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3-Pratisarg Parv (4)

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24-Krishn Chaitanya, Vaalmeeki, Shankarachaarya
9-Bhavishya Puraan, 3-Pratisarg (4), p 342-346

The fourth Part of Pratisarg Parv of Bhavishya Puraan is very important with the viewpoint of history. In this part history of all the four legs of Sat Yug, Tretaa Yug, Dwaapar Yug and Kali Yug is given. Besides, the history of the previous births of many Aachaarya, saints, Bhakt poets, is also given. They are said to be the Avataar of 12 Aaditya, 11 Rudra, 8 Vasu, or 2 Ashwinee Kumaar. Special treatment is given to Chaitanya Mahaaprabhu and that he got absorbed in Jagannaath Jee. But there are some incoherencies also which create doubts in their originality.

Krishn Chaitanya

(Chap 10) Brihaspati Jee further told to Indra - "Hey Indra, In the ancient times there lived a Braahman named Vishnu Sharmaa. He worshipped Vishnu so Devtaa also respected him. He subsisted on alms. He had a wife but he had no son. Once a guest came to his house. He pitied on his wife's economic condition and politeness, so he gave her Paaras Mani for three days and told her that even iron would be turned into gold by touching it, and he went to take bath in Sarayoo River. After he left, Vishnu Sharmaa's wife prepared enough gold from it. As Vishnu Sharmaa saw this, he said to her - "You also go there where this master of Paaras Mani is. I am a devotee of Vishnu and I don't collect wealth because of fear of thieves." At this his wife got scared and gave the Paaras Mani to him. Vishnu Sharmaa threw all gold along with Paaras Mani, in Sarayoo River. After three days that guest came back and asked - "Didn't you make gold out of that Paaras Mani?" She said - "My husband threw the gold and that Mani in Sarayoo River. I have been cooking on fire only since then."

The guest was surprised to know this. He waited for Braahman till evening and scolded him in the evening - "You seem to be deluded by Devtaa, because you are poor still you don't want money. Therefore you return my Paaras otherwise I will give up my life." Vishnu Sharmaa said to him - "You go to the banks of Sarayoo River, you will get there your Paaras Mani." and he went along with him and showed him several Paaras Mani lying there. That guest saluted him and said - "I worshipped Soorya for 12 years, then I got this Mani from him, but I got many Paaras Mani only by your Darshan." After saying this to him he attained Moksh. Vishnu Sharmaa lived for 1,000 years, worshipped Soorya and attained Vishnu Lok. The same Vishnu Sharmaa is shining in three Lok in Phaalgun Maas. So you also worship Soorya in Phaalgun Maas and be happy. Indra did that.

Soorya appeared before him and entered the body of Indra. By that Power Indra took the form of a Braahman, Shachee also assumed the form of a Braahman woman. After one year, Shachee gave birth to a Divine boy in Braahm Muhoort, on Thursday, on Bhaadrapad Shukla Dwaadashee (12th day of bright fortnight). He was the part Avataar of Vishnu. At that time all Devtaa prayed him to kill Diti's sons in Kali Yug. The same child got known as Shree Krishn Chaitanya.*

* Note - This Krishn Chaitanya is different from Chaitanya Mahaaprabhu - see Chaitanya Mahaaprabhu.

Vaalmeeki Jee

After this prayer, Devtaa asked Brihaspati Jee - "How we will incarnate on Prithvi?" Brihaspati Jee said - "With regard to this I tell you another story. In ancient times there was a very low level Braahman named Mrigvyaadh. He used to kill Braahman going on the way by his bow and arrow. So Braahman came to Brahmaa Jee to do something about this. Brahmaa Jee sent Saptarshi to him. When Mrigvyaadh saw them , he said to them also - "Today I will kill you." Mareechi said - "Tell us why will you kill us? For yourself or for your family?" Mrigvyaadh said - "I will kill you for both." Saptarshi said - "Go and ask your family that who will share your sin of Brahm Hatyaa?" He went to his family and asked - "Will you share my sin as you have shared my wealth?" His family said - "We will not do so, because this Prithvi and Soorya are witness that we have not committed any sin."

Hearing this that Braahman said to Rishi - "Tell me the way so that my all Paap (sins) are washed away." Rishi said - "There is one Mantra - name of Raam. It washes every kind of sin. We are now going. You do Jaap of this Mantra till we come back." And Rishi went away. That foolish Vyaadh (hunter) continued his Jaap of "Maraa, Maraa" for 1,000 years. By its effect that forest was filled with lotus flowers, and since then that place became known as Utpal Aranya. Later Saptarshi came to him and found him hidden under the anthill. They broke the hill, brought him out and said - "Because of coming out of a Valmeeki, you will be called Vaalmeeki and you will be famous by this name only." And Saptarshi went to their Lok. Later he wrote Raamaayan in poetry form with 1 billion (100 Crore) Shlok under 18 Chapters. And he lived there only in the form of Shiv.

* Note - Vaalmeeki's original name and some other information like the Vyaadh met Naarad Jee, not the Saptarshi, do not match with his biographical information given in other sources. Still it is the story of Vaalmeeki Jee.

