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3-Swarg Khand

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6-Aashram Dharm-3

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6-Aashram Dharm-3
2-Padm Puraan, 3-Swarg Khand, p 397-409

This section is very short - of about 80 pages, p 332-409. The importance of very few Teerth and the duties of four Aashram are given here.

A Vaanprasthee's Dharm

Vyaas Jee said - "Thus after passing two parts of one's life, one should enter Vaanprasth Aashram along with Agni and wife. Or leaving one's wife to his son, or after seeing a grandson, one should go to forest. One should go to forest in Uttaraayan time, in the early days of Shukla Paksh. Eat fruits and roots everyday and worship Devtaa from the same food. He should eat only eight morsels food once a day. At other times either he should worship or study, otherwise keep quiet or he should do Jaap of Gaayatree Mantra. Never think of revenge, always show kindness to others. He should eat only wild Ann or fruits or roots, not man-grown things. Keep his Indriyaan under control. Follow abstinence. He should not build any house. Use Panchaagni in summer, sit outside in rainy season, and wear wet clothes in winter. Thus increase the borders of his Tapasyaa. He should never use any plate to eat, use only hand or leaf to eat."

A Sanyaasee's Dharm

Vyaas Jee said - "Thus after passing the third part of one's life, one should enter Sanyaas. He should enter Sanyaas only when he has got Vairaagya from all sides of the world. Sanyaasee are said to be of three types - Gyaan Sanyaasee, Ved Sanyaasee and Karm Sanyaasee. Who establishes himself in his soul only he is called Gyaan Sanyaasee. Who practices Ved with the desire of Mukti, he is called Ved Sanyaasee, and who offers himself to Brahm after absorbing Agni in himself, he is called Karm Sanyaasee. 

Among them Gyaan Sanyaasee is regarded as the highest. There is no duty or marks of Aashram required for him. He should neither have attachment to anything nor jealousy with anything. He may eat only leaves and wear only necessary clothes (just to cover the necessary parts of the body). As the servant waits upon his master, in the same way he should also wait upon his Kaal (Death).

Ved Sanyaasee should wear only one cloth of saffron color; shave his head or grow hair; should not collect anything; always feed on Bhikshaa, that also not from one house only. Whoever Sanyaasee feeds on the food of one house only because of attachment, there is no means of upliftment for him in Shaastra. He should walk seeing a yard further, drink water sieved in cloth, speak truth and polite with everybody. He should not stay at one place except in rainy season. He should always live in forest and study Shaastra. If a Sanyaasee is without pride, jealousy, talking bad about others, he attains Moksh. He can be busy in doing Jaap of Pranav Mantra and Gaayatree Mantra. He should wear saffron color clothes only."

A Sanyaasee's Discipline

Vyaas Jee said - "He should go for Bhikshaa only once. He can go up to seven houses for Bhikshaa, if he doesn't get Bhikshaa from them, then he should not go further. He should call for "Bhikshaa" only once at the door, and wait for 10-15 minutes lowering his eyes. After he has got Bhikshaa, he should wash his hands and feet and eat it quietly. First he should show that food to Soorya, then sit East faced, do Praanaagnihotra five times by these Mantra "Praanaaya Swaahaa, Apaanaaya Swaahaa, Samaanaaya Swaahaa, Vyaanaaya Swaahaa, Udaanaaya Swaahaa" and eat five morsels with them. Then eat eight morsels and do Aachman. Then remember Bhagavaan. He can use only four types of pots - made of dried gourd, wood, clay or bamboo. If a Sanyaasee has his wife with desire, he has to do Praayashchit with Santaapan Vrat, (see also Agni, 18) then he should do Krichchhra Vrat. One should never tell lies and never steal."

Hari Bhakti

Soot Jee said - "After preaching Aashram Dharm to Braahman, Vyaas Jee went away. But now I tell you one secret, that whatever Varn Dharm are told here, they cannot be compared with even one minute part of Hari Bhakti. In this Kali Yug, only Hari Bhakti is the means to attain Moksh. Who worships Naaraayan in Kali Yug, only he is called following his Dharm. Who keeps Vishnu's Charanodak on his head, what is a bath for him? To get to Hari Bhakti, one has to leave women Bhakti. Enjoying women brings a Jeev again in this world. Serve and worship Braahman, because whatever is given to Braahman, is considered given to Hari. Puraan are also good to clean the heart, so one should always listen Puraan Kathaa. Besides, Gangaa water also destroys all sins. Many kinds of Yagya cannot help attain Bhagavaan as Bhakti helps. This wealth, after which all people are, also doesn't help. One should offer all his belongings to Krishn.

Place of Padm Puraan Among 18 Puraan

Padm Puraan has its special importance among all Puraan. Among 18 Puraan :
(1) Brahm Puraan is Hari's forehead.
(2) Padm Puraan is His heart.
(3) Vishnu Puraan is His right arm.
(4) Shiv Puraan is His left arm.
(5) Bhaagvat Puraan is His two breasts.
(6) Naarad Puraan is His navel.
(7) Maarkandeya Puraan is His right foot.
(8) Agni Puraan is His left foot.
(9) Bhavishya Puraan is His right knee.
(10) Brahm Vaivart Puraan is His left knee.
(11) Ling Puraan is His right thigh.
(12) Varaah Puraan is His left thigh.
(13) Skand Puraan is His fur.
(14) Vaaman Puraan is His skin.
(15) Koorm Puraan is His back
(16) Matsya Puraan is His stomach
(17) Garud Puraan is His muscles.
(18) Brahmaand puraan is His bones.

Hearing this Swarg Khand one becomes free from all sins. It is equal to hearing the whole Padm Puraan. Who has told this or heard this, he has donated the whole Prithvi, or taken bath in Maagh Maas.

Padm Puraan-Swarg Khand Ends Here



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