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5-Uttar Khand

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2-Padm Puraan, 5-Uttar Khand, p 865-870

This Khand covers the pages 610-1001 (390 pages) of the book. Importance of Badaree Naath; Gangaa; Tulasee, Shaaligraam, Prayaag Teerth, various kinds of Daan (charities); about Shani Dev; various Vrat; Ekaadashee of all months; worship of Yam Raaj and Dwaadashee Vrat; Vishnu Sahastranaam; story of devotee Pundareek; importance of Vishnu and various flowers to use in His worship; Shankhaasur, Kaartik and Maagh Snaan and Vrat; Narasinh Chaturdashee; Geetaa; Bhaagvat Kathaa; Avataar stories - Matsya, Koorm, Narasinh, Vaaman, Parashuraam, Raam, and Krishn.

Method of the Week-long Paath of Bhaagvat

Sanakaadi Muni said - "Hey Naarad Jee, Now we tell you about the method of its week-long Paath. Often this is done with the help of people and money. First ask a good Muhoort from an astrologer, then arrange  as much money as one needs in a marriage ceremony. Aashaadh, Shraavan, Bhaadrapad, Aashwin, Kaartik, Maargsheersh - these months are good to attain Moksh. Bhadraa and Vyaateepaat times are not good for it. Some energetic people should be taken into the committee and sent the message of Kathaa to as many people as possible and invite them politely. When people have come, make the arrangement of their stay. One should hear the Kathaa in Teerth, or a forest, or at one's house. One should gather many Aasans for sitting.

Clean the place where the Kathaa has to be heard and draw a Chowk there with Geroo etc. Build a high Mandap adorned with banana trunks and leaves and should be covered with a cloth. Fruits, leaves, flowers can also be used to decorate it. One should imagine 7 Lok in its upper part and make some detached Braahman sit there. Arrange a Vyaas Aasan for the reader. If the reader sits facing northward, the audience should sit facing eastward. Or East should be in between reader and the audience.

The reader should be detached, a Braahman, capable of explaining Ved and Shaastra, capable of presenting various examples, etc. Another person should back him up, he should also be knowledgeable like the main reader. Reader should finish his hair cutting, nail cutting etc one day before the Kathaa starts. The reader should take bath early in the morning and worship Ganesh Jee to remove obstacles during Kathaa period. Then do Tarpan for Pitar, and Praayashchit for his sins. Draw a Mandal, and establish Hari on it. Worship Krishn with Shodapochaar (16 things). Circumambulate it and pray like this -

Sansaar Saagarey Magnam Deenam Karunaanidhey
Karm Graah Graheetaang Maamuddhar Bhavaarn Vaat

Then worship Bhaagvat Puraan with Naariyal (coconut with shell and husk) and pray thus - "Krishn in person is present here in the form of Bhaagvat Puraan, I have taken refuge to fulfill my such and such wish, please fulfill it without any obstacle. Hey Keshav, I am your most humble obedient servant. Then worship the reader with clothes and ornaments and pray him - "You are like Shuk Dev for me. Please explain it to me fully." Take vow of all rules and disciplines in front of the reader for his welfare and observe them throughout the period of this Kathaa. To complete the Kathaa without any obstacle, choose 5 Braahman. Those Braahman should do Jaap of 12-letter Mantra "Aum Namo Bhagavatey Vaasudevaaya". Then do Namaskaar to everybody present there and worship them. Then in the end sit on the listener's Aasan taking permission of all. At that he should not worry about anything and listen to the Kathaa with concentrated mind.

For the speaker, it is imperative that he should tell the Kathaa in medium pitch since sunrise to 3 and 1/2 Prahar. Stop the Kathaa for 2 Ghadee (48 minutes) during Do-Prahar. When Kathaa is stopped, Vaishnav should do Keertan at that time. To control nature's calls, it is better to eat light food; therefore who listen to Kathaa, should eat Havishya Ann. If one has strength, he should keep fast of 7 nights or drink only Ghee or milk; or eat Phalaahaar once a day; or eat food once a day. It means that whatever is convenient for a person, he should observe that way. I regard more to eat food than to keep fast, if it helps in hearing the Kathaa. If by keeping fast one cannot listen to Kathaa properly, one should not do it.

About Listeners

Naarad Jee, Now I tell you the rules for listeners - who do not have Bhakti in Bhagavaan's feet, they should not listen to this Kathaa. Listener should observe Brahmcharya, sleep on floor and take food on leaves after Kathaa is over. Pulses, honey, oil, heavy foods, and kept food should not be eaten. All kinds of bad feelings - pride, attachment, greed, jealousy etc should not come in the heart. One should not say a bad word about anybody.

