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12-Kashchap Avataar

3rd Avataar in 10 Main Avataar and 12th Avataar in 24 Avataar

Kashchap (or Kachchhap or Tortoise) Avataar (Tortoise Incarnation) is the 3rd main Avataar of Vishnu and the 12th Avataar among 24 Avataar. He assumed this form when ---

Once Devtaa and Daitya fought and both many Devtaa and Daitya were killed. Daitya Guru Shukraachaarya knew Sanjeevanee Vidyaa (the way to bring a dead alive) so he brought all his Daitya alive, but Devtaa could not do anything. So they went to Vishnu and told their saga. Vishnu said - "Presently, you extend the friendship with Daitya and plan to churn the Ksheer Saagar. Use Vaasuki Naag as churning rope and Mandaraachal Parvat as the churning rod and churn it. As you will churn it Amrit (nectar or Ambrosia) will come out from it. You will drink it and then you will become immortal, nobody will be able to kill you."

Devtaa got very happy to hear it and went away. Indra went to Daitya Raaja Bali (at that time Bali was the King of Daitya) and extended friendship with him. When Bali heard the plan, he got very happy and agreed to participate in the plan. A great preparation was made to churn the Ksheer Saagar. Vaasuki Naag was called, but when Mandaraachal Parvat was to be brought, Devtaa and Daitya together could not move it. Then Vishnu sent his Garud to move it. Garud Jee lifted it on his one feather and established it in the Saagar.

Both Devtaa and Daitya used Vaasuki Naag as a churning rope and started churning the sea. Devtaa held Vaasuki's mouth and Daitya held his tail. Daitya saw that Devtaa were holding his mouth, they thought that mouth part may be better that is why Devtaa are holding him from that side, so they said "You hold his tail we will hold him from his mouth side". Devtaa wanted the same so they readily agreed and held his tail.

As they started churning the sea, very high waves started rising in the sea and Mandaraachal started shaking. It could not stay at its place. Then Vishnu took Kashchap form and held it on His back to keep it steady. Then only Devtaa and Daitya could churn the sea.


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