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4-Chaturth Ansh

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14-Kuru's Lineage

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14-Kuru's Lineage
3-Vishnu Puraan - 4-Chaturth Ansh - p 292-295
See also    5-Bhaagvat Puraan, 9/13;

Kuru's Lineage

Paraashar Jee said - "Hey Maitreya, [Ajmeedh -> Riksh -> Sanvaran -> Kuru -> Sudhanu, Pareekshit, Janhu etc] 
Kuru's son Pareekshit had four sons - Janamejaya, Shrutsen, Ugrasen and Bheemsen; while Jahnu had only one son - Surath.

Surath's son was Vidoorath
Vidoorath's son was Saarvbhaum
Saarvbhaum's son was Jayatsen
Jayatsen's son was Aaraadhit
Aaraadhit's son was Ayutaayu
Ayutaayu's son was Akrodhan
Akrodhan's son was Devaatithi
Devaatithi's son was Riksh (not Ajameedh's son)
Riksh's son was Bheemsen
Bheemsen's son was Dileep
Dileep's son was Prateep
Prateep had three sons - Devaapi, Shaantanu, and Baahleek

Devaapi went to forest in his childhood itself, therefore Shaantanu was installed the king. This Shlok is said about him - "Whoever he touched, those old men became young and all got a kind of peace by his touch, that is why he was called Shaantanu." Once there was no rain for 12 years in his kingdom. Raajaa asked Braahman - "Why the rain has not fallen in our kingdom? What is my fault in this?" Braahman said - "This kingdom belongs to your elder brother Devaapi, but you are enjoying it, this is your fault." Shaantanu asked - "Then what should I do?" Braahman said - "Until your elder brother Devaapi doesn't fall from standards, nothing can be done. This kingdom is for him only, therefore you give this kingdom to him only, this is not for you."

Hearing this his minister Ashmsaaree sent some Tapaswee ho spoke against Ved, in the forest. They succeeded in changing the attitude of Devaapi towards Dharm. On the other side Shaantanu went to his brother along with Braahman to return his kingdom to his brother. Braahman said - "According to Ved only the eldest brother should rule the kingdom."; but at that time Devaapi talked against the Ved, so Braahman said to Shaantanu - "Let us go. We need not to insist him any more. The fault is cleared. Since he is speaking against Ved, you are now eligible to rule the kingdom." and all of them came back to home and rains started.

Baahleek's son was Somdatt
Somdatt had three sons - Bhoori, Bhoorishravaa, and Shalya

Shaantanu had had a son named Bheeshm from Gangaa and had two sons from Satyavatee - Vhitraangad and Vichitraveerya. Chitraangad was killed by a Gandharv in his young age, and Vichitraveerya was married to the princesses of Kaashee - Ambikaa and Ambaalikaa. He was too much indulged in his wives that he got tuberculosis and died at an early age, without giving a child to the family.

Later on the request of Satyavatee, Maharshi Vyaas produced two sons - Dhritraashtra and Paandu, respectively, from his two wives; and one son Vidur from their maid. Dhritraashtra also had 100 sons from Gaandhaaree - Duryodhan, Dushaasan etc. Once when Paandu was hunting in the forest he bagged a Shaap from a Rishi, and at the consequence of that, he was unable to produce a child. Therfore his wife Kuntee had three sons from Dharm Raaj, Pavan Dev and Indra - Yudhishthir, Bheem and Arjun respectively., and his second wife Maadree had a twins from Ashwinee Kumaar - Nakul and Sahadev.

All these five sons had one son each from Draupadee. Yudhishthir had Prativindhya, Bheem had Shrutsen, Arjun had Shrutkeerti, Nakul had Shrutaaneek, and Sahadev had Shrutkarmaa. Besides them, Paandav had several other sons also. Yudhishthir had Devak from Yaudheyee; Bheemsen had Ghatotkach from Hidimbaa and Sarvang from Kaashee; Arjun had Iraavaan from from Naag princess Uloopee. He had Babhruvaahan from Manipur's king's daughter. He married her according to Putrikaa Dharm and had Abhimanyu from Subhadraa. Abhimanyu was very brave and mighty since his childhood.

Later, after the war, Abhimanyu's wife Uttaraa gave birth to Pareekshit. Although he was already dead in womb because of Ashwatthaamaa's Brahmaastra, but Krishn gave him new life. He is now ruling the whole Prithvi.



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