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4-Uttar Parv

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9-Bhavishya Puraan, 4-Uttar Parv-102-xxx, p 511

Prakeern (Miscellaneous) Vrat
(Chap 121) Krishn said - Now I tell you many various very secret Vrat.

1. Who worships Ashwatth (Peepal) tree in the morning after taking bath and donate a pot full of sesame seeds, he doesn't have to worry for any work. This Paatra Vrat destroys all sins.

2. One should make an idol of Brihaspati of gold, adorn it with yellow cloth and donate it to a Braahman on an auspicious day. This Vaachaspati Vrat gives power and wisdom.

3. One should stay Ek-Bhukt and donate salt, bitter, Tikt (Teekhaa or hot), Jeeraa (cumin seeds), pepper, Heeng (asofoetida) and Sonth (ginger powder) and Shilaajeet to seven Grihasth Braahman. This called Shilaa Vrat and one attains Lakshmee Lok and good talking skill.

4. One should do Nakt Vrat, and donate cow, clothes, golden Sudarshan Chakra and trident to a Grihasth Braahman saying "Shiv Keshavau Preeyataam". This is Shiv Keshav Vrat which destroys even greatest sins.

5. If one lives with Ek-Bhukt fasting for one year, and donates golden bull and (Til Dhenu (sesame seed cow), this is called Rudra Vrat. This Vrat clears all sins and removes all sorrows. In the end Vratee goes to Shiv Lok.

6. On the day of Panchamee (5th day), if one, after taking bath, donates Grihasth Aashram's seven things - house, mortar, Soop, flat stone to grind, plate, pitcher, and oven (Indian Choolhaa) to a Grihasth Braahman, it is called Grih Vrat. It gives all kinds of comforts. Atri Muni told this to Anasooyaa.

7. Donate a golden lotus flower and a blue lotus flower along with a pot filled with sugar to a Grihasth Braahman. This is called Neel Vrat. Whoever does that he attains Vishnu Lok.

8. One should not massage oil in the body for four months - Aashaadh, Shraavan Bhaadrapad and Aashwin. So in the end one should give a new pitcher filled with oil to a Braahman and feed Kheer with Ghee. This is called Preeti Vrat. By doing this one attains Vishnu Lok.

9. One should abandon yogurt, milk, Ghee, jaggery, sugar and all things made with sugarcane in the month of Chaitra. After, one should worship two Braahman and give them yogurt, milk, two clothes, a pot of sugarcane juice saying "Gauree Mey Preeyataam" This is Gauree Vrat. Who does that he attains Gauree Dhaam.

Thus many Vrat are given here.



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