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3-Pratisarg Parv (4)

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19-Origin of Braahman

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19-Origin of Braahman
9-Bhavishya Puraan, 3-Pratisarg (4), p 327-329

The fourth Part of Pratisarg Parv of Bhavishya Puraan is very important with the viewpoint of history. In this part history of all the four legs of Sat Yug, Tretaa Yug, Dwaapar Yug and Kali Yug is given. Besides, the history of the previous births of many Aachaarya, saints, Bhakt poets, is also given. They are said to be the Avataar of 12 Aaditya, 11 Rudra, 8 Vasu, or 2 Ashwinee Kumaar. Special treatment is given to Chaitanya Mahaaprabhu and that he got absorbed in Jagannaath Jee. But there are some incoherencies also which create doubts in their originality.

Origin of Braahman-Shukla Vansh

(Chap 3) Soot Jee said - "Now I will describe Shukla Vansh. When Shree Krishn left Dwaarakaa and had gone to His Param Dhaam, Kali Yug set in. After 4,400 years of Kali Yug had passed, and Bhaarat was afflicted by Mlechchh. Nyooh named Yavan had spread Mlechchh all over the world. When 1,000 years of Kali Yug had passed Indra sent a Braahman named Kaashyap in Brahmaavart. Dev Power Aaryaavatee married him and they had 10 sons. Later Kaashyap came to Mishra Desh (Egypt). He brought 10,000 Mlechchh, who were born in Egypt, to his place and made his disciple. He inhabited them in the middle of Saraswatee and Drishdwatee rivers after seven Puree got destroyed. Then he called his son Shukla, preached him Manu Dharm and sent him to do Tap on Raivat mountain. He taught Manu Dharm to his other nine sons and disciples too.

Shukla pleased Vaasudev by his Tap and Vaasudev showed him His Dwaarakaa Nagaree. After approximately 2,000 years passed, he went to Arbud Parvat by Agni Dwaar and defeated Bauddh with the help of his three brothers and Dwij. He again inhabited Dwaarakaa by the grace of Krishn. 

By the grace of Naaraayan, Shukla had a son named Vishwaksen (20 yrs)
Vishwaksen's son was Jayasen (30 yrs)
Jayasen's son was Visen (50 yrs)
Visen had two children - one daughter Pramodaa, and a son named Mod Sinh. He married
    Pramodaa to Vikram, handed over his kingdom to Mod Sinh
Mod Sinh's son was Sindhuvarmaa - he abandoned his patriarchal place and ruled 
    from Sindhu River's banks. Thus that area got famous as Sindhu Desh.
Sindhuvarmaa's son was Sindhydweep
Sindhudweep's son was Shreepati - he married Kaachchhapee born in Gautam Vansh
     and living in Kachchh. He won Pulind people and Yavan and inhabited a country. That
    country got known as Shreepati Desh.
Shreepati's son was Bhujvarmaa - he won Shabar and Bheel and inhabited a country
    named Bhuj Desh,
Bhujvarmaa's son was Ranvarmaa
Ranvarmaa's son was Chitravarmaa - he inhabited a Chitra named city in the middle of
    a forest.
Chitravarmaa's son was Dhramvarmaa
Dharmvarmaa's son was Krishnvarmaa

Krishnvarmaa's son was Udaya - he inhabited a beautiful city named Udayapur
    in the middle of a forest
Udaya's son was Vaapyakarmaa - he built many ponds, wells and palaces.
    At the same time a king named Beerbalad, dependent of Mahaamad, invaded
    Vaapyakarmaa, but he defeated him and celebrated Krishn Utsav.
Vaapyakarmaa's son was Guhil
Guhil's son was Kaalbhoj
Kaalbhoj's son was Raashtrapaal (10 yrs) - he abandoned his paternal place and
    worshipped Shaaradaa Devee. He attained Vaishnavee Power. Pleased with his
    Tap Shaaradaa Devee gave him Mahaavatee city protected by Manidev.

Raashtrapaal had two sons - Vijaya and Prajaya. Prajaya left his home and did Tap for Shaaradaa Devee on the banks of Gangaa for 12 years. Shaaradaa Devee appeared before him in the form of a girl (Kanyaa) playing a flute and riding a horse. She asked him - "O prince, Why are you worshipping Shivaa? You will soon get thr fruit of your Tap by me." Prajaya said - "I salute you. Please give me a new city. Hearing this Devee gave him a beautiful horse and she went away towards south playing her flute. Prajaya followed her on that horse closing his eyes towards west. He arrived at a place where there was a Pakshiraat, named Markan. He got scared to see that so he opened his eyes. He saw a beautiful city. In its northern side was Gangaa, in its south was Paanduraa, in its west was Eeshsaritaa, and in its east was Markan bird's place. This place was a little odd shaped. Because of being built by a girl (Kanyaa) and being a little odd shaped, it became famous by the name as Kaanyakubj. Prajaya ruled for 10 years.

