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Chaanakya TV Serial-Synopsis
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Chandragupt's mother's name was Saudaaminee. They lived with Saudaaminee's brother. His Maamaa had given him the work of tending th sheep and goats. His Maamaa had a loan of 5,000 Kaarshaapan on his head.

Chaanakya found the boy brilliant and wanted that boy to be trained, but when he asked Chandragupt, he did not get ready to go with him as his Maamaa had the loan of 5,000 Kaarshaapan. He could not leave him under debt. Chaanakya did not have money to pay for the loan of his Maamaa so that he can take him from his Maamaa, so he gave his book "Arth Shaastra", to sell. That boy took the book to some people and asked for 5,000 Kaarshaapan. One man gave him 5,000 Kaarshaapan for that book, and he declared Chaanakya a thief. He then asked the boy - "This book is written by my friend, how did you get it? Where have you stolen it?" Then he met his friend Ajaya. He returned that book.

Chaanakya paid  the loan  of Chandragupt's Maamaa and bought him. he took him to Takshshilaa to educate him. Udayan also studied with him. When Chandragupt completed his education at Takshshiaa, Alexander attacked India. The people of western countries came to Takshshilaa as refugees. Aambhi's son had accepted Alexander's friendship, although his father Aambhi himself did not like it, so he committed suicide. When Chaanakya and his all disciples ----- the flags in the whole Takshshilaa, Aambhi Kumaar got angry, but Chaanakya said - "Then don't let the Yavan come in the country." Aambhi Kumaar did not listen to this.

Chaanakya came to the capital of Kekaya kingdom. Kekaya's Minister was Indradatt. he proved very useful for Chaanakya. He welcomed Chaanakya and his disciples. Chaanakya asked help from Kekaya's Minister, as Aambhi Kumaar had extended his friendship with Alexander. Indradatt told Chaanakya that he would try to explain Poras (the King of Kekaya Desh).

Chaanakya set off to Magadh again, and Alexander attacked again. They came from Sindhu River side. Aambhi Kumaar was killed and Kekaya Desh surrendered to Alexander, but Kekaya soldiers did not want to surrender to Alexander, so Alexander exiled them from Kekaya. Alexander won Maskaavatee, extended friendship with Takshshilaa.

Chaanakya came to Magadh and requested Dhanaanand, the King of Magadh, to protect Bhaaarat. Dhanaanand said - "Throw this Braahman out of my court by holding his Shikhaa (tuft)." Chaanakya said - "Only this Shikhaa will destroy you in the form of a snake."

Takshshilaa gave their forces to Alexander and brought him to Takshshilaa. Alakaa, the princess of Kekaya Desh, wanted to face Alexander. Chandragupt also wanted to go out of the Gurukul, but other Disciple stopped him doing so. Alexander was wandering around that he came to a place where several Rishi were doing Tapasyaa. He asked a Tapaswee (ascetic) to preach him.

Alexander sent a messenger to see Kekaya's King Poras. Poras replied that he would surely come to see him, but he would bring his weapons with him so that he should not think that he was not welcomed as worthy of a King. Poras met him in the battlefield and fought with him very bravely but lost his son and got defeated. Alexander asked him - "How you should be treated?" Poras replied - "As a King treats the other King." Alexander got very happy to hear this reply. He treated him then accordingly.

Chaanakya came to know that Kekaya kingdom has been defeated, so he sent a couple of his disciples to Takshshilaa, and he himself went to Maalav. Alexander's army did not want to proceed to fight, but Alexander was encouraging them to fight. Alexander himself did not come out of his camp and his army did not proceed for the fight.

Chaanakya unified a couple of kingdoms and prepared a local army to wage war with Alexander.
Alexander had died, so everybody in Bhaarat was very happy that now thye foreign rule had ended and they would be completely independent.
Malayaketu was the son of Kekaya Kingdom's enemy.
What is Swa-tantrataa (independence)? Whatever Tantra is ours (Swa), whatever Tantra has been given to us by our ancestora, that is Swatantrataa.
Keep feelings in relations, not Majabooree or Vivashataa.
hastra and Shaastra ---
Vararuchi was an Aachaarya as well as Chief Minister of Magadh King.
When Chaanakya came to Paataliputra (capital of Magadh Kingdom), its condition was very bad. Teachers were were very disappointed. Jain and Bauddha Dharm were spread all around. Teachers had to impart education on that basis too. Since all Gurukul were running on Bhikshaa (alms), people gave alms very less and the teachers and disciples were not able to sustain themselves properly. They were not able to encourage the study and teaching Ved. That is why the Teachers wanted to leave Paataliputra.


