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5-Uttar Khand

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14-Kaarttik Maas-2

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14-Kaarttik Maas-2
2-Padm Puraan, 5-Uttar Khand, p 769-778

This Khand covers the pages 610-1001 (390 pages) of the book. Importance of Badaree Naath; Gangaa; Tulasee, Shaaligraam, Prayaag Teerth, various kinds of Daan (charities); about Shani Dev; various Vrat; Ekaadashee of all months; worship of Yam Raaj and Dwaadashee Vrat; Vishnu Sahastranaam; story of devotee Pundareek; importance of Vishnu and various flowers to use in His worship; Shankhaasur, Kaarttik and Maagh Snaan and Vrat; Narasinh Chaturdashee; Geetaa; Bhaagvat Kathaa; Avataar stories - Matsya, Koorm, Narasinh, Vaaman, Parashuraam, Raam, and Krishn.

Importance of Satsang

(p 769-773) Bhagavaan Krishn said to Satyabhaamaa - "Dear, Hearing this story the King Prithu got very happy. He worshipped Naarad Jee and bade farewell to him. Thus Kaarttik and Maagh Snaan, and Ekaadashee Vrat are very dear to me. I love Tulasee in vegetation, Kaarttik among months, Ekaadashee among Tithi, and Dwaarakaa Puree among Teerth." Satyabhaamaa said - "I am very surprised to hear this story, because Kalahaa got Mukti taking other's Punya. Thus Kaarttik Maas is so dear to you that it destroyed Kalahaa's all sins. Whatever Punya is done by others, it can be got when that person has given it; but whatever Punya has not been given, how can it be taken?"

Krishn said - "In Sat Yug, Tretaa Yug and Dwaapar Yug, country, village and family are also the partners of sins and Punya done by an individual; but in Kali Yug, only the doer has to enjoy and suffer for his Punya and sins.

--One can get 1/4th part of other's sin and Punya by teaching others, by doing Yagya for others, eating food with them sitting in the same line.
--By touching, by talking, by praying others, one gets 1/10th part of their sins and Punya. 
--By seeing, by hearing name and by thinking about others, one can get 1/100th part of other's sins and Punya. 
--While by telling bad things about others, one gets his all sins and gives his all Punya to him.
--When many people are eating in one line, and somebody is offering them food, and if that man skips anybody offering food, then the left out man gets the offering man's 1/6th part of Punya.
--Who touches or talks with somebody while taking Snaan or doing Sandhyaa, he gives his Punya's 1/6th part to that person.
--Who asks money to do any Dharm Karm, his Punya's fruit goes to that person also.
--While who does any Dharm Karm stealing some money, its Punya goes to that person whose money has been stolen, not to that person who has done that Dharm Karm.
--Who advises to do Karm, who seconds the Karm, who collects all the materials for that Karm, and who physically helps in doing that Karm, also get 1/6th part of that Punya or sin.
--King from his people, husband from his wife, and father from his son get 1/6th part of their Punya and sins.
--A woman, if obeys her husband and satisfies him in all ways, then she gets 1/2 part of her husband's Punya.
--Who gives money himself, and ask other person than his servant or his son, to do the Dharm Karm, then the doer takes 1/6th part of his Dharm Karm Punya.

Thus Punya and sins of others come to oneself, even without giving or taking. There is an ancient story regarding this.

Story of Dhaneshwar 

There lived a Dhaneshwar named Braahman in Avantee Puree. He was very sinful. Once he came to Maahishmatee Puree while trading. Narmadaa River used to flow by its side. There came many people to take Kaarttik Snaan in that River. Dhaneshwar saw all of them. Somebody was listening Puraan Kathaa, somebody was reading Puraan. He used to go around and talked to those people. Thus he heard the name of Vishnu many times. He stayed there for one month. Bhakt did Jaagaran while doing Kaarttik Vrat Udyaapan. While he was going around seeing all celebrations, a black snake bit him. People sprinkled Narmadaa water on him but they could not revive him and he died. Yam Doot took him to Chitragupt. Chitragupt counted all his sins to Yam Raaj and suggested that he should be sent to Narak for one Kalp. He was sent to Narak.

