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Index-Chaanakya TV Serial

Hear are given the details of Chaanakya TV Serial. Chaanakya is a historical figure who made Chandragupt a King in very odd times. He has written two main books - Arth Shaastra and Chaanakya Neeti. With regards to his Neeti (policies), he may be compared to Vidur Jee of Mahaabhaarat and said to be the "Vidur of Kali Yug". He lived in the 4th century BC.

Read its full description on Wikipedia Chanakya. Dwivedi has directed this series. He claims that he researched for more than 9 years and read over 180 books on Chaanakya including his Arth Shaastra. It has been televised in many countries around the world and has won five Uptron Awards. Dwivedi did not want to create a Masaalaa Series like Raamaayan and Mahaabhaaart, thus he conceived as a factual presentation. A huge cast of 300 people is involved in it. Shooting was done in Film City, Bombay erecting magnificent sets, building three cities including Takshshilaa and Paataliputra. Nitin Chandrakant Desai, Art Director, did a lots of research for buildings and the result was a town with 26 structures, four main lanes and six bylanes, all part of a single set. Close attention was paid to costume, weaponry and jewelry. The series gathered much praise for its authenticity, particularly the way it used costumes and similar artistic devices

List of Chaanakya 47 Episodes

Chaanakya  ---- -----------  Aachaarya Chandra Prakash Dwivedi
Chanak  -------------------  Father of Chaanakya
Ajaya  --------------------- Chaanakya's friend
Maitree  ------------------- (Ajaya's wife) Renuka Israni (Gaandhaare of MBH)
Shaarang Dev -------------  Chaanakya's Disciple

Dhanaanand ---------------- King of Magadh (with the capital of Paataliputra)
Sukesh --------------------  Elder son of Dhanaanand
Dhaarinee -----------------  Daughter of Dhanaanand
Amaatya Raakshas  -------  Amaatya of Dhanaanand.  His real name was Kaatyaayan.  (Surendra Pal (Drone of MBH)
Vakraanas  ---------------   Mahaa Mantree of Magadh (First Prime Minister of Magadh)
Shaktaar  -----------------  Mahaa Mantree of Magadh, Prime Minister of Magadh. After Vakraanas.
Vararuchi -----------------  Mahaa Mantree of Magadh (Was he Amaatya Raakshas? - written in Episode 27)
Shriyak  -----------------   Chief Minister of Magadh, son of Shaktaar (Shaktaar had two sons, he was the elder one), Chaanakya's friend
                                         He became the Chief Minister after his father
Bhadrashaal ---------------  Senaapati, Army Chief,  - Irrfan Khan.
Bhaguraayan --------------  Chief Spy Officer.  Brother of Balagupt
Balagupt ------------------  Brother of Bhaguraayan

Poras (Parvateshwar) -----  King of Kaikaya Desh
Paurav Raaj ---------------  King of Paurav
Indradatt -----------------  Minister of Poras, Friend of Chaanakya
Laghu Paurav --------------  Paurav Raaj's younger brother
Malayaketu  ---------------  Laghu Paurav's son

Aambhi --------------------  King of Takshshilaa

Jeevsiddhi ---------------  A Budhist monk
Shwetaa  -----------------   Raaj Nartakee - Neena Gupta
Siddhaartak  ----------- --  Salim Arif
Susiddhaartak ------------  Another spy

Takshshilaa wa the capital of Gaandhaar Desh.
Gaandhaar King's son's name was Aambhi.
Takshshilaa's Crown prince was Prince Aambhi.
Aambhi's son's name was Aambheek.
They used to come to Shubhadaa.

Paataliputra was the capital of Magadh kingdom and its King was Dhanaanand.
Dhanaanand's daughter's name was Dhaarinee or Durdharaa

Somebody took Chaanakya to Takshshilaa from Paataliputra, He went with a group of passengers.
Shreshthee took the money
Chanak, Abhinav Gupt, Dand Neeti was obtaining knowledge of Economics



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