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3-Swarg Khand

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2-Yamunaa Snaan

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2-Yamunaa Snaan
2-Padm Puraan, 3-Swarg Khand, p 349-358

This section is very short - of about 80 pages, p 332-409. The importance of very few Teerth and the duties of four Aashram are given here.

Importance of Yamunaa Snaan

Naarad Jee further said - "After Kurukshetra, one should go to Haridwaar, then go to Koti Teerth. After this take bath in Kanakhal. Who keeps fast for three nights there, he goes to Swarg Lok and gets the fruit of Ashwamedh Yagya. Then one should go to Kaalindee (Yamunaa) River and take bath there. Even Pushkar, Brahmaavart, Kaashee etc Teerth cannot give so much Punya as the Snaan in Yamunaa River. Yamunaa Snaan fulfills all wishes. Tap in Sat Yug, Gyaan in Tretaa Yug, Yagya in Dwaapar Yug and Daan in Kali Yug are believed the best, but Yamunaa Snaan is always good for all Varn and Aashram people. I tell you one ancient story in this regard.

Story of Hemkundal and His Sons

There lived a Vaishya in Nishadh named city in Sat Yug in ancient time. His name was Hemkundal. He daily worshipped Devtaa, Braahman and Agni and did farming and trading. Doing these he earned 80 million (8 Crore) gold coins. Now he got old, so he thought of the mortality of this world. He started using only 1/6th part of that money for himself. He built temples of Vishnu and Shiv, dug ponds, planted trees and gardens, distributed food and water from sunrise till sunset etc from the remaining money. He did whatever Puraan prescribed him to do.

He had two sons - Shreekundal and Vikundal. After doing Dharm Karm, Hemkundal went to forest. After some time he died there worshipping Govind. He went to Vishnu Dhaam. His two sons became very proud of their wealth, they did not do any Dharm Karm and were always busy in vices. Thus their wealth got finished in a short time. Now they had nothing in their house on which they could subsist upon. As they did not have any money, their friends and relations also abandoned them. They started stealing. Then they went to forest for the fear of being caught by the King and the people. There they started robbing travelers for their food. After some time, the elder of them went to mountains and the younger one stayed in forest. After a while the elder one was killed by a lion and the younger one was bitten by a snake. By chance both died on the same day.

Yam's messengers took them to Yam Puree. Yam asked them to put the elder one in a severe Narak and the younger one in Swarg Lok. Thus the elder son was put in Narak and one of the messengers said to the younger one - "Come with me, I take you to Swarg Lok." Hearing this Vikundal got very happy, but he was surprised too. He asked the messenger - "Hey Doot, I am just clearing a doubt of my mind. We both brothers took birth in the same family, we did similar Karm, and we died the similar death also, then what is the reason that my elder brother has been sent to Narak and I am going to Swarg Lok? I have never done any Punya any time, if you know about any of my Punya for getting this Swarg, please tell me about it."

Dev Doot said - "Listen, There lived a Braahman Swamitra, son of Harimitra, in a forest on the banks of Yamunaa. You were also living there so you had friendship with that Braahman. You did Maagh Snaan in Yamunaa River twice with him. One Maagh Snaan has destroyed your all sins and the other one has brought you here in Swarg Lok. Because of this Punya you enjoy Swarg Lok and your brother will suffer in Narak." Hearing this Vikundal got very sorry for his brother. He humbly said - "O Gentleman, Good people become friends by walking seven steps together, therefore please do a favor for me as a friend. I treat you as the knower of everything, so please tell me that by doing which Karm, one doesn't go to Yam Lok at all; and by doing which Karm one goes to Narak?"

Dev Doot said - "Who do not trouble others by their mind, speech or action, they do not go to Yam Lok. A-Hinsaa is the utmost Dharm, Tapasyaa and Daan; so who follows A-Hinsaa does not go to Yam Lok. Cruel people have to go to Narak. As all rivers meet sea, in the same way all Dharm get absorbed in A-Hinsaa. Who follow A-Hinsaa, they don't have to fear from anybody. Who follow Panch Yagya, Isht and Poort, they always go to Swarg. Snaan is an important activity. Even sinners get free from sins by taking bath daily. Who take food without taking bath they feed on dirt. Who donate Prithvi, gold, and cow 16 times in their lifetime, they never take birth again. Who have donated even a little on a Punya Tithi like Sankraanti, eclipse days after taking bath, they never attain lower Gati.