Bharat's son Takshak inhabited Takshshhilaa. Janamejaya challenged Indra.

Episode 1
King Dhanaanand, the last heir of the Nand Dynasty rules in Magadh kingdom from his Paataliputra capital. A woman's son Angad has been missing for a few days. Prime Minister Vakraanas blames the Minister Shaktaar when one gold coin is missing from the salary of the workers in the palace.

Episode 2
Shishupaal informs Shaktaar of the new taxes  being imposed by King Dhanaanand. The order of appointing officials for the collection of taxes on wood, gum, stone, leather, etc.

Episode 3
Milind discovers Shaktaar scattering gold coins that were robbed by the King. Milind imprisons Shaktaar and his two sons. Aachaarya Chanak goes out to the streets of Paataliputra, urging the people of the town to revolt and fight against Dhanaanand.

Episode 4
Vishnugupt learns about his mother's death. Due to his fasting, Chanak also passes away in the prison. Prime Minister Vakraanas tells the guard to keep his death a secret. Shaktaar is released and is offered the position of Prime Minister again.

Episode 5
Vishnugupt goes to Takshshilaa. He is asked to stay there and accept the post of a teacher of politics in the Gurukul of Takshshilaa. The King of Kaikaya, Parvateshwar (Poras), has spread an elaborate spy system in Takshshilaa. King Aambhi orders Sinharan to attack the border of Kaikaya.

Episode 6
In a secret meeting, Parvateshwar orders his ministers to attack Takshshilaa. Sushen is accused of being a traitor. Sinharan is being overcome by alcohol and we see the army of Kaikaya riding towards Takshshilaa.

Episode 7
The entire spy network is ready for war. A soldier informs Aambhi about approaching army. After a battle, Aambhi is forced to surrender to Poras. In the palace, Sinharan is asking the people to punish him for the mistakes he has committed.

Episode 8
Vishnugupt meets the boy Chandragupt while he was playing a game, foresees a king in it and decides to become his teacher. In the grand Gyaan Conference Dhananand ridicules all the students and graduates, referring to them as beggars. There is a heated conversation between the two and Vishnugupt leaves the court insulted.

Episode 9
Chandragupt is initiated into the world of studies. His uncle (Maamaa) is not happy with the decision and asks 5000 gold coins from Vishnugupt to give his nephew to him. Chaanakya give him 5,000 gold coins and brings Chandragupt to Takshshilaa. He begins educating his disciples in all fields.

Episode 10
Refugees from western regions arrive at Takshshilaa for shelter. In order to fulfill his ambition, Aambhi Kumaar surrenders to Alexander, Aambhi Raaj commits suicide seeing this. A conflict takes place between Aambhi and Chaanakya, where Aachaarya orders him to leave Gurukul.

Episode 11
Due to the internal conflicts between bordering states of India, Alexander is marching forward after defeating Ashwak, Ashtar and Maskaavatee. After meeting heads of various states, Aachaarya Vishnugupt reaches Paataliputra. His eyes fill with tears as he realizes the pitiful state of India.

Episode 12
After crossing the Sindhu River, Alexander is met by Aambhi Kumar who has arrived with his huge army in order to welcome him. Onisykretos goes into the deep jungle in order to meet the ascetic Kalyaan Rishi. We see a meeting between King Poras (Parvateshwar) and a messenger of Plexamder. The king is discussing surrender.

Episode 13
After defeating the frontier states, Alexander marches towards Kaikaya Desh, where he also defeats King Poras (Parwateshwar). Even as he retreats from India, Alexander continues to kill innocent people on the way. Not discouraged by Dhanaanand's insult, Aachaarya Vishnugupt continues his mission to form a joint resistance.

Episode 14
The armory store of Takshshilaa is set on fire. Vishnugupt is brought to the jailhouse where Anuj Dev questions him. Everybody in the Gurukul is disturbed by Aachaarya Vishnugupt's silence.

Episode 15
Sinharan hands over the post of Commander in Chief to Chandragupt. Vishnugupt addresses all the students and inspires them to rise and revolt against the Greeks. Chandragupt advances with his mercenary soldiers as more and more fighters join him.

Episode 16
The revolt against the Greeks continues to rise. Aambhi Kumaar orders Anuj Dev to imprison the students singing the patriotic songs. Satrap orders the commander in chief of Kaikaya, Vyaaghraped, to hang the revolutionaries. Satrap decides to advance to Takshshilaa.

