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13-Yayaati Goes to Swarg - Parents as Teerth-4
2-Padm Puraan, 2-Bhoomi Khand, p 294-310

This Khand covers the pages 217-331 (115 pages) of the book. It covers the stories of Shiv Sharmaa, Prithu, Vane, Sukalaa, Yayaati and Kunjal bird.

Yayaati Goes to Swarg           Story Ends...      Teerth Cont...

Sukarmaa said - "Hey Pippal Jee, King Yayaati was so much impressed with the play that he himself also played like those actors. Once he went to excrete and and sat down on Aasan without washing his feet. Kaam Dev got the loophole, and Kaam Dev and old age entered Yayaati's body. Thus they did their job. The play ended and everybody went home. After that Yayaati got old and he got busy with women.

One day he went for hunting in a forest. He saw a deer with four horns. He was very beautiful, he looked of golden color, and his body had patches all over. King ran after the deer and the deer took him very far and got disappeared before his eyes. Then king saw a beautiful garden like Nandan Van, in which there was a large beautiful pond which was 10 Yojan (90 miles) long and 5 Yojan (45 mile) wide. King was feeling tired so he sat down under a shade of a tree near the pond.

After a while, he took bath and drank cool water from the pond. At the same time he heard a very sweet music. He walked towards the sound and found a big palace nearby. A beautiful woman was sitting there and singing the song. She had a friend also sitting close to her. Seeing her, he got attracted to her and asked her - "Who are you? Whose daughter are you? Tell me everything. I am king Yayaati, Nahush's son. I am from Chandra Vansh. Please marry me, I can give up everything to marry you." Hearing this, the beautiful woman asked her friend Vishaalaa by gesture to reply the King. Vishaalaa said - "She is the daughter of Rati and I am Vishaalaa, the daughter of Varun Dev. My friend is doing Tapasyaa here to get a good husband. This is her introduction."

Yayaati said - "She may accept me as her husband. Whatever she will ask for, I will give it to her." Vishaalaa said - "She wants only a man who is young, knowledgeable, brave, powerful like Indra, religious, and has a good wisdom." Yayaati said - "I have all these qualities. I can be her good husband." Vishaalaa said - "I know, you are famous for your Punya in Three Lok. You have all the qualities, but my friend may not choose you only for one reason. You have symptoms of old age, so if you can get rid of them, then she can marry you. I have heard that in whoever's body, whether it is son, brother, servant, this old age is put, it goes to his body. So you may give your old age to your son and take his youth. Do so that my friend can marry you." Yayaati said - "I will do so."

Yayaati had lost his reasoning power, he went to his sons and asked them - "One of you take my old age and give your youth to me so that I can enjoy life as I wish. Whoever will give me his youth, he will be the king of my kingdom. He will get many children, wealth and comforts." Turu said - "There is no doubt that this body is because of the parents, and this is his duty to serve his parents, but this is not the time to give you my youth." King got very angry hearing this, he gave him Shaap - "You have disrespected me, you become expelled from all Dharm, you lose all your knowledge, and you become a leper."

Then he said to his second son Yadu - "Son, You take my old age and enjoy my kingdom." Yadu said with folded hands - "Father, Be kind on me. I cannot bear the load of your old age. Tolerating cold, walking a lot, taking simple food, living with old women, and facing odd things - these are the five things an old man has to face." Yayaati gave him Shaap also - "Go, There will be no king in your Vansh." Yadu said - "Mahaaraaj, I am innocent. Why did you give me Shaap? Please be kind on me." Yayaati said - "When Vishnu will incarnate in your Kul then your family will become holy." Yayaati skipped Kuru considering child, and said to Sharmishthaa's son Pooru - "Son, You take my old age." Puru said - "I will obey you, Father. Give me your old age, and take my youth from today only." King got very happy to hear this, he said - "You take my kingdom and enjoy it."

Now the king became young, like a 16-year old; and very handsome as the second Kaam Dev. He had forgotten his past. He gave everything to Puru and went to Ashrubindumatee. Seeing Vishaalaa there, he said to her - "I have become young now, your friend should accept me now." Vishaalaa said - "That is very good, but still there is one thing. You have two wives - Devayaanee and Sharmishthaa. In this situation how will you live with my friend?" Yayaati said - "I have nothing to do with either of them, I vow for it." Ashrubindumatee said - "Only I will enjoy you and your kingdom. Whatever I say, you will have to agree with me. To convince me give your hand in my hands." Yayaati said - "I will not take any other woman except you. You enjoy everything, take my hand in yours." Ashrubindumatee said - "Now I will be your wife." Thus they both married by Gaandharv method and started living together. Thus they passed 20,000 years living together.

One day Ashrubindumatee said to Yayaati - "I have a desire, please fulfill it. You do Ashwamedh Yagya." Yayaati said - "Sure." He called his son Pooru and asked him to prepare for Ashwamedh Yagya. Pooru obeyed his father. Yayaati took Yagya Deekshaa with Ashrubindumatee and completed the Yagya. Yayaati asked Ashrubindumatee if she had any other wish. She said - "I wish to see Indra Lok, Brahm Lok, Shiv Lok, and Vishnu Lok." King said - "It doesn't seem possible now, because it needs Punya, Daan, Yagya and Tapasyaa. I have not heard any man who, in spite of being Punyavaan, has gone to Indra Lok with this body. Therefore you tell me some other thing to do, I will try my best to do it."

