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2-Chaitanya Mahaaprabhu

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2-Chaitanya Mahaaprabhu
Read about   Chaitanya Mahaaprabhu

The prophecy of the most recent incarnation of the Supreme Being is that of Shree Chaitanya Mahaaprabhu. His appearance has been predicted in many Vaidik texts which were written many thousands years before Chaitanya appeared on 18th February of 1486, on a Full Moon day at the time of Lunar eclipse time in Shreedhaam Maayaapur, Bangaal, India, North of Calcutta. He was named Vishwambhar and he was the second son of Jagannath Mishra and his wife Shachi Devee. He was known as Nimaaee also as he was born under a Neem tree.

In Atharv Ved
One of the oldest reference is found in Atharv Ved verse starting as -

ito ham krit-sanyaaso vatarishyaami
In this verse the Supreme states - "I will descend as a Sanyaasee, a tall, fair and saintly Braahman devotee after four to five thousand years of Kali Yug have passed. I will appear on Earth near the Ganges shore and with all the signs of an exalted person, free from material desires. I will always chant the holy names of the Lord and only the other advanced devotees will understand Me."

In Saam Ved
Also in a verse of Saam Ved, starting as -   

tathaaham krit-sanyaaso bhoo-girbanah avataarisye
In this verse He says that He will descend to Earth as a Braahman Sanyaasee at a place on the shore of Ganges. Again and again He will chant the names of of the Lord in the company of his associates to rescue the people who are devoured by the sins in Kali Yug.

In Mundak Upanishad (3/3)
This book predicts his coming in a different way, "When one realizes the golden form of Lord Gauraang, he attains the highest knowledge. He transcends both pious and impious activities, becomes free from worldly bondage and enters the Divine abode of the Lord."

In Bhavishya Puraan
Another prophecy about his appearance is found in Bhavishya Puraan. It states -

ajayadhwamaj yadhwam na sanshayah
kaalau sankeertan rambhe bhavishyaami shachee sutah

"The Supreme Lord said - "In Kali Yug, I will appear as the son of Shachee and inaugurate the Sankeertan movement. There is no doubt about this."

aanandaashru-kalaa-romaa-harsh-poornam tapo-dhan
sarve mam iva drakshyaanti kaalau sanyaas-roopinam

"O sage, whose wealth austerity, in the kali Yug everyone will see My form as a Sanyaasee, a form filled with tears of bliss and bodily hairs standing erect in ecstasy."

In Vaayu Puraan
The Supreme Being states here - "In Kali Yug I shall descend as the son of Mother Shachee Devee to inaugurate the Sankeertan movement."



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