Episode 17
Indian mercenary soldiers fight against the freedom fighters. Phillipuss, Kritorus, and Chakrapaani are killed and the Greek composite is set on fire. Aachaarya orders Chandragupt, Akshaya, and Sinharan, to proceed to Takshshilaa.

Episode 18
The situation in India after the death of Satrap is described through the medium of paintings and the narrator tells us the incidences that occurred during that time. Vishnugupt inspires him to rise above his own selfish desires and think solely about the nation and it's people.

Episode 19
After Governor's death all the Greek soldiers and officers find their position very shaky. Chandragupt and Sinharan along with their army, continue to wipe out all the traces of Greek rule. Aambhi Kumaar, Chandragupt, Sinharan, Vishnugupt and Parvateshwar receive the news of Alexander's death. They are very happy.

Episode 20
In "Vaaheek Pradesh" all the states have accepted Chandragupt as their leader. Vishnugupt reveals his plans to overthrow the present rule (Dhanaanand's rule) in Magadh. For this he asks his friends for help. Parvateshwar agrees to help Vishnugupt in every possible way.

Episode 21
Chandragupt asks the citizens of Arrat to forget their personal animosity and rise as one nation. Laghu Paurav (younger brother of Paurav Raaj) meets Chandragupt in order to seek his help in getting his kingdom back. Indradatt holds his friend Vishnugupt responsible for all that has occurred.

Episode 22
Vishnugupt reveals his plans to overthrow the present Nand rule in Magadh. Parvateshwar takes a vow to help Vishnugupt. Laghu Paurav and Chandragupt are held captive.

Episode 23
Chandragupt not being recognized is held captive in the jailhouse of Kaikaya Desh (Poras' kingdom). Vishnugupt is unfolding his future plans to Chandragupt and Sinharan. Parvateshwar arranges for a meeting with the king of Kashmeer.

Episode 24
This episode onwards we once again enter Paataliputra. Dhanaanand is lost in the world of drinks. The tax officer gets suspicious as he questions Vishnugupt. Vishnugupt then makes a vow to his dead mother that he will fight injustice and corruption in a shrewdly calculating way.

Episode 25
Bhadrashaal (Senaapati) is upset by the Prime ministers decision to appoint Aachaarya at a high political post in order to stop their departure from the city. Ajaya is in full agreement with Aachaarya Rudra Dev's feelings. Ex-prime minister Shaktaar vows to help Vishnugupt in his mission.

Episode 26
Vishnugupt goes to the land dealer and expresses his desire to buy a vast piece of land. Meanwhile students are roaming around the city making announcements of the oncoming meeting to be conveyed by Aachaarya Rudra Dev. Seeing her husband Ajaya in such an unsettled state of mind makes Maitree very worried.

Episode 27
Vararuchi (Amaatya Raakshas) asks Balagupt to help him in his mission to set things right in Paataliputra. Vararuchi learns through Shriyak (new Prime minister) about Vishnugupt's desire to make a Gurukul and he makes the decision to buy the land.

Episode 28
After meeting Amaatya Raakshas, Viraadhgupt walks around the streets and witnesses a meeting between Shaktaar and Rudra Dev on the other side. Unwilling to rest even at night, Amaatya goes to the local bar, dance hall, gambling house, guest house, etc and asks everybody to be alert. Amaatya then goes to Vilom's residence. Vilom is the same man who had years ago informed Amaatya's father about Aachaarya Chanak's death.

Episode 29
Restless in sleep, Amaatya recalls all the information received by Viraadhgupt. Amaatya goes to Shaktaar's house and both talk about Magadh. Shaktaar reveals his desire to take active interest in the upliftment of the state.

Episode 30
Bhadrashaal reveals his frustrations before Dhanaanand. At the end of the episode we see all the important men in Paataliputra absolutely tensed.

Episode 31
Disciple of Vishnugupt, Shaarang Dev, enters the city and gives his teacher the latest update of Chandragupt's activities. Vararuchi decides to hand over his resignation. Police Commissioner Bhaguraayan (Chief Spy Officer) appoints Susiddhaartak to keep an eye on Vishnugupt.

Episode 32
Vishnugupt goes to meet Bhaguraayan and asks him for help in two missions. Vararuchi gets angry at Amaatya's attempt to curb the rising revolt. Susiddhaartak reveals his true identity to Siddhaartak. He is to take a message to Vishnugupt that the authorities of Paataliputra were keeping an eye on him.

