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Read about   Shankaraachaarya

Padm Puraan (6/236/5-12)
Another interesting prediction is that Lord Shiv would appear in Kali Yug as Shankaraachaarya. Shiv says to his wife Paarvatee that he will appear in Kali Yug to proclaim Buddha's religion is false and illusory. He also told that he would propound the Mayaavaad (impersonalist philosophy) emphasizing the indefinable nature of Brahmaa - the great impersonal force

Koorm Puraan (1/30/33-34)
"In Kali Yug, Shankar, Neelalohit, will incarnate for the purpose of establishing rites of the Shraut (Vaidik) and Smaart (based on Smriti) with the desire for the welfare of the devotees. He will teach his disciples the knowledge of Brahm."

Shiv Puraan
Also quotes the Supreme Lord ordering Shiv - "In Kali Yug mislead the people in general by propounding imaginary meanings from the Ved to bewilder them."

How the Supreme Lord can order Shiv to delude the atheists and produce a philosophy and texts to hide the Supreme Being and to make Shiv superior? This is explained in the Padm Puraan (6/71/89-116). Thus it is clear that it was Shiv who appeared in Kali Yug as Shankaraachaarya at the request of Supreme Being. Shiv is the greatest devotee of Lord Vishnu. In the same way, Shankaraachaarya was also a devotee of Lord Krishn. He said - "Worship Govind, Worship Govind, Worship Govind, You intellectual fools. At the end of your life all your grammatical arguments will not help you."



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