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3-Pratisarg Parv (4)

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32-Kali Yug Kings

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32-Kali Yug Kings and Kalki Avataar
9-Bhavishya Puraan, 3-Pratisarg (4), p 369-372

These chapters of the fourth Part of Pratisarg Parv of Bhavishya Puraan relates the kings in Kali Yug's 2nd, 3rd, and 4th leg. Account of the last Avataar of the Chatur-Yug - Kalki Avataar, Akshaya Navamee and the beginning of Sat Yug are also given.

Kali Yug Kings

(Chap 24-25) Soot Jee said - "Kali honored Mlechchh on their victory. All Daitya came to Hari Khand by ship. At that time human beings were also very powerful, like Devtaa, in Hari Khand. They fought with them for 10 years but got defeated from them because of their Maayaa war. They they went to Indra. Indra said to Vishwakarmaa - "Bhrami named machines built by you are fitted in all the seven seas, because of them they could not go from one Khand to another Khand, but Maya Daanav has destroyed them now so they can go everywhere. Please protect us."

Hearing this Vishwakarmaa built a Divine Bhrami. It produced a special wind to kill Mlechchh, and that wind produced a son named Vaatya. He destroyed Daitya, Yaksh, and Pishaach and helped Dwij. Vaatya established Mlechchh in their own Varn and stayed on Mandaleek status for 50 years. Thousands of kings were born in his family ands they ruled for 16,000 years and they all were the worshippers of Vaayu Dev.

Kali again went to Bali and told him about Vaatya Vansh (Vaayu's family), so Bali and Kali came to Vaaman Bhagavaan and said to Him - "Pleased with me you created Kali for me but he has been disregarded by Vaatya Dwij. Only a little time is left in Kali Yug's 1st leg to be over, and during this period Devtaa have ruled for more time than me. Please protect my friend Kali Yug." Then Bhagavaan Vaaman produced two Divine sons in the house of Kaam Sharmaa and his wife Devahooti. One was Bhog Sinh, and the other was Keli Sinh. They won Vaatya kings and came in Kalp Kshetra. They reinforced Kali Yug in Maya Daanav built city Raha-kreedaavatee. Later the number of Varnsankar. 

After 2,000 years of this all previous human beings were nowhere seen. At this time Kali's 2nd leg started and Kinnar are now seen everywhere. Their height was only 2 and a 1/2 Haath (Haath = 18", so the Kinnar's height was 45" or a little less than 4 feet), their age was only 40 years and they stopped doing any Karm like birds. In the ending period of Kali Yug neither there will be any marriage, nor will be any king, nor anybody will work. Descendents of Bhog Sinh and Keli Sinh will be on Prithvi for 125,000 years. Therefore Hey Muni, You should come along with me to Krishn Chaitanya."

Vyaas Jee said - Hey Mano, At that time the Muni of Vishaalaapur will go to Krishn Chaitanya and after saluting Him will ask His permission to go to Indra Lok. Then Chaitanya, Aahlaad, Yogee Gorakh, Shankar etc Rudra's part and king Bhartrihari will take all other Muni etc to Dev Lok in Vimaan. Then in the 2nd leg of Kali Yug, Bhog Sinh and Keli Sinh, born from Vaaman, will establish themselves in Kalp Kshetra following Yog path and increase Daitya population.

As the 3rd leg will be setting, Kinnar will start extinguishing gradually, and as 26,000 years of Kali Yug will pass, by the permission of Rudra, Bhring Rishi will produce very mighty Kaulkalp named people from his wife Saurabhee. They will eat all Kinaar. At that time in Kali Yug, their age will be 26 years. Fearful Kinnar will seek the refuge of Bhog Sinh and Keli Sinh, and then there will be a war between Bhog Sinh and Keli Sinh and Kaulkalp. The war will continue for 10 years and Bhog Sinh and Keli Sinh will be defeated and will go to Paataal Lok along with other Daitya.

During that period, Bhring Rishi's creation will be terrible. People will behave like animals with their mothers, sisters and daughters. They will become lusty and produce many sons. In Kali's 3rd leg those creations will also end and they will attain Tiryak Yoni (lower species).