Jagat Guru Shankaraachaarya Jee

Now you listen to account of Mrigvyaadh Shiv's life. Brahmaa Jee did a Yagya in Utpal Aranya in the first Sat Yug of Vaivaswat Manvantar (7th Manvantar - the present Manvantar). There came Saraswatee in the form of the river. Brahmaa Jee created Braahman from his mouth, Kshatriya from his arms, Vaishya from his thighs and Shoodra from his feet. He created Som (Moon), Soorya, Kashyap, Mareechi, Ratnaakar (sea) and Prajaapati etc. Daksh produced several daughters through his brain. Daksh gave 27 Nakshatra daughters to Som , 13 daughters to Kashyap, Keerti etc daughters to Dharm. He created many creations in Vaivaswat Manvantar. Daksh was appointed as their Prajaapati. All Devtaa greeted him but Mahaadev never greeted him. Daksh got angry at this and he didn't offer share to him in Yagya.

Mrigvyaadh Shiv got angry at this and appeared as Veerbhadra in that Yagya. Along with him were Trishiraa, Trinetra and Tripad Shiv Gan also. At that time Yagya Purush assumed the form of a deer and ran away in fear. Shiv also assumed the form of a Vyaadh (hunter) and scattered his body parts. Then Brahmaa Jee pleased Rudravyaadh. Then Mrigvyaadh completed Daksh's Yagya. When Soorya entered Tulaa Raashi (Libra Sign), Brahmaa Jee established that Soorya with 27 Nakshatra Lunar system and went to his Lok. Now that Shiv became handsome like Chandra. Hearing this Veerbhadra Rudra created a Tej (Power) from his body and sent it in the house of Vipradatt. The same Tej got known as Shiv Shankar (Shankaraachaarya). That child was very qualitative, learned and Brahmchaaree. He wrote "Shankar Bhaashya" and propagated "Shaiv" Dharm and gave Tripundra, Aksh (Rudraaksh) rosary and Panchaakshar Mantra (Om Namah Shivaaya)."

Giri Sharmaa, Van Sharmaa, and Puree Sharmaa

(Chap 11) Brihaspati Jee further said - "In ancient times there lived a Braahman named Ajagar. He was very learned and a great devotee of Shiv. He pleased Rudra by physical worship in 12 years. Shiv bestowed him with Gyaan and salvation. Then that Braahman pleased Sankarshan Bhagavaan through prayers. He bestowed him his closeness and in the end he became Bhagavaan's ornament - Sarp (snake). He had thousand heads and was of fair complexion. He lived in Ksheer Saagar. Brahmaa Jee himself came and established him in the lunar system and he became like Chandramaa." Then Shesh Naag Rudra happily created Tej from his mouth and sent to Devadatt Braahman's house in Vindhya Desh and the same Power was born as Giri Sharmaa in his house. He came to Kaashee city and became the disciple of Shankaraachaarya."

Soot Jee said - "Hey Muni, Now you listen to another story told by Brihaspati Jee. Brihaspati Jee said - "Indra, In earlier times, there lived a Braahman named Nairrit in Prayaag. He was very poor. He got alms after very hard work. Once Naarad Jee came to him and said - "Devtaa live in the whole universe, and Devtaa of all Devtaa is Bhav (Shankar Jee), therefore you worship Bhav, he will surely fulfill your desire." Hearing this he worshipped Shankar Jee by physical worship. Shiv gave him lots of wealth like Kuber. He did lots of Dharm by that wealth. So by the effect of Shiv Bhakti he lived for 1,000 years without any obstacle and then went to Swarg. When Soorya entered Vrish Raashi (Taurus Sign) he became like Chandramaa and got famous as Nairrit Rudra." Soot Jee said - "The same Nairrit was born in the house of a learned Braahman as his son in Girinaal Parvat and was known as Van Sharmaa. He defeated many learned people in discussions at the age of 12 years only. Later he also became the disciple of Shankaraachaarya."

Brihaspati Jee further said - "Devendra, There lived a Braahman named Vasu Sharmaa in Maahishmatee Nagaree. He did physical worship with the desire of a son. After long efforts, Shiv Jee asked him to ask for a Var. He asked for a son. Shankar Jee said - "Vats, Putra is not in your Destiny, still I am giving you a son from my Tej." He created a Tej and a son was born in his house from that Tej. His one foot was human and the other foot was of an Aj, that is why he got famous by the name of Ajaikpaad. When he was four years old, Mrityu Dev came with his Gan, he fought with them very bravely, conquered them and in the end got famous as Mrityunjaya. When Soorya entered Kumbh Raashi (Aquarius Sign) Brahmaa Jee appointed him the Lord of Lunar system in the form of Bhayahaaree Rudra."

Soot Jee said - "The same Ajaikpaad appeared as Puree Sharmaa in Maahishmatee Nagaree; and then appeared as the son of Yatidatt. He became learned in the age of 16 years, defeated other learned people in discussions and became the disciple of Shankaraachaarya.



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