As he was dropped in a boiled oil pot, the boiled oil became cool, it happened as it happened with Prahlaad. Seeing this Pret Raaj got very surprised. He immediately came and told everything to Yam Raaj. The then Naarad Jee came there and said to Yam Raaj - "He is not worthy to send to Narak, because he has done something which destroys all sins. Who sees Punya doers, touches Punya doers, and talks to Punya doers, he gets 1/6th part of their Punya. He has lived with such people for one month, that is why he has got 1/6th part of the Punya of all those people. That is how he earned all the Punya of Kaarttik Snaan. But since he has earned this Punya without any desire, that is why send him to Yaksh Yoni and just show him all Narak."

Then Yam's servant Pret Raaj took him to Yaksh Lok showing all Narak (all Narak are described here)."

Kaarttik Vrat-For a Weak Person

Soot Jee said - "After telling this Krishn went to His mother Devakee's palace to do His Sandhyaa. There are five things to do in this Kaarttik Maas - waking near Vishnu, taking bath in the morning, serving Tulasee, doing Udyaapan, and Deep Daan. Following these five activities one gets the complete fruit of this Vrat." Rishi said - "This Vrat is very good so one must do it, but if somebody is unable to do it with some reason, stuck in forest, or sick, then how should he do this Vrat?"

Soot Jee said - "Such man should keep wake in Vishnu or Shiv Temple. If one doesn't get Vishnu or Shiv temple, he can do it in any temple. If somebody is in forest, then he can do the Jaagaran near Ashwatth tree roots or Tualsee plant. Who sings Vishnu's praise sitting near Vishnu, he gets the fruit of 1,000 cow donation. Who plays any instrument, he gets the fruit of Baajpeya Yagya; and who dances, he gets the fruit of doing all Teerth. Who provides with money to doers of all these he gets all these Punya. Who sees these people, or who hears their names, they also get 1/6th part of their Punya. Who cannot take bath, he should clean himself by taking Vishnu's name. If somebody is unable to do Udyaapan of his Kaarttik Vrat, he may feed Braahman to his capacity. Who cannot do Deep Daan himself, he can ignite other's Deep or protect their Deep from wind etc. If somebody doesn't have Tulasee, then he should worship Braahman. And who cannot do anything, he can serve Brahman, cow, Peepal tree or banyan tree."

Rishi asked - "Soot Jee, Why these two trees, Peepal and banyan, are holier than others?" Soot Jee said - "Vishnu lives in Peepal tree, banyan tree is the form of Shiv Jee, and Palaash tree is the form of Brahmaa Jee. Darshan, worship and serving all the three trees is considered sin destroyer. Even many types of sorrows, troubles, diseases can be removed by those trees."

Kaarttik Maas-Importance

Satyabhaamaa said - "Prabho, Kaarttik Maas is the highest among all months, please, tell me its importance in detail." Krishn said - "In earlier times Shaunak Muni has described its importance like this. Listen to it." Soot Jee said - "Hey Rishi, What Mahaadev Jee said about it to Kaartikeya, I tell you the same. Mahaadev Jee said - "On one side are all Teerth, and on other side is only Kaarttik Maas, then Kaarttik Maas is more dear to Bhagavaan Vishnu than all other Teerth. Who do not have Shraddhaa, or have not controlled their Indriyaan, they do not get fruit of Teerth. Whoever Braahman takes bath in the early morning, he becomes free from all sins and attains Paramaatmaa. Snaan has been told of four types - Vaayavya, Vaarun, Braahm, and Divya (Divine)." Satyabhaamaa said - "Tell me about these Snaan." Krishn said - "Snaan done by Godhooli (cow's dust) is called Vaayavya Snaan. Snaan done in any water body is called Vaarun Snaan. Snaan done by Brahm Mantra is called Braahm Snaan. And Snaan done in rains or in sunshine is called Divya Snaan. Among all Snaan, Vaarun Snaan is the best. Braahman, Kshatriya and Vaishya can do Braahm Snaan, but women and Shoodra should do Snaan without Mantra."