Ashrubindumatee said - "There is no doubt that this is impossible for other people, but it is possible for you. That is why I have married you. I know that you are a devotee of Vishnu, and a devotee of Vishnu can go anywhere. Only you have kept people without sin and disease by refusing Indra and Yam Raaj's offer. There is no other king like you." The King said - "You are right. Nothing is impossible for me by the grace of Jagadeeshwar, still why I cannot go to Swarg, listen to it. If I will leave Mrityu Lok, then my all public will die, that is why I do not go to Swarg." The queen said - "I will surely come back after seeing them, but I have a strong desire to see them at present." Yayaati said - "All right, I will do so."

Yayaati thought, "Fish lives under water still it is trapped in net. All movable beings who live on Prithvi or in Swarg, are affected by Kaal. Whoever is adversely affected by Kaal - Mantra, Tap, Daan, friends, nothing can save him. Marriage, birth and death - these three are governed by Kaal only. They happen in whichever way they have to happen. Nobody can interfere them. Disturbances, hitting, snake, and diseases are governed by Karm. Age, Karm, wealth, education and death - these five are written while Jeev is in the womb. One gets species by one's Karm only. Whoever does whatever Karm, he has to suffer or enjoy according to that. Thus he enjoys or suffers according to the Karm he has done in the past.

Past Karm sleeps when its doer sleeps and stands when its doer stands. It means that his Karm is continuously with the doer like his shadow. As sunshine and shade are together, in the same way Karm and its doer are also together. Whatever is to be saved from weapon, fire, poison, that is also saved by Bhagavaan only; and whichever is really unprotected, only Bhagavaan protects it. Whatever is destroyed by Bhagavaan, it is not seen protected by anybody. Surely this is the result of my some past Karm. Bhagavaan has come in the form of this woman. Because of the actors who came to play that drama in my house, old age entered in my body. This is result of my own Karm." Thinking thus Yayaati got very sad. He thought, "if I will not do this, I will lose his both Truth and Dharm, so he called Lakshmeepati to help him."

Sukarmaa said - "The king was worrying like this that Ashrubindumatee came there and asked him - "Why are you worrying so much? Whatever worries you, I will not do that." King said to her - "Listen to why I am worrying. After I have gone to Swarg, my people will be pitiable, still I will go to Swarg with you." King called his son Pooru and said to him - "You obeyed me by giving me your youth, now you give my old age back to me. Take this kingdom, punish the evils and protect good people, this is your duty. Always worship Braahman, take care of the treasury, always please servants by giving them wealth etc, control your mind, never go for hunting, worship Bhagavaan Hrisheekesh through Yagya, and practice driving chariot and elephant."

He coronated his son on the throne, took his old age back, called his people and said to them - "I go to Swarg Lok with this wife, then I will go to Brahm Lok and Shiv Lok, in the last I will go to Vishnu Dhaam. Please live here comfortably and Pooru will protect you." People said - "We have learned Dharm from you only, when you will not be here, what we will do here, we will also go with you." Yayaati got very happy to hear this, he said - "You all are Punyaatmaa (good souls). Come with me." He rode on a beautiful chariot with Kaam's daughter. He was not at all sorry for anything. All had worn Divine garland and Tulasee leaves. All were Vishnu Bhakt. First Yayaati went to Indra Lok. Indra welcomed him.

King said - "After your Darshan we are going to Brahm Lok." And he went to Brahm Lok. Brahmaa Jee also welcomed him and sent him to Vishnu Lok according to his Punya Karm. Yayaati then went to Shiv Lok. Shiv Jee also welcomed him and said to him - "Since you are Vishnu Bhakt, that is why you are dear to me also, you may live here as long as you wish." Yayaati said - "You have said correctly, there is no difference between you and Vishnu, still my desire is to go to Vishnu Lok, therefore I do Pranaam to you." And he went to Vishnu Lok. He did Darshan of Naaraayan and greeted Him with his wife. Naaraayan said - "I am very pleased with you. You are my Bhakt, so even if you have any most difficult desire, tell me, I will fulfill that." Yayaati said - "If you are pleased with me, appoint me your servant for ever." Bhagavaan said - "So be it. You will always live here with your wife." Thus Yayaati started living there."

Sukarmaa further said - "Pippal Jee, Thus I told you this sin destroyer story of Yayaati. Because of devotion to his father, Pooru got the kingdom. There is nobody like parents who can give desired Var. Who takes care of his parents by giving them food and clothes, he gets the fruit of donating Prithvi. Whoever son tells harsh words to his parents, he falls in Narak. Who tells bad words about his parents, even ancient wise people have not heard the way of upliftment for him anywhere. Thinking like this, I daily worship my parents. Whatever they tell me to do, I try to do it, without thinking, and according to my capacity. That has given me the Gyaan. I know the things happening in Swarg Lok also. So you also go and serve your parents."

Vishnu said - "Hearing Sukarmaa, Pippal got very embarrassed and he went to Swarg after greeting him. Now tell me what should I tell you."

Story Ends...      Teerth Cont...



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