In Kali's 4th leg, a man's age will be 20 years and they will go to Narak after death. At that time they will eat fruits and roots like water and forest animals. All Narak will be filled with these people. Narak will go to Dharm Raaj and say - "We are filled with these sinners. Do something so that we can be normal." Then Dharm Raaj along with Chitragupt will go to Brahmaa Jee in Kali Yug's Sandhyaa Kaal, and Brahmaa Jee will go to Ksheer Saagar along with them. There he will worship Vrishaakapi and pray Him with Saankhya Shaastra Stotra. Then He will say - "This Kashyap will take birth as Vishnuyash in Sambhal Graam for the welfare of the world and his wife's name will be Vishnukeerti.

Vishnuyash will tell the stories of Krishn Leelaa to people, but those evil people will imprison him. Then on Krishn Ashtamee (8th dark fortnight day) of Maargsheersh Maas in a dark night, Kalki Bhagavaan will be born. All Devtaa will also be born for the welfare of the Universe. Kalki will be telling all kinds of stories of Kalp, Manvantar, Avatar, Raadhaa-Krishn etc. In the same reference He will tell Shwet Varaah Kalp's story also."

Kalki's Victory, Sat Yug's Onset, Vaivaswat Manu in Ayodhyaa

(Chap 26) Vyaas Jee said - "Kalki will take sword, shield, wear armor, and riding on a Divine horse will kill Daitya Mlechchh. Then He will practice Yog and because of His Yog this Prithvi will burn to ashes. Then the rain will come and Prithvi will immerse in that rain water. Kali Yug will go back to Bali, and Hari will again start doing Yagya on this beautiful Prithvi. Devtaa will gain strength taking their share from Yagya and will tell all this to Vaivaswat Manu.

Kalki will produce Braahman for His mouth, Kshatriya from His arms, Vaishya from His thighs and Shoodra from His feet. These will be fair, red, yellow and dark complexioned respectively and produce many sons by the grace of Devee. Then by the permission of Kalki Bhagavaan Vaivaswat Manu will take up the kingship in Ayodhyaa. He will produce a son named Ikshwaaku from his will. He will live for 100 Divine years.

When Kalki will do Yagya, then all four Ved will appear in person along with their parts. They will all come there along with 18 Puraan and pray Puraan Purush's part Kalki Bhagavaan. On the Shukla Navamee (9th bright fortnight day) of Kaartik Maas, on Thursday, a man will appear from Yagya Kund. He will guide that Sat Yug and thus [the coming time] will be known as Satya Yug. Braahman and Devtaa will respect that day as the destroyer of all Karm. On this day whoever will worship whichever Devtaa under the Aamalaa tree, the same Devtaa will be under his control. This Navamee is known as Akshaya Navamee or Yugaadi Navamee. This Navamee is the destroyer of all sins. On this day who worships Shaalgraam along with Maalatee and Tulasee under the Aamalaa tree, he satisfies Pitar and is free from the cycle of life and death. Who does Shraaddh under the Aamalaa tree, he gets the fruit of doing thousands of Sharaaddh in Gayaa city; and who does Yagya there, he gets fruit of doing thousands of Yagya. After this Kalki Dev will disappear from there.

After Kalki had left, Daitya with Prahlaad will go to Devtaa to attack them and Indra etc 33 Dev Gan will fight with them with various weapons. This fight will continue till 1 Divine year. Shukraachaarya will bring the dead Daitya alive and Devtaa Gan will abandon the battle ground and go to Ksheer Saagar. Hari will assume a swan form for the welfare of Devtaa. That swan will shine like thousands of Soorya. He will heat up Daitya and Daitya will go to Vital Lok. All Dev Gan will be then fearless and will crown Vaivaswat Manu. He will live for 100 Divine years. At that time human beings' age will be of 400 years.

Dharm has four legs - Gyaan, Dhyaan Sham and Dam. Spiritual knowledge is called Gyaan, concentrating on spirit is called Dhyaan, stabilizing Man (mind) is called Sham, and controlling Indriyaan (senses) is called Dam. Dharm's one leg is of 432,000 years. When Dharm increases, people's age also increases.

Bhavishya Puraan
3-Pratisarg Parv, Chaturth Khand, Ends Here
Bhavishya Puraan 3-Pratisarg Parv Ends Here



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