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Raam's Calendar

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Raam's Calendar

This information is extracted  from Padm Puraan, Paataal Khand, p 481-484 and has been edited for convenience.

Raam was 15 years old when he was married to Seetaa.
Seetaa was 6 years old then.  ..................................
They lived for 12 years in Ayodhyaa.

Raam was 27 years old when He was sent to forest by Dasharath
Lived 12 years in Chitrakoot
Lived the 13th year in Panchvatee
Raavan abducted Seetaa on Maagh Krishn 8th, in Vrind Muhoort

In the 10th month, Maargsheersh Shukla 9th, Sampaati informed Vaanar that Seetaa was at Raavan's place
(This date is when month used to start from Shukla Paksh, but now when the month starts from Krishn Paksh, it can be taken as Kaartik Shukla 9th.)
On Ekaadashee (11th) Hanumaan took the leap over the sea from Mahendra Parvat
On the same night he entered Lankaa, but saw Seetaa in the last part of the night
He sat on Shinshapaa tree on Dwaadashee (12th) the whole day
On Dwaadashee (12th) night he told the story of Raam to Seetaa
On Trayodashee (13th) he fought with Akshaya Kumaar
On Chaturdashee (14th) he was tied by Meghnaad
He came back to Vaanar on Poornimaa (15th)   ..........
He spent 5 days in searching Seetaa

He spent, from Maargsheersh Krishn 1st to 6th - 5 days on the way to Raam
On the 6th day they destroyed Madhu Van
On the 7th day, Maargsheersh Krishn 7th, they came to Raam
They started for Lankaa on 8th day in Uttarphaalgunee Nakshatra, Vijaya Muhoort in the afternoon
They took 7 days to reach the sea coast - reached there on Maargsheersh Amaavasyaa

They stayed for 3 days on the coast - from Paush Shukla 1st to 3rd
Vibheeshan came to them on Paush Shukla 4th
They had a consultation about crossing the sea on Paush Shukla 5th
Raam kept fast for 4 days - Paush Shukla 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th
Sea came to Raam on Paush Shukla 10th and building the bridge also started the same day
[It is said that the Vaanar built first 20 Yojan on the first day, 40 Yojan on the 2nd day, and 40 Yojan on the 3rd day.]
It ended on Paush Shukla 13th ....  
It took 3 days to finish the bridge

Raam came to Lankaa on Paush Shukla 14th and made arrangement of stay for His army on Suvail Parvat  .....  It took 3 days for Raam's army to cross the sea - from Poornimaa to Dwiteeyaa (Paush Krishn 2nd)

After crossing the sea Raam's army surrounded Lankaa and stayed there for 8 days - from 3rd to 10th
Shuk and Saaran entered Raam'a army on Paush Krishn Ekaadashee (11th)
Shaardool counted Vaanar army on 12th
For the next 3 days - Paush Krishn Trayodashee (13th) to Amaavasyaa - Raavan encouraged his army to fight
Angad went to Raavan on Maagh Shukla Pratipadaa (1st) and Raavan showed Raam's severed head to Seetaa


The Battle continued for 7 days - Maagh Shukla Doyaj to Ashtamee (2nd to 8th)
On Maagh Shukla Navamee (9th) Indrajit tied Raam and Lakshman with Naag Paash
On next day, Maagh Shukla Dashamee (10th) Vaayu Dev told Garud's Mantra Jaap in Raam's ears
Garud Jee came on Ekaadashee (11th)
On Maagh Shukla 12th Raam killed Dhoomraaksh
On Maagh Shukla 13th Raam killed Kampan Raakshas
During next 3 days, Maagh Shukla 14th to Maagh Krishn 1st, Neel killed Prahast
During next 3 days, Maagh Krishn 2nd to 4th Raam pushed Raavan back
Raavan woke up Kumbhkarn in 4 days - Maagh Krishn 5th to 8th
Raam could kill Kumbhkarn in 6 days - Maagh Krishn 9th to 14th
NO FIGHT ON MAAGH AMAAVASYAA - because of Kumbhkarn's killing

Fight started on Phaalgun Shukla 1st and in 4 days, 1st to 4th, 5 Raakshas, Vistantu etc were killed -
From 5th to 7th, Atikaaya was killed
From 8th to 12th - Nikumbh and Kumbh (Kumbhkarn's sons) were killed
From 13th to Poornimaa - Makaraaksh was killed
On Phaalgun Krishn 2nd, Meghnaad won Lakshman
From 3rd to 7th .... 
The fight discontinued for 5 days because of Lakshman
From 8th to 13th - for 5 days the fight continued and Lakshman killed Meghnaad
On Phaalgun Krishn 14th Raavan took Deekshaa for Yagya, so
fight was discontinued for 1 day (14th)

On Chaitra Shukla 1st he again appeared in battlefield
The fight continued for 5 days - Chaitra Shukla 1st to 5th
In the next 3 days - from Chaitra Shukla 6th to 8th, Mahaapaarshwa etc Raakshas were killed
On Chaitra Shukla 9th Lakshman got struck with Meghnaad's Shakti,
    so Raam backed off Raavan from battle field - Hanumaan brings Drone Parvat to treat Lakshman
On 10th Raam fought very severely
On Chaitra Shukla 11th Indra sends Maatali with his chariot
It took 18 days to kill Raavan - from Chaitra Shukla 12th to Chaitra Krishn 14th


Thus there were 87 days of fighting , counting from Maagh Shukla 2nd to Chaitra Krishn 14th
The fight was discontinued only for 15 days, it continued for 72 days
Raavan's last rites were performed on Chaitra Amaavasyaa
Raam stayed in the battle field till Vaishaakh Shukla 1st.
On Vaishaakh Shukla 2nd - Vibheeshan was crowned the King of Lankaa
On Vaishaakh Shukla 3rd - Seetaa was tested by Fire
On Vaishaakh Shukla 4th - Raam started for Ayodhyaa
On Vaishaakh Shukla 5th - Raam came to Bharadwaaj Muni's Aashram
On the day of 6th - the completion of His Vanvaas - He came to Ayodhyaa - Nandi Graam
On Vaishaakh Shukla 7th Raam was crowned the King of Ayodhyaa
Raam was 42 years old and Seetaa was 33 years old at the time of the coronation as the King and Queen of Ayodhyaa.

Then Raam ruled for 11,000 years.



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