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14-Vishnu's Worship

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14-Vishnu's Worship
6-Naarad Puraan, 1-Poorv Bhaag, p 130-145

Vishnu's Worship

Naarad Jee said - "Bhagavan, Now you tell me, how Vishnu is pleased." Sanak Jee said - "If you desire Mukti, then worship Naaraayan with your full heart and mind. Because who has taken shelter in Vishnu, enemies cannot kill him, planets cannot afflict him, and Raakshas cannot raise their eye at him. One should consider only those feet blessed which go to Vishnu temple to worship Him, or only those hands blessed which always worship Vishnu, or only that tongue blesses which always sings Keertan of Hari. Therefore you also worship Hari.

This body is related to death, life is very unstable, wealth also comes and goes and is destroyed in a moment. Half life goes in sleep, and some is spent in doing all other necessary daily activities. Some part is gone in childhood and some is gone in enjoying pleasures, and some is gone in old age, then when will you do Dharm? Therefore one should do all Dharm Karm in young age only. The human being gets this life after spending millions of lives in lower species. In this life also, it is the fruit of some Punya of previous life, if one's mind is inclined towards Hari's worship. This is very sad that in spite of knowing all things very well about this body's mortality, people do not worship Shree Hari. All kinds of sorrows are destroyed by pronouncing the words Achyut, Anant, Govind. Whoever worships Bhagavaan with true devotion, he goes to His Param Dhaam. There is an ancient story in this regard.

Hey Naarad, In Raivat Manvantar, there lived a Braahman named Vedmaalee. He knew Ved very well and was kind to everybody. Although he used to worship Hari all the time, but somehow later he got busy in earning money for his family. Whatever should not be sold, he started selling it, he started taking money from low caste people. After some time he had twins - Yagyamaalee and Sumaalee. He brought them up with great affection. Vedmaalee earned a lot of money and one day he sat down to count it. It was a lot of money. He got very happy to see it, but at the same time he thought, "I have earned so much money but still my desire to have it more is not yet satisfied. This desire has destroyed everything, so now I will do something to improve my Par Lok (other world)."

Immediately he divided his money in four parts. He kept two parts of that money for himself and gave the other two parts to his two sons. Then with the idea of doing some Dharm Karm, he constructed wells, ponds, gardens, and temples etc and donated food also. Thus after spending all money on such things, he went to Badaree Naaraayan Teerth. There he found a beautiful Aashram and saw Jaananti named Rishi surrounded by many disciples and preaching Param Brahm Tattwa. He got impressed with him, so he went to him and saluted him. Jaananti Muni welcomed him and felicitated him with roots and fruits. Vedmaalee said - "Today I am blessed seeing you, please teach me something."

Hearing this Jaananti Muni said - "O Braahman, You meditate on Naaraayan everyday. Never speak ill about anybody and always do good to others. Leaving all Kaam (desires), Krodh (anger), Lobh (greed), Moh (love), Mad (pride), and Matsar etc see yourself in everything. Hear Puraan Kathaa, study Vedaant, if you will do like this you will surely attain knowledge and knowledge destroys all kinds of sins and helps in attaining Moksh."

Sanak Jee further said - "There is another story of the greatness of Vishnu. Vishnu is so great that whoever drinks even a drop of His Charanodak, consider him as he has taken bath in every Teerth. Bhagavaan likes him very much. It treats untimely death, destroys all diseases and relieves from all kinds of pains and sorrows. Once, in ancient Sat Yug, There lived a hunter named Gulik. He was always ready to take other's woman and and wealth. He always spoke ill about others, and killed many animals daily.

One day he went to Sauveer's king's kingdom. There he saw a beautiful temple of Vishnu. He got very happy to see it. He saw many gold Kalash (pitchers) there. Seeing them he thought that he would steal all those Kalash. He went inside the temple and saw a Braahman named Uttank worshipping Vishnu. The hunter considered him as the obstacle in stealing, so he took up his sword, felled him on the ground and tried to kill him. 

Uttank Jee said - "O Fool, You are killing me without any reason. I am innocent. Mighty people punish only criminals, but the gentle people do not kill even sinners without any reason. Who forgives people even after being hurt several times, he is called the best. Who always do good to others, they do not quarrel with anybody even at the time of death. Deer manages with grass, fish lives in water, and gentle people live with contentment; but three types of people are enemies of even these three without any reason in the world, they are - hunter (who kills deer), Dheevar (who bring water to families) and who tell about one to another. All relations are only a man's own till he earns the money, but Dharm is useful in both the worlds. "Whatever is to happen, will happen; and whatever is not to happen, will never happen" who think in this way, they never worry about anything. This world depends upon Bhagavaan, so only Bhagavaan knows about the birth and death, nobody else. Whatever is earned by a man it is enjoyed by all, but a fool suffers for his sins alone."

Hearing this Gulik released Uttank and asked for his forgiveness and said - "I have committed many great sins, they all are destroyed today through your Darshan. I have never done any Praayashchit (repentance) for any sin, what will happen to me?" Saying like this he got so much worried that he died there only. Muni felt pitied on him falling like this, so he sprinkled some Charanodak of Vishnu on his body. Touched by Charanodak his all sins were destroyed. He sat on a Divine Vimaan (airplane) and said to Muni - "You are my Guru, I have got this status only because of your kindness. Please forgive me for my mistakes." and he went off to Vishnu Dhaam. Seeing all this Uttank also got surprised, he also prayed Vishnu, this pleased Vishnu and He gave him a Var. By that Var he also went to Vishnu Dhaam."

Naarad Jee asked - "Bhagavan, Which Stotra was it by which Uttank prayed Vishnu Bhagavaan how it pleased Him, and which Var Uttank Muni got from Him?" Sanak Jee said - "This was that Stotra (given on p 142). Hearing this Stotra Vishnu appeared before him. He saluted Him and Vishnu asked him to ask for a Var he wished for. Uttank said - "I ask for you immortal Bhakti." Vishnu said "So be it" and touched His conch to his body and gave him the Gyaan which is difficult even for Yogee. Vishnu said - "Whoever will do Paath of your Stotra, he will get all his wishes fulfilled and attain Mukti in the end." and disappeared. Uttank went to Badaree Aashram. Therefore one should always do Vishnu's Bhakti."

Sanak Jee further said - "Hey Naarad, Who pronounce Vishnu's name even unknowingly, Bhagavaan certainly gives them Moksh. All relations are mortal, wealth also doesn't stay forever, that is why only Dharm Karm should be performed. One should not delay in this. Tulasee is worshipped in whose house, there lives all kinds of Punya. Where Keshav lives in the form of Shaaligraam form, no bad planets affect it. Who circumambulates Vishnu four times he attains that Parampad where all kinds of sins are destroyed."



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