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14-Mohinee Avataar
From Bhaagvat Puraan, 8/4

4th Avataar in 10 Main Avataar and 14th Avataar in 24 Avataar

Mohinee Avataar (Beautiful Damsel Incarnation) is the 4th Avataar of Bhagavaan Vishnu. It happened when Bhagavaan had to save Amrit for Devtaa from Daitya. It had only one purpose and after fulfilling it the Avataar disappeared. Read its prolog Kashchap Avataar first.

When Devtaa and Daitya started churning the Kheer Saagar, many things came out of that sea. They are all famous with the name as Ratn (gems). In all 14 Ratn are well known - see their list here. First came out Halaahal Vish (Kaalkoot poison) and then came out many other things. In the last came out a man carrying the pot of Amrit (nectar or Ambrosia). As he came out both Devtaa and Daitya ran to take the pot from his hands. Daitya were stronger, so they snatched the pot from his hands and ran away with the pot. Seeing this poor Devtaa stood in a flux.

At the same time time they saw a very beautiful woman coming towards them. Daitya also saw her. Both got mesmerized to see her  beauty and just stood at their place as if their feet were glued to the ground. With her attractive gestures She took the Amrit pot from Daitya and promised to distribute it honestly. (This was Vishnu's Mohinee Avataar) She asked them to sit in a line - Devtaa on one side and Daitya on other side. When they had sat, She started distributing the Amrit, but in real She did not give Amrit to Daitya, She gave it only to Devtaa. She gave Daitya liquor.

As She was distributing Amrit to Devtaa only, Raahu named Daitya noticed this and he quietly changed his form to a Devtaa and sat in the ,line of Devtaa between Soorya and Chandramaa. When Mohinee came to distribute Amrit to Devtaa, She gave some to Raahu also. As he was gulping it, Soorya and Chandramaa identified him as a Daitya and reported to Mohinee. Mohinee took out His Chakra (Divine Disc) and separated his head from his body, but by then he had gulped some Amrit. For the same reason he did not die and his both body parts remained alive. Later by the grace of Brahmaa Jee he got the status of planets - his head being Raahu and his body being Ketu. But since Soorya and Chandramaa reported about him to Mohinee, he was very angry with both of them. Now he is always after them. Whenever he gets a chance, he tries to eat them. He gets this chance only on two days - one on certain Amaavasyaa (New Moon day), he tries to swallow Soorya Dev on that day and on certain Poornimaa (Full Moon day), he tries to swallow Chandramaa on that day.

This was Vishnu's Mohinee's Avataar


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