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8-Agni Puraan

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11-Shraaddh in Gayaa

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11-Shraaddh in Gayaa
8-Agni Puraan, Ch 115-117, p 242-254

How to go to Gayaa; How to do Shraaddh; Story of Gayaasur

Shraaddh in Gayaa

Agni Dev said - "Hey Vashishth, If a person wishes to go to Gayaa, he should perform Shraaddh methodically, assume the guise of a pilgrim, and travel on foot everyday. As Pitar see their sons in Gayaa, they start celebrating. There are four means of Mukti - Knowledge of Brahm, Shraaddh in Gayaa, dying in a Goshaalaa (where cows are kept) and living in Kuru Kshetra. Feared with Narak, all Pitar wish that their son will go to Gayaa, perform our Shraaddh and will send us to Swarg. Shaving the head and fasting are common for all Teerth. There is no special time in Gayaa Teerth. Who lives there for three fortnights, (1 and 1/2 months), he purifies his 7 generations.
[Then the method of doing Shraaddh is given]

One should take a dip in Brahm Sarovar. Gayaa region is of 5 Kos. One Kos area is only for Gayaa Sheersh. If one does Pind Daan there, he uplifts his 100 generations. In Mundprishth, Mahaadev had kept his foot, at the same place Gayaasur's head is also there, that is why it is called Gayaa-Shir. At the same place is Phalgu River where the Daan given in the name of Pitar is indestructible. Who takes a dip in Dashaashwamedh Teerth, does Brahmaa Jee's Darshan, and then touches Rudrapaad, he does not take rebirth in this world. Vishaal did Pind Daan in Gaya Sheersh and got a son.

It is said that there was a king in Vishaalaa Nagaree named Vishaal. Once he asked Braahman - "How will I get son?" Braahman said - "You will get everything by doing Pind Daan in Gayaa." Vishaal did Pind Daan in Gayaa. At that time he saw 3 men in the sky who were white, red and black. Vishaal asked them - "Who are you?" The white man said - "I am your father, my color is white. I went to Indra Lok by my good deeds. This red color man is my father and this black color man is my grandfather. They were in Narak, today you have freed us all, and now we are going to Brahm Lok." and all got disappeared." Vishaal got sons, grandsons etc.

There was a leader of Pret who was very grieved along with his other Pret. One day he said to a trader about his grief and for his Mukti - "I have done only one Punya whose fruit I am enjoying here. In earlier times, in the Yog of Shravan Nakshatra and Dwaadashee, I did Kumbh Daan along with grains and water. The same comes here on every mid-day to protect our lives. You take money from us, go to Gayaa and do Pind Daan for us." The trader took the money, went to Gayaa and did Pind Daan for them. All Pret became free and went to Hari's Dhaam. One should do Shraaddh and feed Braahman under Akshaya Vat. If one feeds one Braahman here he gets the Punya of feeding millions of Braahman; and if one feeds several Braahman here, there is nothing to say about it. Whatever is given here in the name of Pitar, it is indestructible.
[Then 116th Ch is on "How to do Shraaddh?"]

Shraaddh Kalp

To do Shraaddh Kalp, one should do Shraaddh every Amaavasyaa. There are (1) "Ekodrisht Shraaddh", (2) Sa-Pindeekaran Shraaddh, (3) Aabhyudayik Shraaddh, (4) Kaamya Shraaddh - This Shraaddh is done with some wish. A Shraaddh done on Pratipadaa is to get wealth; on Dwiteeyaa to get a good wife; on Chaturthee to fulfill desires and for Dharm; on Panchamee to get son; on Shashthee to become a good man; on Saptamee for gains in agriculture; on Ashtame to get wealth; on Navamee to own 1-Khur animals, horse etc; on Dashamee to own cows; on Ekaadashee to grow family; on Dwaadashee to grow money; on Trayodashee to be a good man among own people; on Chaturdashee only those people's Shraaddh is done who are killed by any weapon; Amaavasyaa is for all.



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