Episode 33
Vishnugupt addresses the intellectual group of the city and urges them to walk on the right path. Later on Dhanaanand questions the mayor of the city and then tells Amaatya to throw out Vishnugupt from the state. Jeevsiddhhi convinces Dhanaanand to give up the thrown and make Sukesh (his elder son) the crown Prince on the advice of Vishnugupt.

Episode 34
The entire city of Paataliputra is in a festive mood as the coronation of Prince Sukesh crowning ceremony announced. On the other side security is getting tighter in the city as commissioner Bhaguraayan surveys the city.

Episode 35
Vararuchi expresses concern over the impending coronation. Amaatya then reveals that he holds Vishnugupt responsible for the entire tension. Away from the complications of Paataliputra, Chandragupt is busy practicing his fighting skills. Bhadrashaal pledges his faithfulness to the king.

Episode 36
Tension mounts in Paataliputra as Pratim, a special spy, arrives from Nepaal. Shriyak worriedly informs Ajaya that Vishnugupt would soon have to leave Paataliputra. Amaatya Raakshas tells Bhaguraayan that Vishnugupt should not be imprisoned under any circumstances.

Episode 37
Viraadhgupt warns the king that Magadh would be forced to teach Nepaal a lesson. Balagupt alerts Bhaguraayan to keep an eye on the commander - Chief Bhadrashaal, Vishnugupt, Shriyak cry out to control his action.

Episode 38
Rumors were spreading around the city of Paataliputra that soon the city would be attacked. Distressed by the King's attitude Vararuchi pleads with Amaatya to stop the war. Sinharan has entered the palace and murdered Prince Sukesh.

Episode 39
The supporters of Commander in Chief Bhadrashaal continued to hunt for Balagupt. Ashwaadhyaksh orders that Balagupt should be killed. Vishnugupt appoints Balagupt the new Commander in Chief. Dhanaanand is taken all over the city and ultimately driven away.

Episode 40
Amaatya and Vishnugupt seek solace in the peaceful atmosphere of a monastery. Vishnugupt sends his special messenger Shonottaraa to Chandragupt asking him to proceed to Magadh. Shriyak tearfully refuses to take the post of Minister in Vishnugupt council.

Episode 41
Only after the procession enters the palace and Shonottaraa leads Chandragupt alone to meet Vishnugupt, it is revealed that the man under the armor was Akshaya, not Chandragupt. Vishnugupt further strengthens his plans by proposing the marriage between Chandragupt and Dhanaanand's daughter Dhaarinee. The Queen appeals to the monk Jeevsiddhi to try and stop the marriage of Chandragupt and Dhaarinee.

Episode 42
Malaya Raaj and the other kings demand that the promises made by Chandragupt should be fulfilled soon. Dhaarinee is pleading with her Dhaaya that she does not want to marry Chandragupt.

Episode 43
Chandragupt tells about his desire to leave the Royal Palace. In a part of the Royal Palace, Chandragupt says to Vishnugupt that he doesn't want to marry Dhaarinee the daughter of Dhanaanand.

Episode 44
Susiddhaartak advises Laghu Paurav to join up with Amaatya Raakshas in order to succeed in his plans. In the Rang Shaalaa of Paataliputra Susiddhaartak introduces Laghu Paurav to Amaatya Raakshas in a secret meeting to conspire together to achieve their goals. Amaatya Raakshas puts Raaj Nartakee Shwetaa in service of Chandragupt to finish him before his marriage to Dhaarinee.

Episode 45
Laghu Paurav senses treachery. He rushes calling for Chandragupt to his room and is killed there. Vishnugupt orders Bhaguraayan to arrest Amaatya Raakshas on the charge of Laghu Paurav's murder. A disciple of Vishnugupt is collecting secret information roaming around the streets of Magadh in disguise.

Episode 46
Shakat Daas arrives on the scene then informs Amaatya as to how Siddhaartak had saved his life. Amaatya gets further entrapped in Vishnugupt's trap as Siddhaartak makes him purchase some jewelry without realizing that the jewelry belonged to Paurav Raaj. Away in the campsite, Bhaguraayan and Susiddhaartak succeed in poisoning Malayketu's (Laghu Paurav's son) mind against Amaatya Malayketu.

Episode 47
Susidhaartak reveals that it was Amaatya who sent him with a message and jewelry to Chandragupt. To add to the tension Sushidhartak reveals that the necklace man by Amaatya was Paurav Raaj. Vishnugupt then recalls Amaatya that the center drama of the jewelry the capture of Shakat Daas was a ploy to get Amaatya back to Paataliputra. He then appoints Amaatya as Chandragupt's Prime minister



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