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3-Pratisarg Parv (4)

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21-Rise of Aachaarya-1
9-Bhavishya Puraan, 3-Pratisarg (4), p 333-335

The fourth Part of Pratisarg Parv of Bhavishya Puraan is very important with the viewpoint of history. In this part history of all the four legs of Sat Yug, Tretaa Yug, Dwaapar Yug and Kali Yug is given. Besides, the history of the previous births of many Aachaarya, saints, Bhakt poets, is also given. They are said to be the Avataar of 12 Aaditya, 11 Rudra, 8 Vasu, or 2 Ashwinee Kumaar. Special treatment is given to Chaitanya Mahaaprabhu and that he got absorbed in Jagannaath Jee. But there are some incoherencies also which create doubts in their originality.


(Chap 7) Rishi asked - "What did Brihaspati tell them about Soorya?" Soot Jee said - "He told them thus - "Hey Dev Gan, At one time Dhaatra Sharmaa named Braahman pleased Brahmaa Jee to get a son in Barhishmatee (Bithoor) Nagaree. After five years Brahmaa Jee got pleased and he gave him the Var of three children - one son, one girl, then one son again. He did have these children. As they grew older, he worried about their marriage. So he pleased Tumbaru Gandharv to find them good matches. He gave him Var to fulfill his wishes. He got very happy to get son-in-law and daughters-in-law, but he was worried now for the expense in their marriages. He was now 60 years old. He pleased Kuber so he gave him lots of money and a Mantra to make gold. He got older and was near to death, so seeing his this condition he pleased Shiv Jee. Shankar Jee bestowed him with knowledge in one month only.

Dhaatra Sharmaa, then worshipped Soorya by fasting on Sunday. Soorya got pleased in five years and asked him, "What do you want?" Dhaatra Sharmaa said - "Please give me Moksh." Soorya said - "There are four types of Moksh - (1) Saalokya (living in the same Lok) through Tap, (2) Saameepya (nearness) through Bhakti, (3) Saaroopya (becoming the same form) through meditation, and (4) Saayujya through Gyaan. Eeshwar is the Lord of all types of Moksh. You will get Saayujya Moksh and it will stay till one Manvantar." After saying this Soorya Dev got disappeared and the Braahman got the Var of Moksh.

Thus Soorya gave him Darshan in Chaitra Maas and said - "I will be born in Bang Desh and fulfill Devtaa's job." After saying this Soorya produced Tej (fire) from his mouth and gave it to his Bhakt and Braahman's wife Sukanyaa. So the same Dhaatra Sharmaa who got Moksh through Soorya's worship, was born in Kaavyakartaa house with the name of Eeshwarpuree."

Soot Jee said - "I told you what Brihaspati told me. He told me another story too, listen to that also. A Braahman named Mitrasharmaa lived in Maayaavatee (Haridwaar). When Brihaspati entered Kumbh sign, many kings and people came there. There came a princess Chitrinee also - the daughter of Kaamsen of Daakshinaatya. She was 12 years old. Mitrasharmaa saw her, she also saw him and was attracted to him. After she had come home she started praying Soorya Bhagavaan to get him as her husband. Mitrasharmaa also started Paath of "Aaditya Hridaya Stotra" daily at the time of taking bath in Gangaa River, standing in the middle of the river, in the month of Vaishaakh. After one month Soorya Bhagavaan gave him Var to fulfill his desire, and he came back home. Chitrinee also got the Var to fulfill her desire. Soorya Bhagavaan told Kaamsen to marry his daughter to Mitrasharmaa. Kaamsen did so.

After the marriage both used to observe fast for Soorya Dev daily and worship Soorya Yantra writing on a copper pot with red flowers. They lived for 100 years but they were healthy. After their death they got Saameepya (nearness) of Soorya Dev. Soorya Dev appeared as their son in Kaanyakubj and got famous as Raamaanand. He abandoned his parents and became the Bhakt of Raam. Thus Raamaanad was born from the part of Soorya Bhagavaan."

Soot Jee said - "Brihaspati Jee further said - "Hey Indra, Now you listen to the story of Soorya of Jyeshth Maas. In ancient times there was a Braahman named Aryamaa in Sat Yug. He was a very religious man. His wife was the daughter of king Shraaddhyagya, named Pitramatee. She gave birth to seven religious sons. At one time Aryamaa pleased Soorya Bhagavaan for wealth through several types of worship. In Jyeshth Maas, Soorya Dev gave him a Divine Mani (gem). It used to give him one Prasth gold. He used to spend that money on Dharm Karm. He lived for 1,000 years and in the end he got Soorya Lok. There he lived in the form of Soorya Roop for 100,000 years. That is why you also worship Soorya Bhagavaan."

Nimbaark Aachaarya

So Indra worshipped and pleased Soorya with his prayers. Pleased with them he said to Devtaa - "Dev Gan, By the order of Shree Krishn Sudarshan will be born in Dwaapar Yug. He will be born as Nimbaaditya (Nimbaarkaachaarya) and will rejuvenate deteriorating Dharm." Soot Jee further said - "Now you listen to about Nimbaark's life which was told by Krishn. Krishn said to Sudarshan - "You go and fulfill the Devtaa purpose by my order. There is a Tailang named Desh on the banks of Narmadaa River in south of Meru Parvat. You be born there, learn something from Naarad and spread Dharm in the areas of Mathuraa, Naimish Aranya, Dwaaraavatee, Sudarshan Aashram etc. Thus Sudarshan was born on Prithvi.

There lived a Muni named Arun in Sudarshn Aashram born in Bhrigu Vansh. His wife's name was Jayantee. Arun got the Tej (Power) of Sudarshan Chakra of Vishnu by meditating upon it, and his wife got that Tej from him. Because of Tej, Jayantee shone like Chandramaa. In the evening of Poornimaa of Kaartik Maas when Chandramaa was in Vrish Raashi (Taurus sign), in Krittikaa Nakshatra, and five planets were in their high places, in Mesh (Aries) Ascendant, Nimbaaditya was born. He spread Ved Dharm. Once Bhagavaan Brahmaa came in the Aashram of Nimbaark and said, "I am very hungry, that is why I have come to you. Till Bhagavaan Soorya is in sky, please give me some food." Nimbaark gave him some food, but Soorya had reached Astaachal by that time, so Nimbaark Muni established Sudarshan's Tej on a lemon tree. Brahmaa Jee got surprised to see that Tej, so he saluted that child Muni who was shining as second Sun and said. "You will be known as Nimbaaditya on this Prithvi.

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