Kaarttikeya said - "Father, Please tell me some other Dharm by following which a man becomes Devtaa." Shiv Jee said - "Who does not eat other's food in Kaarttik Maas, he does Krichchhra Vrat everyday. One should leave oil, honey, eating in Kaansaa pots, and sexual relationship in Kaarttik Maas. If one eats meat even once, he takes birth in Raakshas Yoni. If one eats according to Shaastra in Kaarttik Maas he surely gets Moksh. There is no month like Kaarttik, there is no greater Devtaa than Vishnu, There is no Shaastra like Ved, there is no Teerth like Gangaa, there is no good conduct like speaking truth, there is no better Yug than Sat Yug, there is no means of satisfaction than tongue, there is no greater pleasure than donating something, there is no friend like Dharm, and there is no light like eyes.

The following things are very scarce - river for doing Snaan, a girl similar to one's family, noble and good conduct couple, mother who gives birth, especially father, opportunity to honor saints, religious son, living in Dwaarakaa, Darshan of Krishn, Snaan in Gomatee River, and Kaarttik Vrat. The same fruit is got by a person by sleeping on floor in Kaarttik Maas, whatever he gets by donating Prithvi to a Braahman in eclipses time. Feed a Braahman couple, worship them with sandal, donate them blanket and bedding, clothes, shoes and umbrella etc. Who eats food in leaves for the whole Kaarttik Maas, he never falls in lower Gati for the whole Kalp.

Donating sesame seed, Snaan in river, taking bath with water mixed with sesame seed, keeping silence, Satsang, forgiveness, sleeping on floor and eating in Palaash leaves in Kaarttik Maas always give Moksh. If Vishnu is given bath with milk with the aim of Pitar, they live with Devtaa f or millions of Kalp. Who worships Vishnu with one lotus flower, his millions of lives' sins are destroyed. Who keeps wake in front of Vishnu, he gets the fruit of thousands of Go-Daan. Who keeps Tulasee (Vishnu's Prasaad) in his mouth, or keep on his head, or wears it on his body, Kali Yug doesn't affect him. Water from conch, Naivedya, Charanaamrit, sandal, and Prasaad like Dhoop - all destroy Brahm Hatyaa.

Shookar Kshetra

Mahaadev jee said - "Hey Putra, One can get whatever fruit by Darshan of Krishn in Mathuraa, the same is got by doing only Snaan in Maagh Maas." After telling this Krishn said to Satyabhaamaa - "Now I tell you about Shookar Kshetra by knowing which gives my closeness. It is spread in 5 Yojan area. I live in that Kshetra. Even a donkey can get 4-armed form by living in this Kshetra. 3,303 arms is my temple's measurement. Who does Tap in other places for 60,000 years, the same fruit can be got by doing Tap only for 1 and 1/2 hours here in Shookar Kshetra. Whatever fruit one gets by donating Tulaa-Purush in Solar eclipse times, it becomes 10 times in Kaaashee, 100 times in Trivenee (Prayaag), and 1,000 time in Gangaa Saagar Sangam, but it becomes immeasurable in Shookar Kshetra. Snaan done only once in Shookar Kashetra, Trivenee, and Gangaa Saagar Sangam destroys Brahm Hatyaa sin."

Maasopavaas Vrat Method

Kaartikeya said - "Father, Now I wish to hear about Maasopavaas Vrat - its importance and fruit." Mahaadev Jee said - "This Vrat is the best among all Vrat. One should do this Vrat after doing all Shaastra prescribed Vaishnav Vrat, and Dwaadashee Vrat. After keeping fast on Aashwin Shukla Ekaadashee, one should take up this Vrat. Worship Bhagavaan three times a day with flowers, sandal, Naivedya, Dhoop, Deep etc. Man, or woman, or widow, whoever takes up this Vrat should be busy in singing Vishnu's names. He should not lie, be kind to everybody, do not kill anybody. Remembering food, seeing food, smelling food, tasting food, talking about food, and eating food - all are not permissible. After keeping fast for one month, worship Vaasudev. This Vrat is for 30 days by count, not one day less, not one day more. Worship Vishnu on Dwaadashee with flowers, sandal, garland, Naivedya, Dhoop and Deep etc. Feed Braahman and give Dakshinaa to him or them. This is the method of Maasopavaas Vrat method."



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