Prajaya's son was Venuk - because of playing flute, his name was Venuk. He married
    Kanyaamatee born by the grace of Devee. 
Venuk had seven daughters from her - Sheetalaa, Paarvatee, Kanyaa, Pushpvatee,
    Govardhanee, Sindooraa and Kaalee. The same got famous as Braahmaa,
    Maaheshwaree, Kaumaaree, Vaishnavee, Vaaraahee, Indraanee and Chaamundaa.
    After these she gave birth to a son named Yashovigraha (20 yrs)
Yashovigraha's son was Maheechandra (20 yrs)
Maheechandra's son was Chandradev
Chandradeev's son was Mandpaal (10 yrs)
Mandpaal's son was Kumbhpaal (20 yrs) - Mahaamod, a Mlechchh, was the king of Raajneeyaa
    named city. He had collected lots of money by robbing many countries. He went to Kumbhpaal
    and gave him lots of money to him.
Kumbhpaal's son was Devpaal (20 yrs) - he married the daughter of Anangpaal*,
    Chandrakaanti, and won Kaanyakubj also.
Devpaal had two sons - Jayachandra and Ratnbhaanu. Jayachandra got the kingdom by winning
    east side, and Ratnbhaanu got the northern side.
Ratnbhaanu's son was Lakshan - he was killed in Kurukshetra war.

Thus Vaishyapaal, Kumbhpaal and Shukla Vansh ended here. After Lakshan of Shukla Vansh died, all principal kings died in Kurukshetra, The remaining kings became spoiled with Varnsankar.

* Note - Was he the same Anangpaal whose daughter Keertimaalinee was married to Someshwar and had three sons? See last page.

Parihaar Vansh and Shoor Vansh of Bengal

(Chap 4) Soot Jee said - "Hey Shaunak Jee, Now you listen to Parihaar Vansh. Parihaar, knower of Atharv Ved, won all Bauddh and worshipped Devee. Pleased by his worship, Devee built a beautiful city of 1 and 1/2 Yojan extension on Chitrakoot mountain. Kali was imprisoned in this city and that is why Kali never enters this city, that is why this city got known as Kalinjar. Parihaa ruled there for 12 years.

Parihaar's son was Gaurvarmaa (12 yrs) - later he gave this kingdom to his younger brother
     Ghorvarmaa and he himself moved to Gaud Desh.
Gaurvarmaa's son was Suparn
Suparn's son was Roopan
Roopan's son was Kaarvarmaa (Kaamvarmaa) (50 yrs)
Kaamvarmaa had a son Bhogvarmaa and a daughter Bhogvatee. He married his daughter to Vikram.
Bhogvarmaa's son was Kaalivarmaa (50 yrs) - he worshipped Mahaakaalee and she  appeared
    herself to give him Var. Pleased with him she showered buds of various flowers which created
    a beautiful city named Kalikaataa Puree (present day Calcutta)
Kaalivarmaa's son was Kaushik (50 yrs)
Kaushik's son was Kaatyaayan (50 yrs)
Kaatyaayan's son was Hemvat (50 yrs)
Hemvat's son was Shivavarmaa (50 yrs)
Shivavarmaa's son was Bhavavarmaa (50 yrs)
Bhavavarmaa's son was Rudravarmaa (50 yrs)

Rudravarmaa's son was Bhojvarmaa - he abandoned his father's kingdom 
    and built his kingdom, named Bhoj Desh, in a forest.
Bhojvarma's son was Gavavarmaa
Gavavarmaa's son was Vindhyavarmaa - he gave his kingdom to his younger
    brother and went to Bang Desh (Bengal)
Vidhyavarmaa's son was Sukhsen
Sukhsen's son was Balaak (10 yrs)
Balaak's son was Lakshmansen
Lakshmansen's son was Maadhav
Maadhav's son was Veshav
Veshav's son was Sursen
Sursen's son was Naaraayan
Naaraayan's son was Shaantivarmaa - he inhabited a city on the banks of Gangaa River.
Shaantivarmaa's son was Nadeevarmaa
Vadeevarmaa's son was Gangaadatt (20) yrs) - he inhabited Nadeehaa (Nadiyaa)
    city in the direction of  Gaud (Dhaakaa) Desh. He called a Vidyaadhar who protected this city.
    Gangaa Vansh started from him only.

Gangaadatt's son was Shaarngdev (10 yrs) - he went to Gaud Desh
Shaarngdev's son was Gangaadev (20 yrs)
Gangaadev's son was Anang (20 yrs) - he was the king of Gaud Desh
Anang's son was Raajeshwar
Raajeshwar's son was Narasinh
Narasinh's son was Kalivarmaa - he won the king of Raashtra Desh and ruled from Mahaavatee.
Kalivarmaa's son was Dhritivarmaa
Dhritivarmaa's son was Maheepati (20 yrs) - by the permission of Jayachandra he inhabited
    Urveemaayaa (Urveeyaa) named famous city. When all Chandra Vanshee kings were killed in
    Kurukshetra war, then Maheepati became the king of Mahaavatee.

Later all kings who were born from the part of Suyodhan (Duryodhan), were killed by Sahoddeen (Shaahbuddeen Goree) in Kurukshetra. Parihaar's son Ghorvarmaa ruled in Kalinjar. His son was Shaardool. All his descendents were known as Shaardooleeya. By the grace of Mahaamaayaa the whole land was filled with kings born in  Shaardool Vansh.

Hey Shaunak Jee, As all sins are destroyed by remembering Soorya and Chandra Vansh, in the same way this Agni Vansh also makes a man holy. Now I will describe the Vansh in which Hari Himself was born.



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