Who has taken bath in Gangaa River even once, he never falls in Narak. We have heard that no other means like Vrat, Daan, Tap, Yagya etc can be compared with the bath of Gangaa's even one drop water. Therefore one must take bath in Gangaa River. Who treat sick people, who comfort troubled people, their place is secured among stars. Taking other women as their wife than one's own wife, takes people to Narak up to 21 generations. Vaishnav (who worship Vishnu and His Avataar) people never see Yam Lok. Yam Raaj has said to us many times that we should not bring any Vaishnav people to him. Who do Jaap of "Aum Namo Naaraayanaaya" Mantra, their Darshan is enough to destroy all kinds of sins.

Who worship Vishnu in one's heart, or as Soorya, or as water, or in idol or Vedee (Yagya), they go to Vaishnav Dhaam; or they can worship Him in the Chakra of Shaalgraam stone. Whoever does that he, in fact, does 1,000 Raajsooya Yagya everyday. Whoever has worshipped Shaalgraam stone once, consider him as he has donated the whole Prithvi along with seas. People get Moksh by worshipping only Shaalgraam, without ever doing any Daan, Teerth, or Tap. Wherever Keshav lives, all Devtaa also live there. Who drink even a drop of Shaalgraam stone water, they are never born on this earth. Who donate Shaalgraam Chakra, consider them as if they have donated the whole Prithvi.

We have heard from Lomash Muni that who keep fast on any Ekaadashee by any chance, they never go to Yam Lok. Both Ekaadashee and Dwaadashee Tithi belong to Vishnu and destroy all kinds of sins. A thousand Ashwamedh and a hundred Raajsooya Yagya are not equal to even 1/16th part of the Ekaadashee fast. Who aspire for Swarg, they should never describe their Daan and Tap to others, rather they should continue to do them according to their capacity without boasting it to anybody. All sins committed through the 11 Indriyaan are destroyed by keeping the fast on this day. I have told you everything whatever you wanted to know, now what other things you want to know?"

Vikundal said - "I am very happy to hear all this. Gangaa's water and words of saints destroy sins immediately. Speaking softly and doing good to others are in the nature of saints, therefore please tell me how my brother can be uplifted?" Dev Doot said - "Whatever Punya you have earned in your previous eighth life, give all that to your brother." Vikundal asked him - "What Punya was that? How did it happen? Tell me this soon, then I will give it to my brother."

Dev Doot said - "In earlier times, there lived a Rishi named Shaakuni in Madhu Van. He was like Brahmaa Jee in power. His wife's name was Revatee. They had nine sons who were as powerful as nine planets. Among them, Dhruv, Shaalee, Budh, Taar and Jyotishmaan were Agnihotree. They were inclined to follow Grihasth Dharm. The remaining four sons - Nirmoh, Jitkaam, Dhyaankaashth and Gupaadhik, adopted Vairaagya and Sanyaas from household. They always meditated upon Bhagavaan. They had won sleep and hunger. They wandered all around seeing Vishnu in everything. They did not speak to anybody (kept Maun Vrat). They did not do anything which involved any Karm.

You were also born as a household Braahman in Madhya Pradesh at that time. One day those four Sanyaasee happened to come to your house in the afternoon. They were hungry. As soon as you saw them, you became very happy. You greeted them and said - "Today my family and I are highly obliged seeing you in my house." And then you worshipped them and fed them good food. They stayed in your house in the night also. The Punya you got from their hospitality, I am unable to describe even by my thousand mouths. Among all Bhoot a living being is higher; among all living beings he is higher who has mind; among those who have mind, a human being is higher and among human beings a Braahman is higher; among Braahmans a learned Braahman is higher; among learned Braahmans, a clean mind Braahman is higher; among clean mind Braahmans a Karmkaandee Braahman is higher, and among Karmkaandee Braahman a Brahm Gyaanee Braahman is higher. If any Brahm Gyaanee Braahman takes rest in somebody's house happily, he destroys his all sins just by looking at him. So Hey Vikundal, Give the same Punya to your elder brother."

Hearing this Vikundal immediately gave that Punya to his elder brother and his brother came out of the Narak. Both went to Swarg Lok. Naarad Jee said - "Hey Raajan, Thus Vikundal heard Dev Doot whose words were full of Gyaan, and uplifted his elder brother."



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