Very poor, TB patient, any other kind of patient, sinner, childless and Gyaanee must listen to this Kathaa. Whose menstruation is stopped, who has only one child, who is barren, whose children are born and die later soon, who experiences miscarriages, such a woman must listen to this Kathaa. If this Daan is given to them methodically, it gives eternal fruit to them. [Means if they listen to the Kathaa with Bhakti, their faults are definitely corrected.] Only 7 days are regarded the best for Kathaa.

At the End

After the Kathaa is finished, one should do Udyaapan. Who aspires for good fruits, he should do its Udyaapan like Janmaashtamee Vrat. Who do not aspire for fruits, there is no need for them to do Udyaapan. They become pure only by hearing the Kathaa. The listener should worship the book and the speaker; and the speaker should give the listeners Prasaad and Tulasee rosary. Do Keertan and donate to Braahman and poor. If the listener is Vairaagee, he should read Geetaa next day; and if he is Grihasth, then he should Hom to pacify his Karm. In that Hom, read the Shlok of 10th Skandh one by one and offer Aahuti methodically. Or do Havan with Gaayatree Mantra, because this Mahaa Puraan is Gaayatree. If Hom is not possible, then to attain its fruit he should donate some Havan Saamagree (materials) to Braahman and do Paath of Vishnu Sahstra Naam to cover up the shortcomings in this Poojaa. This makes all Karm right, because there is no greater means to do that.

After Havan, feed 12 Braahman sweet Kheer and donate cow and gold. If one has the capacity, he should make a throne of 3 Tolaa (33-34 gram) gold, keep a book of Bhaagvat, and worship it. Worship that Braahman also to who this book has to be donated, and donate it to him. This week-long Paaraayan brings Dharm, Arth, Kaam and Moksh. Sanakaadi Jee said - "Naarad Jee, I have told you the method of week-long Kathaa method, now what else do you want to know? Bhaagvat gives both pleasure and Moksh."

Soot Jee said - "Then Sanakaadi Jee started telling Bhaagvat Kathaa which continued till 7 days. At the end of the Kathaa, all Bhakti, Gyaan and Vairaagya became perfectly all right. Naarad Jee also got very happy to hear this Kathaa." When Soot Jee was saying like this, that 16-year old Shuk Dev Jee came there. All people got up seeing him coming. He was made sit on a high Aasan, Naarad Jee worshipped him. Shuk Dev Jee said - "Now you listen to me. This Bhaagvat is the ripe fruit of Kalp Vriksh like Ved. It is full of Amrit and is obtained from Shuk Dev's mouth on Prithvi. Vyaas Jee has told Nish-Kaam Dharm in this book. Never leave this book, always read it."

When Shuk Dev Jee was saying this, that Hari came there with Prahlaad, Bali, Uddhav and Arjun etc Paarshad. Naarad Jee worshipped all of them and made them sit comfortably. Then came Paarvatee Jee, Mahaadev Jee and Brahmaa Jee. All took some kind of musical instrument and started singing. Seeing this Keertan Hari got very pleased and asked them to ask for Var. People said - "We wish that wherever this Bhaagvat Kathaa is going on, you should be present there with your Paarshad." Bhagavaan said - "So be it." and disappeared. All went away from there."

Shaunak Jee asked - "Soot Jee, At which time did Shuk Dev Jee tell this Kathaa to Pareekshit, Gokarn Jee to Dhundhukaaree, and Sanakaadi Jee to Naarad Jee?" Soot Jee said - "After 30 years since Krishn left for His Dhaam, on Bhaadrapad Shukla Navamee, Shuk Dev Jee started telling this Kathaa. After the King Pareekshit heard this Kathaa, 200 years of Kali Yug passed, then Gokarn Jee told this Kathaa to Dhudhukaaree on Aashaadh Shukla Navamee. After that 306 years of Kali Yug passed. Then Sanakaadi Muni told this Kathaa to Naarad Jee on Kaartk Shukla Navamee. This Kathaa destroys all sins and gives Moksh. Yam Raaj has said to his messengers - "Who are busy in taking Hari's name, do not touch them, I can punish only other people, not the Vaishnav." Therefore if you want your welfare, then hear or read this Kathaa at least for 1/2 a second. Why do you want to talk some nonsense talks, why not this Kathaa which can give you Mukti and Moksh. Who read or tell this Kathaa, there is nothing impossible for them in the world."



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